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  • things only you know | camren au [completed]
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    Plot/summary (kind of, not really): The heart remembers what the mind forgets is what they say, right? At least you hope so. Otherwise known as your very typical and very cliché amnesia fic (three-shot).

  • a supercut of us
    59.3K 1.8K 14

    Camila didn't plan to see Lucy Vives ever again, but of course life had other plans. (she didn't plan to fall in love with her either.) - a birthday gift to @loreoe cover by the talented @Zzenitram

  • right there in the details | camren (au)
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    "You are nothing but a game to me." // Camren (AU) // the devil's right there, right there in the details and you don't want to hurt yourself, hurt yourself looking too closely - fink

    Completed   Mature
  • ymms drafts
    292K 10.4K 19

    I found a bunch of old drafts for you make me sick (for being so perfect) and am now editing them into one shots. One in particular is really long so that'll probably be a separate thing. None of these are related and are just random drafts with no continuity. Enjoy (This work may not be posted/copied/reproduced/trans...

  • something in us will always know | camren oneshots
    65.7K 2K 8

    A collection of Camren oneshots. (None of these will be continued, sorry!)

  • Play Practice (Camren)
    52.7K 2.2K 6

    "The thing is, Camila isn't surprised, because she's a fast learner. And what she's learned so far is that Lauren is, in fact, a great actress. Whether she's pretending to like Camila or pretending to be straight, she's not sure yet. Camila just knows that she's pretending. It's all an act. It has to be. Rehearsals f...

  • you keep robbing my heart like a bank ~camren~
    196K 7.6K 17

    Most people would describe Lauren Jauregui as a teacher's pet, a nerd, the girl with no friends. She's just trying to make her way through high school unnoticed, but sadly some people still push her around. She definitely doesn't want to be noticed by Camila Cabello, the school's well-known bad girl. Unfortunately for...

  • A World Where Roses Bloom || Camren
    407K 11.5K 37

    Maybe Lauren doesn't know lots of things about life or how this thing called 'Love' works, but she is sure of one thing: loving Camila is possibly the easiest thing to do.

  • Kick Start
    146K 3.7K 15

    Lauren Jauregui is a senior. She's captain of the soccer team, single, and needs no one. That is, until the new kid comes. Camila Cabello, junior, and what might just be the key to creating the best soccer team the school has ever had. Lauren's never been one to wear someone else's letterman, but there might be an C s...

    Completed   Mature
  • you don't have to say i love you (to say i love you)
    48.6K 1.5K 1

    "Going well so far," Lauren murmurs. "Your parents and your little sister. They think I'm a great girlfriend." "You are," Camila agrees. Or: The time Camila really needed a date to a family wedding, and who better to fill the role of fake-girlfriend than Camila's best friend Lauren?

  • You Make Breathing Impossible (Camren)
    7K 335 3

    The one where Camila falls for her best friend's older sister and everything slowly goes downhill after that.

  • The Perfect Blend (Camren)
    279K 5.6K 20

    The love continues and the hardships begin. Only this time, it's not in a coffee shop. ©: wheresmynaya (

  • As the Wind Changes (Camren)
    129K 5.4K 10

    Sure, they shared the same womb, but they couldn't have turned out any more different than they have. Lauren Jauregui has always been the dark, brooding one, whereas her sister has always been one for the light and attention. She doesn't mind, really, she's used to it. But there's one exception, just one. And for once...

  • I Heard Your Voice In A Dream
    990K 34.6K 29

    New to New York City, the quirky artist, Camila Cabello finds out what it really means to shed light on someone. Especially when that someone is notorious blind girl, Lauren Jauregui. She's a mystery upon herself, and Camila is determined to break the mystery and hear her story. But she might do more than just that. A...

    Completed   Mature
  • (i think) there's a flaw in my code | camren
    292K 9.9K 8

    Camila wins a radio contest and gets to spend a week with the world's newest rising popstar: Lauren Jauregui.

  • Coffee Breaks (Camren)
    1.3M 35.1K 35

    Who said falling in love in a coffee shop was too cliché? ©: wheresmynaya (

    Completed   Mature
  • These Arms are Yours to Hold || Camren
    44.4K 1.3K 1

    Lauren doesn't know what Camila did to her but suddenly everyone seems to be a bad kisser compared to her. And it fucking sucks because look, the girl she is kissing right now is freaking hot but goddammit, she is not Camila.

  • the sound of your heart (camren)
    77.7K 2K 2

    The only things Normani is absolutely a hundred percent sure that Lauren likes are the following: food, music, being right, pretentious books, kissing, and pretentious books about kissing. So far Camila is not on that list. (Normani's fairly certain.)

  • Please Don't Hold my Hands || Camren
    41K 1K 1

    Lauren hates everything but most of all, she hates herself for letting her go.

  • melancholy soundtrack to her smile (camren one shots)
    59.8K 1.5K 5

    a collection of camren one shots. cover by slothtato

  • Mondays - Camren
    660K 16.7K 28

    You smiled to me and I thought: Damn, I'm fucking in love with you... -this is the original version, so there might have some errors different from 5HFanfic-

    Completed   Mature
  • Accidents
    2.8K 109 1

    Lauren pretends she doesn't like One Direction the same way Camila pretends she doesn't like Lauren. Ally thinks they look good together.

  • Cocoon
    36.8K 1.8K 4

    Based off the song Cocoon by Catfish and the Bottlemen Cover by: @SLOTHTATO

  • thin walls (are calling me home)
    212K 4.9K 28

    Lauren honestly didn't expect so many noise complaints when she joined the police, but if all of them went as well as her first one, she was sure she could handle more. Especially when she couldn't stop running into the girl she kept thinking about. Or: Lauren is a cop and gets a lot of stupid nicknames, Camila is an...

  • not the flawless one (i've never been) ~camren~
    104K 3.4K 6

    the one where lauren is a confusing asshole and camila hates assholes so they just kind of ignore each but not really; or, camila is a sucker for tattoos

    Completed   Mature
  • you make me sick (for being so perfect)
    5.5M 159K 82

    Lauren Jauregui is a lot of things. She's caring, she's intelligent and she's beautiful. But Camila Cabello doesn't notice those things when she and Lauren first come into contact. Camila notices her nervous ticks, and how she refuses to look at her, and how she never furthers conversation. At first, Camila takes that...

  • Student Exchange
    379K 10.9K 21

    "Aesthetic relativism is the idea that beauty is relative to an individual's taste or preferences and that beauty is not one universal thing but, in fact, endless things to infinite people." She craned her neck to look at me. "You, Camila Cabello, are my definition of beauty and from about a week ago to the rest of my...

  • Talk Me Down (Camren)
    608K 19.4K 25

    After four years of living content and at peace, Camila Cabello is forced to move back to her hometown of Miami, Florida, where she left nothing behind other than bullies and a crush that didn't exactly work out. When she starts her new school, she has plans to fly under the radar, but everything changes when she come...