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  • Orangutangents
    28.7K 4K 87

    Everybody is somebody else's weirdo: I suspect I may be many people's. Consider this a brain dump, or indeed a Brian dump given the misspelled pseudo-entity who lives in my skull. Tangential thoughts, comments, ideas, and general Brianisms from the soggy grey matter of Gav. And other stuff...

  • Moved On
    7K 360 24

    A chance encounter with the shady, but guileless Annie, let's Sean see just how little he has moved on from his past.

    Completed   Mature
  • Shopping after the Apocalypse
    311 19 1

    A brief Christmas gift for those of you who survived Black Friday

  • My Sweet Thing
    3K 106 23

    How far will a father go to protect his daughter?

    Completed   Mature
  • Outlaw Guy
    5.7K 167 14

    Guy of Gisborne joins the outlaws and finds happiness. But that happiness is cut short when things go terribly wrong.

  • John Porter Interim
    1.9K 16 4

    A quick fic (only 4 parts) to show what happened to John Porter between Ch.'s 9 & 10 of "So I met John Porter..."

    Completed   Mature
  • My List
    27 2 1

    Story I wrote based on the song title "My List" by The Killers

  • Harry
    3.4K 67 3

  • The Ripper's Wife
    35.1K 998 8

    Jack the Ripper. The name strikes fear into the hearts of those living in Victorian London. Preying on innocent women, the mysterious murderer slinks along the cobblestoned streets undetected and disappears without a trace into the night. Diana Ashdown. Beautiful and adventurous, she never wanted to be married off a...

  • Waffle Dreams, Part 1: Batter Up
    555 12 4

    Some 1:00 a.m. silliness For a Twitter friend :)

  • Once
    141 7 1

    Improvisation wordplay

  • Battlegound, Common Ground
    410 14 1

    Corentin de Avrenches, newly made Baron of Lynn, rides out to protect his lands from a roving pack of wolves and begins to find some common ground with the Anglo Saxons under his rule.

  • Cliches: Let's just not think about that.
    334 22 1

    Cliches are everywhere. The trick is not to avoid anything that smells of cliche, but to make it yours and lift it out of the realm of lazy writing.

  • Everything is a Choice
    6.3K 239 34

    Marian is dead, murdered by Guy of Gisborne in the Holy Land. Robin Hood wants revenge. But when he and Guy find themselves on the same boat headed back to England, events take an unexpected turn.

    Completed   Mature
  • Broken | Lucas North - Spooks/MI5 Story [Featured]
    163K 4K 42

    *Wattpad Featured Story* A year before MI5 spy Lucas North ends up in Russian prison for 8 years, there is Alexa George, a woman he rescues as a favor to his boss, Harry Pearce. But when Lucas gains his freedom as part of a prisoner exchange, his return to London sets off a series of events that threaten to reveal t...

  • The Error of Judgement (North and South Fanfic)
    65.2K 693 10

    The shock of sudden death of Mr. Hale crushes Mr. Bell, rendering him unable to bring the sad news to Margaret himself. He is forced to delegate the terrible duty to the only one he can entrust it: his friend and tenant Mr. Thornton.

  • Love Is A Wound
    24K 504 55

  • Ten Arrows
    503K 15K 29

    Book 3 - It's been one full year since Prince Tenarreau struck a bargain with Vincent - his cooperation with the prince's plans in exchange for information regarding the circumstances concerning his family's murder. Vince has done everything Prince Tenarreau has asked for and more, but intrigue and betrayal are a fund...

  • Spaghetti And Stradivari
    776 13 3

  • Spring-heeled Jack and the President's Ring
    13.6K 745 23

    In this second novelette in the Magnetron Chronicles series, Phineas Magnetron and the Hogalum Society investigate the disappearance of President Grant's West Point ring. Their investigation becomes intertwined with the mystery of Spring-heeled Jack, the shadowy terror of England, leading them from Calais to London, a...

  • The Invention of Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick
    6.6K 21 8

    Orphan, clock keeper, and thief, Hugo lives in the walls of a busy Paris train station, where his survival depends on secrets and anonymity. But when his world suddenly interlocks-like the gears of the clocks he keeps-with an eccentric, bookish girl and a bitter old man who runs a toy booth in the train station, Hugo'...

  • World War Zed
    296K 6.7K 22

    World War Zed : The Survivors' Stories - It is ten years since Britain declared itself free of the Zombie menace. This book compiles the untold stories of survivors across the world, how they survived, how the spread of the Infection impacted on their lives, and how they fought against the moaning horde of undead that...

  • The Storyteller
    27.4K 495 37

    (A Robin Hood BBC fanfic) After suffering the loss of Marian, Robin Hood has fallen into despair and Sir Guy is rapidly spiraling into madness. The imprisonment of a Locksley weaver girl and storyteller may recall them both to life. One will find his purpose again and the other may yet find his redemption. (Written be...

  • The Last Adventure of Dr. Yngve Hogalum
    278K 3.1K 22

    The Magnetron Chronicles, Volume 1 Phineas Magnetron is an eccentric Nineteenth Century inventor blessed with a strange gift he doesn't completely understand. As a former soldier and current member of the Hogalum Society, an inscrutable secret organization of crime fighting adventurers, Phineas is no stranger to peril...

  • Left Hanging
    890 8 1

  • The Mexican Breakout
    995 14 2

    A few months after their return from Cuba, Cara leaves John Porter behind to complete her fist major operation for Section 20, breaking four English teenagers out of a prison in Mexico where they are being drugged and used as prostitutes. John has to cope with mixed feelings - pride and respect for Cara, and fear for...