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  • Ori's S̶m̶a̶l̶l̶ Life Story
    1.3K 117 20

    ❝Looks live we have all the time in the world to talk, so... tell me your life story why don't cha?❞ - ❝That's going to take forever, and it's awfully depressing and angsty.❞ - ❝ We have all the time in the world, and you seem interesting, I wanna hear it all.❞ - ❝Alright fine, but don't be groaning to me when this g...

  • The Following of a Serial Killer.
    114 4 6

    We have all heard the tale in many different ways, through multiple people, but how about the main player themselves? This diary of a prolific and high profile serial killer will take you through a rollercoaster of events, many told through journalism and history but with a new take. One perhaps, you never even imagin...

  • Waking up in strange places
    7.1K 225 2

    Merlin wakes up in a strange place

  • Words nor Expressions
    884 34 6

    ( Atlantis bbc fanfiction, Jagoras) Fluffy one-shot Jagoras fanfiction, taking Prompts!

  • Supernatural (Reader Insert One-shots)
    9.7K 283 15

    Short stories with Reader and the cuties of Spn!

  • Best friends Change (BFC)
    2.2K 113 13

    UNDER SOME MAJOR CONSTRUCTION ENTER WITH CAUTION. Although you could add to your library and follow me for updates on it ;) Emma Summers isn't perfect and she hasn't exactly got a high school label. She's not really known- not a popular. She's not that amazing at her studies- not a nerd. Doesn't fan-girl over T.V show...

  • Learning Dwarvish
    7.3K 279 7

    Just some words and Phrases from the Dwarvish language.

  • Supernatural Imagines
    2.8M 67.6K 117

    Just some Supernatural imagines. I do not own anything! They get better as you read I promise! Please feel free to comment and share and like and enjoy to your hearts content! I don't post very much anymore, my life has taken a different turn, but I do hope to try again soon! (UPDATED 11/24/20)

  • Daily One-shots
    2.4K 87 21

    Every Day I post a new row of video edits on my fandom instagram account (which is seasonally called) _cocoawithlucifer_ . I post a one shot with each row and decided I should post them somewhere where more people can read it because When I don't write these at one in the morning, they can be borderline decent. (: enj...

  • Fireworks
    2K 105 1

    You've been friends with Lucifer for quite some time now. You go on your annual Fourth of July weekend road trip with him, but this time, it ends a bit differently.

  • Poison
    1.3K 76 1

    You and Lucifer have been dating for a few years now. Things have gone smoothly until Lucifer begins to doubt himself. Sad!Lucifer minific