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  • Those Books
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    Do you ever get frustrated because you can never find good books on Wattpad? Ever get frustrated because the books on Wattpad you like, aren't complete? Well, your problems are solved! This book shows all of my favorite completed books on Wattpad that I'm sure you will also fall in love with too. Check it out

  • Wattpad Book Reports
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    Reports on books written here --On Wattpad!

  • The Best Stories on Wattpad - You Should Read 'em
    28.7K 216 19

    Well , yeah . This is a list of my BEST books/stories on Wattpad. You'd really enjoy every single one of them just like I did. If you have a story tell me and I would check them. And if you suggest any story to be put in here just comment!

  • Books That Will Keep You Up All Night!
    221K 1.2K 144

    These are just some of the books on Wattpad you definitely need to check out!! And some of my personal favourites!! All Rights Go To The Writers Of This Books!

  • Wattpad's Must Read (Best Stories I have read so far)
    26K 364 22

    Soo people, here I give you my collection of best wattpad stories so far. I will upload this every time I feel like I need you guys to read a GOOD BOOK, or simply books that I read and plain liked them. This book doesn't contain Vampire, Alphas, Werewholves, Monsters, Sifi, Etc. simply because that doesn't call my at...

  • Books That Make Me Not Want To Go To Sleep Until I'm Finished
    51K 367 24

    I am going to be writing book Which I have read that keep me up all night and still do.

  • Insane Reads
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    Various books that appeal to various typed of readers. I hope you all like at least one. :)

  • Books I Was Reading At 3AM™
    4.7M 19K 153

    For every Wattpader, the first book you read here is the best, the most memorable. The book you will probably read more than once and the book that will get you hooked on this site. But you don't know how to find the right one? Or the selection that everyone seems to be talking about? Here i've put books recommen...

  • Wattpad Reviews: The Best of Wattpad
    23.8K 257 32

    Been on Wattpad for three years on a different account. I have seen them all - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. I have stories to offer. Selected after being scrutinized extremely well.

  • Best {Completed} Wattpad Stories!!
    1.4M 5.5K 67

    Well, these are some really good stories that I have to share, so I did. The author "CupidA" inspired me to write this since she gave me such good stories to check out. I'll always update every time I find a good story, so keep checking!! {And you have to vote and follow for me to keep updating... (≧▽≦)} REMEMBER TO F...

  • My Wattpad Favourites!!
    227K 2K 41

    Bored? Confused? New on Wattpad? Don't know what to read? Well you are at the right link. Check these books out. These are some of my personal favourites..(: They are not in any order. And since I am not a huge fan of sequels and a complete sucker for romance, most of the books here are with no sequel or prequel and...

  • WattGeek Recommends
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    WattGeek Recommends presents a Table Of Contents Full-Packed with "un-put-down-able" and "page gripping" reads! Most Wattpad books listed in the Table Of Contents are PG-13. Read one of the books and post your Review under its chapter!

  • Book Recommendations
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    A collection of things I've read that I really like and think you guys will enjoy as well

  • The Interview Book
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    This is book of really GREAT writers on Wattpad, so please feel free to PM me about who YOU think deserves to be in here. I am aiming for one interview per week!

  • My Favorite Books
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    This is just a collection and rating of my favorite books that I have come across so far on wattpad. Please note that this is mostly in the Teen Fiction and Romance genre, so continue with caution.

  • Unseen Talents: Interviewing Undiscovered Wattpad Writers.
    18K 512 24

    Disclaimer: Not a story. Book Promotion & Reviewing. OH and Inspirational letters! I've seen the amazingly great writers here on wattpad. Their stories are wonderful, and just GREAT! But they're not getting reads, and vote. And no comment are being left to the writer saying what a good job they're doing. I've been a w...

  • Best Stories on Wattpad!
    1.1M 5.9K 84

    Looking for something new to read on Wattpad? Well you've come to right place! These are some of my personal favorite stories that I've stumbled upon and I hope you take the time to read them! Make sure to comment on your favorites and vote as well! Update: I have not touched/updated this book in ages, so some of the...

  • Teen Fiction Recommendations
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    Teen Fiction Stories on Wattpad that I Recommend! :-) These are all love related.

  • Wattpad Stories
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    This is a list of stories that I loved and that I'm recommend reading. So look through the list and choose a story to read I hope you like it :) I'll also be adding poems into this list That I enjoyed reading!

  • Amazing Books On Wattpad
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    so this is just a collection of some amazing books on wattpad, according to me. probably the more i read awesome books, the longer this 'list' will get enjoy!

  • Good Reads
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    Here is my list the of the best Wattpad stories that I have come across :) in case you're looking for some Good Reads!

  • Book Series You'll Love
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    These are the book series that got me hooked and addicted, enough for me to read the sequels. Hope you like them! Feel free to suggest your own personal favorites! ;-) 06/10/2013

    2.5M 8.4K 174

    If you are looking for something to read than take a glimpse of this book... This book contains all the completed books on wattpad (read by me) which are good....

  • Wattpad Rock Stars: Interviews
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    Previously know as Wattpad Stars: Interviews Find out more about your favorite authors on wattpad!

  • YFC Interviews
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    You're looking for some juicy dish from your favorite Wattpad Authors?? We serves them all here, full platter. No edits. Straight from the Author's themselves. (:

  • Best completed books on Wattpad
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    I think the title explains it but I'll explain further. These are books that I have finished reading and they are completed. I have read them and really like them if not love them. If you have any requests to put on, you can send me a message and I'll post it on too. You can comment about the books you like and vote f...