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  • Scaly Lennon
    751 43 8

    John is getting his guitar repaired when a strange man comes up to him giving him a pendant that will supposedly give John magical powers. Soon realising what the man said was true, he must find a way to turn back to human. * * * This story was created with the help of You-You-You

  • The Vampire Beatle
    4.3K 170 15

    George Harrison had it all. He had his best friends beside him, the Beatles became popular, and he had an awesome girlfriend. But when he breaks his girlfriend's heart, he realizes that she was a witch and cursed him to be a vampire for the rest of his life. He vows to hide it from the others and keep it as a secret a...

  • Supernaturals of Liverpool
    487 25 6

    John Winston Lennon, the madlad, brought a probably-most likely cursed necklace to the shared home of the legendary Beatles. Wonder what the curse is... Story also in ao3!