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  • Revan & Reina
    8.9M 168K 16

    [TELAH DITERBITKAN & DIFILMKAN] Pandangan Reina dan Revan beradu. Dan, hal pertama yang mampu gadis itu lakukan adalah memejamkan kedua matanya sambil menghirup udara sebanyak mungkin. Sementara ia menyusun kata demi kata untuk mengurai penjelasan, justru Revanlah yang pertama kali membuka mulut. Memecah keheninga...

  • Happy Pills {on hold}
    410 33 4

    Morgan is like Parker's Fix-it-Felix; every time he makes a mistake- she has to be there for him. With the loss of his parents Parker is torn; he starts skipping class, drinking and even smoking. And Morgan makes it her duty to help him stand up straight; but nevertheless she doesn't know- her life might become torn a...

  • scavenger 囧 znl
    17.7K 2.1K 11

    amabelle sanders was everyone scavengers. until she decided she didnt want to anymore. © 2014 by elcessa All Rights Reserved

  • Jesse's Girl
    116K 3.9K 7

    Emma is a professional clown. Which is just perfect, because she thinks she's falling in love with a guy who never smiles. Emma is willing to do anything to change Jesse's life to make him happy. Except, Jesse already has a family and too many dark secrets to count. Can the girl with the happy soul change the guy with...

  • Just Wait Till Friday ; hemmings a.u
    264K 17.8K 20

    Alyssa was like a rubber band. Everyone pulled and tugged and plucked and yanked until eventually, she snapped.