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  • Lonely Hearts & Broken Parts (LBSC #1.2) | Complete
    2.1K 174 8

    *Part of the Sweet Surrender Wattpad Hop--check out the first Part for more info! **This story is a standalone, but it's the third book after Jingle Bells & Social Fails in the Late Bloomers' Social Club series (which is also on Wattpad). Tired of being alone, Malcolm Whittier sets a plan in motion to find the perfect...

  • The Woven Crown (Completed)
    4K 487 37

    Ryla is being hunted for a murder she accidentally committed with a magic she didn't know she had. The stories Ryla's been told about those who possess dangerous magic, the Woven, and the brave rebellion that destroyed them, are all she's ever known. Magic is now illegal, and their beloved leader, the Prestige, hunts...

  • Searching for Mr. Darcy
    190K 11.1K 92

    Maisie is unlucky in love. Not that she considers herself special, or anything - who hasn't been disappointed in relationships time and time and time again? The one thing that always seems to get her through is the handsome, awkward, perfect Mr. Darcy. Sure, he's fictional, but he's never let her down. Until, that...

  • Zhulong, Ice and Fire
    127K 5.3K 8

    Huian is perfect in everything she does. Whether it's archery, swordsmanship, intellect, beauty-she has mastered it all. One thing she doesn't have, however, is free will. Betrothed to the heir of the Yao family, she has no choice but to marry the cold, distant, and unfeeling general. Having risen to the position of Z...

  • Timothy Eli and The Journey to the Light Guard Academy
    324K 6K 17

    Timothy is a normal ten year old kid who hates living in the shadow of his older brother. Unbeknownst to Tim, the Apocalypse has come calling. Tim learns that both he and friends are descendants of a secret sect of protectors known as Remnants.Powerful humans with insane physical, and metaphysical traits that give the...

  • D'Spayr: A Knight in the Withered Land
    80.6K 1.8K 8

    In a decayed and dying alien world that was once center of a vast planetary empire, an embittered rogue knight, soldier to the fallen empire, traverses a bizarre landscape discovering strange and sinister truths about the nature of the leaders he once served and about the mysterious warlords who have now carved the wo...

  • The Seven Sleepers | The Cave of Wonders: Book 1
    246K 23.5K 129

    Ward has no idea why the Brotherhood want him dead. Knowing he will soon join the tarred corpses by the riverside, he falls in with the only person who can protect him: master criminal Saint Nick. Nick's empire of subways and sewers stretches from Parliament to the Wharflands. He has been obsessed with overthrowing th...

  • Heart of Stone (Parts I & II)
    11.6M 561K 127

    [COMPLETE] Some bonds can't be broken, even in death. -- He couldn't endure another heartbreak. "Accepting her would be a mistake," he said. "She's a human. I can't afford to have her blood on my hands." Gwen looked away, and he knew she saw the image that flashed in his mind. The slaughter. Bodies everywhere. The put...

  • WICKED { #Wattys2016 }
    170K 10.9K 38

    Highest ranking: #16 in Paranormal The arrival of the gorgeous Sterling brothers triggers a series of gruesome, inexplicable and magical events in the small town of Willow Creek. And at the center of it all is seventeen year old Cordelia Bishop. A dabble in Wicca is all it takes for her to unearth hidden powers, and a...

  • The Vampire's Deal
    118K 5K 17

    Catharine commits a crime so terrible she is forced to run and hide to elude the police and her sins. After getting caught in a robbery gone wrong, she finds herself getting deeper into a powerful demon-like vampire's sick and twisted after life who uses her to rebuild his pack. Through the dangers of hunters, the p...

  • Demons of the Rich and Famous (Demon Whisperer book 1)
    65.1K 2.7K 29

    During a year-long coma--literally spent in hell--seventeen-year-old Caden Butcher developed a special power. He can speak to demons in their own language. Awakening with this new ability, Caden takes over the family exorcism business and becomes known as the young whiz-kid exorcist to the stars, obtaining most of his...

  • Red Rain
    137K 5.3K 31

    ***FRIGHT FEST 2016 GOLD WINNER*** "There are two kinds of people who sit around thinking about how to kill other people: psychopaths and mystery writers." -Richard Castle "Don't make promises you can't keep, Mr. Parker." "Yeah, but those are the best kind." -"The Amazing Spider-Man" (2012) He...

  • The Dark Ice Chronicles - The Magi
    12.7K 1.1K 26

    Dark warlock Jason Cross is quite the lonely boy - until the girl he likes takes the time to get to know him. Evan Michaelsen's presence leads to a string of major changes in Jason's life - not the least of which is the development of Ice powers he didn't even know he had. Then, after joining Evan's circle of friend...

  • Sinner's Sanctity
    737 26 2

    **Highest Ranking: #71 in Mystery/thriller** "Sebastian was a genius. Sebastian was possessive. Sebastian wasn't a good person. You stay away from Sebastian. Sebastian Ray was the perfect trap. What did I do? I walked straight into it." Annalise Leeds was dead. She has been dead for seven years now. ...

  • Gunlaw
    200K 9.5K 49

    A complete fantasy book. Technically ... a weird western. Gunslingers, hex witches, dogmen, minotaur, trains that run further than you can imagine ... Mikeos Jones is a gunslinger, faster than thinking, part of the gunlaw, a man who can seldom afford the luxury of looking past the end of any given day. Jenna Crossard...

  • Pale Emperor (Maniggy)
    29.3K 1.9K 34

    Brian Warner is a Prince to a royal Vampire family. Brought up as royalty, everything is decided for him...Especially who he will marry. His family is cruel to anyone lesser than them, especially to young Jeordie White, a slave to the royal family. The poor man gets humiliated and shamed by the royal family, being tre...

  • The Ghost Files
    6.6M 150K 33

    Cherry blossom lipstick: check Smokey eyes: check Skinny jeans: check Dead kid in the mirror: check For sixteen year old Mattie Hathaway, this is her normal everyday routine. She's been able to see ghosts since her mother tried to murder her when she was five years old. No way does she want anyone to know she ca...

  • Honor's Lark (Lark, #1)
    2.5K 59 30

    In a world where everyone is assigned a lifemate at birth by the Gods, thirty year-old Honor is still looking for hers. When her new boss, Sedric, points out that her mate probably died before they met, Honor embarks on a quest for closure. She needs to know who her mate was and what he was like so she can move on wit...

  • In Living Memory
    6.9K 303 7

    "...My sister died at the beach last summer. Well, she almost died. We won't know how, until she wakes up. If she ever does. She’s in a coma, lying in a hospital bed three miles away from home. She’s not dead. But she’s not alive either." It's all Angelica's fault, or so she thinks, that her sister Carmen fell down fr...

  • Ash: Shattering Illusions
    3.2K 124 11

    Ash is not the kind of faerie that you have ever read about. For one she was born to a family of evil faeries. But one does not choose who they are born to... or do they? One thing is for sure, Ash does not like her life, her place or her family and despite being considered evil, she does not have a black heart. All...

  • Woken
    7K 346 6

    White. It is such a pretty color, a pretty thing to die looking at, He thought as he looked at the sky. He had always been associated with such dark, wicked colors. Scary colors. Such as black. He personally did not like that color; black. It reminded him of the darkness he had spent most of his life in. He is an unus...

  • My Kind of Love
    15.7K 332 10

    Remi has always wanted a dog. Someone to love her and obey her every command. There's just one problem with that...her parents are extremely allergic to anything with fur. So no dog for Remi but still she's determined to get what she wants. When the new family moves across the street, Remi finds herself attracted to t...

  • The Tree of Dreams
    136K 3K 44

    Random poetry and the occasional drabble or dribble of other short random thought from the depths my somewhat bemused brain, or possibly Brian if the schizophrenic misspelt pseudo entity that lives up there is up to his old tricks... poems from the Tardis like halls of my head. No genre is safe...

  • 9 Months Later (Under Work)
    709K 12.1K 28

    They say that you'll always remember your first love. For 17 year old Collette that statement couldn't be any truer. Vince, her first love left her with something so she'll never forget him. Now her parents have disowned her and she's had to move to New York to live with her older brother after the birth of her daught...

  • Vampire Vegetarian-Short Version-V/V-Comment, read, enjoy and give your blood!
    1.6K 50 5

    Its about A vampire Vincent Mir Niolco's whose a Hematophobia which means he is scared of blood so then he becomes a Vegetarian which causes some funny situations. His best friend is Aero Brue Lax whose hiding away from his parents and -maybe gf- Arista whose sisters to a suicidal vamp named Sisarue whose got a crestf...

  • The Venomancer
    14.9K 3.4K 24

    [Fantasy/Novel/Slow Updates]The world believed the Venomancer was dead. And since his disappearance the deserts have slept soundly at night, safe in the knowledge that the sorcerer from the forests will never return. But Tandei IS alive, now a young man with a different name, and doing what he must to keep himself a...

  • How I Got Published By Taking Michael Clifford To Prom
    3.3K 247 6

    Last spring I got the amazing opportunity to be published with Gallery Books in the amazing #ImaginesBook. My imagine is called IMAGINE MICHAEL CLIFFORD TAKES YOU TO PROM. What I want to do here is take you inside my publishing experience, from the day I got an email about it to skipping out on my senior prom to do a...

  • The Hunter
    32 3 2

    A story of Hunter and his journey. A story of love and hate. Passion and fate. Truth and deceit. To concur a great feet. His name is Logan Hunter. Son of The Great Hunter named Keith Hunter, a powerful but fair man. Logan sure does live up to his fathers legacy and became one of the greats if not the best amongst th...

  • Souls for Satan
    1.7M 105K 60

    COMPLETED (BOOK 6) *Also a stand alone book, but reading the other books is suggested!* An arrogant demon with a terrible temper lives only to aid his master. Kaiden, who is titled by the devil himself as his best soul catcher, hunts down angels and steals their souls to plunge into hell. The young demon does anything...

  • What's the Chance? (flash fiction)
    200 9 1

    An old map of a decaying neighborhood could lead Thom, burgeoning real estate tycoon, to a new beginning. What's the chance he'll take it? (This is a non-erotic flash-fiction piece that comes in at less than 1000 words. I am currently working on a novella length draft for it. Expected release 2019.)