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  • To Be So Lonely || l.s. ✓
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    It's been 5 years since One Direction went on a hiatus. The boys all are successful and happy in their solo careers and have kept in touch. That is, other than Harry. Harry's extremely successful but he's not happy and he's never felt so lonely. The break hit him hardest as he had grown up with the 4 boys as his role...

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    Playing 1950 is a metaphor for homosexuals having to pretend to be straight, as it wasn't accepted by society. One direction is on their 5th world tour.... after returning from a 5 year hiatus... Along with the hiatus of One Direction, Louis and Harry also called it quits on their relationship. Louis hasn't seen or he...

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  • Something More
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    Harry Styles a junior in high school is a straight A student, but only a few people know who he really is. Those people are his friends, Niall and Liam. Harry struggles with depression and anxiety. He's still trying to figure out who he really is. While everything seems to going downhill Louis Tomlinson, a senior, sta...