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  • Picture Us
    25.5K 777 43


  • As the Blood Runs Down the Walls (Gerard Way x Reader)
    2.3K 61 12

    Y/n L/n and Frank Iero are two of the best detectives in New Jersey. They decide to take a brief vacation between investigations at a tranquil hotel. Y/n has her eyes on a particular guest, Gerard. But her catching feelings for the man aren't the only thing should didn't expect. Neither of them would have guessed that...

  • Interview with a Vampire
    1.9K 128 15

    It will take a lot of paper to know what I am

  • Sharpest Knives
    56.5K 1.2K 54

    Gerard x Reader

    Completed   Mature
  • Dear Universe, Up Yours!
    5.2K 332 27

    (Y/n) (Y/l/n) is an insolent and brash 17-year-old, yearning to escape their dreary, vapid life in the suburbs of Belleville, New Jersey. A diffident, timid boy who had only just been (Y/n)'s lab partner in school, Gerard Way, feels remorse and anguish towards this wearisome town and has an underlying craving to leave...

    Completed   Mature