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  • If You Let Me
    5.2M 214K 113

    "I don't wanna be just a memory And I don't wanna feel your wings break free Because without you I'm lost in the breeze I gotta be strong now, I gotta show you how I'll love you like I've never, ever loved somebody I'll give you things you didn't even know you wanted Don't tell me that it's not enough My...

    Completed   Mature
  • Stealing His Heart(The Game) Complete
    34.9K 1.6K 15

    Leah Bridges is a plus size black woman that life changes when she says three words: I wish to be married to Jaceyon(the Game) Taylor. She gets her wish and thats when things get crazy.

    Completed   Mature
  • Risk It All
    898K 55.5K 56

    Love is about risk, and sometimes you have to risk it all for the one you love.

  • The Plot II
    27.8K 1.2K 13

    Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose.

  • The Plot
    374K 13.3K 33

    "If I told you a flower bloomed in a dark room would you trust it"

    Completed   Mature
  • Love On The Brain
    472K 16.1K 45

    A tale of love & betrayal. Started: 12/2015 Finished: 6/2017

    Completed   Mature
  • The Publicist
    3.9M 239K 118

    After getting into a fight that went viral almost ruining his career, August Alsina's manager D calls on Jazmine to be his publicist. Can Jazmine fix August's image and find love in the process?

    Completed   Mature
  • It Only Takes Once
    10.5M 200K 46

    Shakayln Smith, a 26 year old lawyer, goes out one night in three years and finds herself pregnant by kingpin Khadarious Daniels who also happens to be her new client. Will lies, heartbreak, cheating and court cases break these two apart before their relationship even begins or will it crumble. Copyright © 2013 @Its_...

    Completed   Mature
  • Belong to You
    1.5M 58.5K 94

    "Take care of me Talk all day then at night fall in deep Stimulate me I want you mental and physically Grab hold of me Gentle love but touch passionately I'll give you my blessing Take me person and objectively Ex and internally I belong to you" - Sabrina Claudio Sequel to "If You Let Me"

  • Let Me Cater To You ✅
    5.9M 157K 62

    Copyright © 2016 by VICMAD -All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the author except for the use of brief quotations in a book review. (THIS IS A MATURE STORY AND RATED FOR THOSE 18+. IF YOU DON'T LIKE THE T...

  • Monique's Desire {Complete}
    4.1M 100K 38

    Meet Monique Isabella Williams. A smart, successful and seductive young woman. She meets Tremaine. The most attractive, rich and mysterious man ever. The sexy multi-billionaire. The player. The man that every girl dreams of having. The freak that knows how to get you moaning his name, all night long. Monique quickly f...

  • The Beast
    67.6M 2.2M 57

    To the world he was a beast but for her he would do anything. He could have the world but all he wanted was her. They say the things we want most are the things we can't have. For she was so afraid of him that even the thought of him could have her running for the hills. Little did she know that she was the only one w...

  • Between Us
    129K 1.4K 15

    "Stop fucking playing with me. Niggas up in here starin at you like you ain't my lady but.." "Yo lady? Im not yo lady. Remember we ain't together. So whyyyy is you tripping?" I slurred. Nigga must be bipolar, slipped and bumped his head, or something. How I see you with a thottie & don't trip, but you see me in the c...

    Completed   Mature
  • Thug's Nanny 2
    5.7M 223K 55

    My works #9 //. Thug's Nanny Sequel Book 2 • Wattpad's original YG love story YunginDiamond™ ©2015 all copyrights reserved Writers : YunginDiamond & redruM-

    Completed   Mature
  • One and Only (Odell Plussize Story)
    154K 5.2K 34

    Kanarea (ka-na-ray) finally graduates high school and gets away from everyone who used to bully her about being plus size. She attends LSU where she meets her new best-friend Carter and new crush Odell Beckham Jr. What will happen while Kanarea is in Louisianan? Read to find out.

  • Running From The Billionaire
    7M 232K 38

    I ran. Ran as fast as my legs could go. Away. Away from him. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hailey Pritchett loved her job as the secretary of Henry Caldwell, the CEO of the Caldwell Industries. She was a woman who liked safety, and stayed far away from danger. However, the company is bought by a ruthless businessman who is...

  • The Secret Billionaire (In Search For True Love)
    1.2M 49K 95

    Meet Randell Neville- A 25 year old billionaire who has It all. He's bright,caring,thoughtful, and a successful businessman of New York City. He's life Is almost perfect-- If It weren't for all the heartaches that he had from his exes (who uses him for fame only)His trusted friend "Connor Brooks" advise him to pretend...

    452K 13.9K 37

    Lucas is the ceo of Lucas demetriou Corp (corporation), he had it all money power, except a girl that left him in the past he was in love with her and still is, what happens when Lucas had enough of playing games and waiting around he wants her all for himself he doesn't care that he's selfish he gets what he wants a...

  • The Arrogant CEO
    14.4M 437K 45

    Isabella Smith, a twenty two year old woman struggling to make it through the evils of the world and surviving through thick and thin to give her sister and herself a happy life. She is loving and caring to everyone. Seth Anderson, a twenty six year old hot billionaire and the CEO of Anderson&Co who is everything a gi...

  • A Thugs Kryptonite
    103K 3.1K 34

    When she finished HS in florida 17 year old Karinah DeVoe Move to NY ready to take over with a set plan in mind that is until she meets Desmond a hustler with a lot of baggage and drama. Though Karinah falls in love can she ignore all the faults in the relationship and be his Ride or Die?

    Completed   Mature
  • Mafia King Took Her
    359K 1.4K 3

    A Mafia Romance Life was always at his mercy as Death was his best friend. Darkness followed the fearless King ensuring that nothing would ever harm him, but little did he know about love. They never knew that a single eye-contact would be so bewitching. ...

  • Devil And His Angel(COMPLETED)
    686K 35K 67

    #25 in Romance. "I don't care if I fall in love with a Devil,as long as that Devil will love me the way he loves hell." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Where are you going?"he asked again. "Going on a if you have finished your twenty questions can I go?"I asked angrily. Devil held my hand tightly and closed...

    Completed   Mature
  • Always Get What I Want.
    3.1M 82K 44

    Jessica. An 18 year old girl living at home in order to take care of her little sister. In the day and age that jessica lives in, America is run by the government, who is controlled by mobs. One large mob in particular, in Virginia. The leader of this gang is named Joe Copland. Jessicas father works for Mr. Copland. ...

  • Surviving The Mafia
    3.2M 138K 42

    I closed my eyes and waited for the pain. I knew I was going to die. Die at the hands of my captor. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Kelsey Blake wanted revenge. She wanted to destroy the man who had kidnapped her twin. Not only had her life taken a sudden turn in Italy, she had been separated from her only family. However...

  • Devil For A Husband
    44.4M 1.7M 68

    Highest ranking| 1st in Romance on 23/05/18 Blayze Norman; A cold and ruthless CEO of Norman Enterprises has decided to take Caden Carter as his bride, not even the heavens was going to stop him. * * * Blayze Norman is the cold, ruthless and industrious CEO of the multi-billion Norman Enterprises. He's meticulous and...

  • Fearing The Mafia
    5.7M 192K 38

    I twisted my wrists in order to loosen the bonds, to no avail. I was trapped. Trapped by him. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Maril Blake wanted nothing more in life than to enjoy every second of it. She was perfectly content with working as a salesgirl in a clothing store. She was a woman full of life and smiled constantly...

    Completed   Mature
  • Crazed
    370K 19.1K 13

    Nee & Q's spin-off |throwback| short story. The story behind how they met and things they went through to get to their own Worthy love. Characters from Mistaken & Worthy.

    Completed   Mature