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  • Covered In Ink
    14.7M 549K 42

    Hazel Harper isn't your average girl. Haunting events from her past have kept her inside her own little bubble, a wall that she has subconsciously build over the years. As new people emerge into Hazel's life, she realises how much she has been missing, she also realises that people aren't always who you think they a...

  • Utopia War
    75.8K 3.9K 53

    Humanity emerges from the aftermath of the technological singularity having conquered scarcity, disease, poverty, aging, death, and, or so they thought, even war. With the aid of artificial intelligence and uplifted animals they have founded a virtual Utopia among the stars where people work only for personal developm...

  • Words
    5.4K 694 23

    Straight-A student, Ziva Kritikos, loves to learn. She's always been curious about new things. So when she wishes on a star to know more, she's gifted the ability to eat words. More intrigued than horrified, Ziva eats to her heart's content at first. With knowledge comes power, and this can't be more true for her. Eve...

  • The Storm
    813 60 13

    A young girl survives a hurricane on a island in the Caribbean and finds strength she didn't know she possessed.

  • The UnSlut Project
    15.7M 300K 206

    I was the 6th-grade "slut." And I kept a diary. So I decided to create The UnSlut Project in the hopes that my own diary entries could provide some perspective to girls who currently feel trapped and ashamed. I am publishing these entries one at a time, without changing a single word except for the names of the peopl...

  • Luster
    858 110 35

    Luster Chapter .10--- The Meaning Chapter .20--- The Truth Chapter .30--- The Measure Chapter .40--- The Message Chapter .50--- The Fraud Chapter .60--- The System Chapter .70--- The Goodness Chapter .80--- The Tears Chapter .90--- The Power Chapter .99--- The Luster Summary: What is Luster? Is it connected with Laugh...

  • Interview With Werewolf Authors (part 2)
    891 33 14

    Continuation of what werewolf authors has to say.

  • Jocund Journey
    195 4 4

    133K 822 34

    All about BIGBANG. Facts / News / Song Lyrics

  • Gaining Confidence
    1.3K 62 5

    Nicole has a twin brother. They're both tough, but Nicole only looks tough on the outside, but she seriously have some self-esteem issues. She just don't show it to people, even her brother thinks that Nicole is a very confident girl, but she really is not. She acts that way because she has a reason. Yes, obviously sh...

  • It All Began..
    15.2K 869 12

    ❝A guy and a girl can be just friends, but at one point or another, they will fall for each other...Maybe temporarily, maybe at the wrong time, maybe too late, or maybe forever.❞ Azalea Langston is a Senior in High School. She's definitely a part of the popular crowd, but she approaches it differently. She'd rather no...

  • Catastrophe's Classroom
    454 42 1

    A look at what kids conceal in class. A plea for you to look a little deeper.

  • Against the Grain
    422 2 10

    Ashley Allen, the only daughter of a rich cop is a pampered girl who always gets her will done. What happens when her most loved brother, Ryan Allen is missing? Putting her own life at stake, she goes out to find out about her brother, getting herself kidnapped. After much of suffering, when she is back home, she disc...

  • In Honour of the Heart
    364K 11.1K 47

    Isabelle's life is flawless. She has a perfect husband in Isaac and a gorgeous little baby. Then her past comes calling in the form of Ethan. Soon she is being torn in two directions and is afraid she will lose everything. Vows are easy to make, but Isabelle is learning how hard they are to live. http://www.facebook.c...

  • The Dress That Made It Happen (EDITING ON-GOING)
    12.7K 413 8

    What happens when you get invited to the birthday party of the hottest brothers of your high school? You buy a brand new dress! Together with her best friend does Stella find the perfect bargain in a vintage designer store. The greatest thing about it, people start noticing her. Her social life takes a lift off! Bring...

  • Between You and I
    5.5K 243 39

    It’s simply a story. My story. The one time I bring out my past, my present, and what I hope the future can be. Well, in the end, what else can we do besides hope?

  • Ashes to Ashes.
    653 29 10

    Emily, Kaya, Brooke and Layla used to be best friends, but the death of Emer Newman, New Monts "Golden girl." tears them all apart. Emily Strauss, a once confident and reckless artist is haunted by the face of her former best friend. She struggles to come to terms with her life as it is now and is afraid of the chang...

  • Recommended Stories on Wattpad
    3M 6.6K 103

    These are my opinions and suggestions on some stories that I've read on Wattpad. Cover by: simpledimplee

  • Color Me Softly
    108K 1.8K 27

    What if you were colorblind but you never thought a thing about it because everyone else is? Well, that isn't the case with Isabella. She's one of the only ones that actually sees in color, but what are these color? What happens when she finds out the meaning of her existence with the help of govermental scientists...

  • Define Normal
    2.6M 52.4K 29

    Normal is... Jade has no clue. When her mother dies and she moves in with her father, she feels like she's entered a different world. Used the threatening situations and secret identities, Jade is surprised to find that normal life might be the biggest challenge she's ever faced.

  • He was cool...
    10.5M 50.2K 21

    As much as it pains her to admit it.... He was cool.