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  • Playing Evelyn
    1.9M 60.5K 20

    Evelyn never wanted to be noticed at school. She dressed in unassuming clothes and kept to herself. Until the day that she slipped up and caught the attention of the school's bad boy. Gabriel had a bad reputation but after being paired together for a home economics project, Evelyn begins to realize that there's more...

  • Imperfect
    923K 27.6K 10

    Nell Watson just can't seem to get it right. Her parents treat her coldly no matter what she does and the one member of her family she could count on, her younger sister Paige, has turned her back on Nell. Now, everything's changing and Nell is starting to think that maybe perfect isn't all it's cracked up to be, esp...

  • Hanging by a Moment [Completed]
    286K 9.5K 14

    "You guys would be cute together though." Seven words that changed everything. [boyxboy] (even though this is complete when you pick it up, please leave me comments)

  • Camera Doesn't Lie. (boyxboy)
    337K 9.8K 18

    Nick and Ryan are both models that have been thrown together in a photoshoot. Nick is sweet, innocent, and shy. While Ryan is hot, sexy, and not afraid to chase what he wants. Boys' Love; WARNING! Some graphic scenes may not be appropriate for all readers. Well.. I warned you. I suck at summaries, READ PLEASE.

    Completed   Mature
  • A Love To Fight For (BoyxBoy)
    314K 8K 19

    King has never had a family,he was never taught to love, he was never taught anything but to fight and fighting was what he was good at. But what happens when he is thrown into high school and a new family? Will he adjust or will he cave into the pressure of it all? Rowan never had a father figure. Raised by single mo...

  • I need you, not for love.... but for revenge...
    59.1K 1.1K 11

    Abandoned by her family and friends, Saira left home to start anew and fix her life. After 2 long years, she comes back home. Back to the place where it all started. This time, she is not a pathetic weakling anymore. She is now an Alpha and ready to take revenge on the people who looked down on her all her life. She's...

  • The Taste of Sin (manxman) [Mature]
    98.3K 1.7K 17

    Sex, murder, lust, lies, and incest. The twin villains Eris and Enyo are into all things sinful! In fact, that's exactly what they feed off of, the misfortune of others. When things get steamy at Super Villain Preparatory School all hell breaks loose much to the twin's pleasure and their parents' disapproval. With the...

  • What The Alpha Says...Goes (boyxboy) Bk 1
    7.1M 217K 29

    How can you love someone you fear? Laken is a werewolf; the runt of the pack. What happens when the Alpha starts taking an interest in him? Rule number one of the wolf pack; Never disobey your Alpha. Cover design by: hgames113

  • The Littlest Book of Darkest Poems
    353 18 4

    A little book of some mad ramblings of mine, some you could say are poems, others more just never ending thoughts. Some of them are recent, some I have found from the past.

  • Look Through My Eyes
    1.8M 35.8K 31

    Kimberly Hale was a normal girl who had a hard time struggeling her way through school. Like so many other kids, she was badly bullied by her classmates...until that bullying caused some life-changing results on her 17th birthday. Now, four years later, she goes to her new school with her best friend Kath. The fear of...

  • Talk Dirty To Me
    371K 2.2K 2

    I, Chassie Hill, have a secret. I work for a phone-sex hotline called "Talk Dirty To Me". It's not like I enjoy having phone sex with random people. I do it for the money. College isn't cheap, you know! Usually, the scenes I'm asked to portray in my "sessions" are boring, and not in the least bit stimulating, until De...

  • Wolf Prints
    946K 17.1K 23

    Luna has problems. Bigger problems than simply being a werewolf. She ran away from her Pack, making her a rogue - something unheard of. Females are rare, and viciously protected, so why would she leave the safety of Pack life to fend for herself? Well, Luna has secrets. Ones that could destroy her. So what happens wh...

    Completed   Mature
  • Anti Alpha (BoyxBoy)
    276K 7.4K 15

    A street skirmish ends up pulling Ezra Walker into the underworld, where he discovers that he's not only a werewolf, but a submissive one at that. Just try ordering him around though and you might find yourself waking up sore with a concussion and gravel in your mouth.

  • BoyxBoy One shots - By Request (Mostly)
    795K 9K 11

    This is my collection of boyxboy one shots (or it will be when I've written more). REQUEST CLOSED. WARNING: These one shots contain boyxboy naughtiness. Read at your own caution. If you do read them, enjoy!

  • To Escape a Possessive Mate
    2.2M 50.8K 26

    Nora hates it when werewolves and vampires make themselves known to the world. All she dreams about is escaping to a human community, when she gets chosen to be the mate of werewolf Vincent. Upon learning of her desires to run away, Vincent does everything to keep Nora by his side.

  • The Bro Code
    21.2M 444K 24

    WATTPAD ORIGINAL EDITION The Bro Code says to leave no bro behind... But what happens when you have to choose between love and friendship? ***** Nick Maguire would never betray his best friends, Carter and Austin, by breaking The Bro Code, and he k...

  • Did You Hear About Brianna?
    352K 10.4K 14

    After 7 years of captivity and torture, Brianna is freed and returns home. Everything has changed. Including Max, her soulmate. Home isn't home anymore and it's clear Brianna doesn't below. Brianna never thought that her new life to be harder than the one she escaped from. Cover by Athelas_

  • My Boss Is A Wanker
    46K 498 4

    His lips pressed really tight into a thin line as he just stared; for once he had nothing to say. “I guess it doesn’t matter, huh? As long as you get your millions, you don’t care if you’ve ruined countless lives. Well, fuck you. I’m done with being your assistant; I’m done with getting everything for you. I’m done fa...

  • I'm His Maid, He's My Valentine
    141K 2.9K 17

    Avery Darling: a sixteen-year-old girl working as a maid for the Newton family. She's shy, cute, and dreams that one day, Master Josh will look at her the way she looks at him. Josh Newton: seventeen; the future CEO of his father's company. He's rich, good-looking, and is completely oblivious to Avery's presence in h...

  • Kidnap My Heart
    10.6M 303K 47

    Emma van der Bilt is clever, snarky, and spoiled rotten. William Knight is cocky, impatient, and slightly dimwitted. So how exactly did Will manage to kidnap Emma and her best friend twice and live to talk about it? *** "What the hell-" I screeched. "Good morning, sunshine." I looked up in alarm and saw the smirking...

  • Boundaries Are Meant To Be Broken
    1.4K 47 1

    Asher Hastings has never had the perfect life. And it for sure as hell doesn't get any easier once her father passes away, leaving her to deal with their family pack. Asher's left to run the pack. And deal with the mess he's left behind. Things can't get any worse then that, right? Wrong. Asher also has to deal with t...

  • His Marriage Trap
    61K 1.5K 9

    Nikolai and Gabriella married for convenience and have lived as strangers. Now, Gabby has learned that her husband is having an affair and has decided the time has come for divorce. But Nik does not seem inclined to grant it. In fact he is very much opposed and is insisting that Gabriella become his wife for real!

  • My Guardian Angel Loves Me...(boyxboy)
    57.3K 1.3K 5

    Jaydon hasn't had it easy from the time he witnessed his little brother die. He deals with parents who blame him and with a school full of people who hate him for being gay. Angel has watched over Jayden since..well forever and he has loved him for almost as long. He's Jaydon's Guardian Angel, always watching with on...

  • Sheep & Wolves
    732K 11.9K 11

    A bond that's anything but ordinary. Max first saw his mate dancing at a gentlemen's club. And unfortunately, he's not the only one who feels that irresistible pull towards her. Dana is being used as a pawn in a very dangerous game she knows little about. But she is more than a weapon or an object, and she won't res...

  • No Longer Alone...BoyxBoy
    122K 2.1K 12

    Luke's parents died 9 months ago leaving him and his little sister who is 3 years old, to fend for themselves. Luke works his butt off from the time he wakes up until the time he goes to bed, he is all alone in this big world except for his sister. Which is okay by him, but he feels lonely from time to time, but is t...

  • Come Back To Me (Previously No Friends Just Benefits)
    1.9M 44.2K 22

    NOW AVAILABLE ON AMAZON KINDLE AND IBOOKS! ---------------------- Meet Jason Henderson. A 21 year old hopeless romantic. Playing with girls hearts just doesn't seem right. They're people, not toys. And then there's Charlotte Ferguson: a simple 17 year old with a burning hatred for love. It's polluting the air she brea...

  • Never Have I Ever
    22.3M 316K 32

    Aria has always laid low in school with her tight-knit group of friends. When she meets Nash at a party, he's rude, he's blunt, and he's got more baggage than he can carry. Aria immediately dislikes him. But the line between hate and love is very thin, and a continuous game of Never Have I Ever may change everything.

  • My Alpha Mate Rejected Me
    125K 1.9K 6

    Arrow Camille use to be such a sweet, innocent, good girl. She was everything a girl wanted to be, and everything a guy wanted in a girl. She was beautiful, clever, and sweet as sugar. She never dated anyone, always waiting for her mate. When she meets him though, he rejects her. Heart broken, and shattered, she leave...