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  • see you later
    40.4K 1.3K 107

    Aowen Croce is currently at the part of her life where she expects to be loved back, well, by the luck of life and of her budding career. Yet, life is surprising, indeed. As she tries to resolve a problem that occurred in her business, she bumps into someone she deeply knew from the past: her childhood crush whom she...

  • gunitang nilimot #3: nandiyan palagi para sa'yo
    10.3K 359 105


  • Bakit 'Di Maramdaman?
    4.9K 342 27

    epistolary | completed 𝗿𝗲𝗻𝗰𝗲 & 𝗲𝗹𝗶'𝘀 Bakit naman kasi sa lahat ng maaaring magustuhan, doon pa sa taong hindi makaramdam? abakithindi series - one © seathernae, 2023

  • not a side story
    25.9K 1.3K 84

    Her best friend has it all. Her best friend's boyfriend got it all too. With that, most of the times, Aden Quintos, an ordinary woman in the process of 'adulting', thinks that she was some sort of a side character whereas she concludes as well that even a side story couldn't be written for her. Meeting someone who thi...

  • Another Shot (Internet Series #1)
    511K 13.7K 123

    an epistolary. After ending a three year long relationship, Calliana Jayla Silvera tried to find new love interest on the internet. Akala niya, ito na. Akala niya, sa wakas, may bago na siya. Pero paano kung ang bago niya, ay ang ex niya rin palang pilit na kinakalimutan? Will they give it another shot?

  • Paano kung sumugal tayo?
    61 4 1

    an epistolary. | kaos & chia

  • panatiko
    5.1K 330 35

    Admittedly busy individuals with very, very tight and limited time, Markahan Magdalena and Lou Dean have been in a relationship for almost 8 years. Recently, there has been a lot of miscommunications and misunderstandings hanging around them and their worlds. With lots of unsaid feelings, complications, and sudden h...

  • Ever So (Saint Claire II)
    225K 17.2K 21

    The guitarist The publicist The past they both run away from Eula and Sancho's story Saint Claire Series #2 - Genre: Romance Written by: april_avery My first official series! Haha #SaintClaireSeries #EverSoWP Enjoy reading!

  • So It's You (Saint Claire I)
    2.8M 221K 83

    A writer A drummer An online understanding Genre: Epistolary Written by: april_avery My first epistolary story! Enjoy reading! #SoItsYouWP

  • Maligayang Pagkunwari
    14.3K 629 101

    shs diaries series #2: maligayang pagkunwari (completed) an epistolary collaboration | Yuan Alistair Dawnson

  • estranghero
    36.9K 1.5K 173

    muli kitang kikilalanin, minamahal kong estranghero. ••• an epistolary. ynamoreata, 2023

  • Wrong Recipient (Wrong #1)
    305K 9K 123

    An epistolary

  • Look Who I've Got
    132K 2.7K 83

    an epistolary (completed)

  • Gunitang Nilimot: 'Wag mong aminin
    187 12 3

    gunitang nilimot #5: 'wag mong aminin (ongoing) an epistolary collaboration | akari and icarus

  • what was that?
    46K 1.4K 195

    When two former student journalists, the editor-in-chief and the associate editor meet each other again, some years later, on field, but it's the other way around. Miguel Lorenzo Tiu, former associate editor in his college's publication, is now the editor-in-chief. Posing humorous acts as an EIC in his workplace and e...

  • Somewhere in Cebu
    20.7K 1.2K 118

    hiraeth series #2 | frei & bryx | epistolary the fake and colorful love

  • cinnamon and cappuccino | ✓
    3.8K 369 50

    acell and alliyana the best way to express my love for you is to annoy you.

  • Midnight Lover
    11.2K 1K 90

    "Gusto ko rin ng jowa... sa gabi." Larisa Inanna "Lina" Cortez disliked commitment but yearned for a 'jowa' every midnight. Desperate and bored, she chose to participate , a dating experiment recommended to her by a friend. Will it lead her to her true love or will it just be another way for her to pass the time? Wel...

  • Somewhere in Vigan
    19.5K 1K 104

    they found love somewhere in vigan. ••• an epistolary. ynamoreata, 2022

  • Leave Her For Me
    3.7K 413 72

    zea & aiko | epistolary the unrequited love

  • SHS Diaries Series #4: Byahe
    3.7K 372 118

    [ B Y A H E ] In a race, what kind of obstacle do you expect? How long the trip will be? Is it enough for you to win? Or it was just enough for you to learn a lesson? Highschool days is fun, they say. Puppy love, childhood sweetheart. That is how everyone used to describe a young love. Do their journey will be as exc...

  • Shooting The Shot (Internet Series #2)
    564K 13.8K 123

    an epistolary. Admiring her crush, which happened to be her cousin's friend, Savina Dione Morales got tired of remaining unnoticed for years. Sa huling taon niya sa kolehiyo, she decided to make her life a little bit exciting by shooting her shot and messaging her long time crush, Austin Rogan Chavez, a UAAP basketba...

  • Gunitang Nilimot: Akin Ka Nalang, Pwede?
    138 7 1

    Gunitang Nilimot #2 An Epistolary Collaboration Series

  • Look Who I've Found
    184K 5.9K 74

    an epistolary (completed)

  • Look Who I've Lost
    81.9K 1.8K 92

    an epistolary (completed)

  • along baguio
    7.5K 412 86

    querencia series #4 a collaboration and an epistolary.

  • Sino ba naman ako, 'di ba?
    2.1K 321 108

    gunitang nilimot series #6 | berenice & aldous the situationship love

  • an ouvre through the lens
    20.9K 1.3K 95

    ✁ an epistolary. (completed) [editing] A social media influencer Floralia Mori who's known to have artful shots shared on her various accounts made her followers grow more curious about her. For Floralia, to glamorize life is to be without her in it. Sweven Yuan who studies film and cinematography is about to give up...

  • ako na lang ulit
    3.6K 599 116

    when exes met again : completed

    Completed   Mature
  • around tagaytay
    25K 927 83

    Around Series #3 an epistolary and a collaboration. Hiraya & Centineo