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  • Noremma One-shots Collection
    10.8K 270 8

    A book full of Noremma one-shots because we need it. There will be some chapters with spoilers from the manga, but I'll let you know if the chapter has spoilers. There will also be some chapters with minor ships, like Don x Gilda, Ray x Anna or Ray x Fire (lol jk, I think...). Enjoy the book! (I don't own the art on t...

  • I want to keep that promise (Noremma One-Shot)
    823 37 1

    ⚠️MANGA SPOILERS⚠️ "Emma, ​​do you remember the promise we made when we were six?" "Yes... You must find that stupid now, don't you?" "No, actually, I want to keep that promise" Nineteen years after making a silly promise in her childhood at Grace Field, Norman finally has the courage to ask Emma the same thing she as...

  • Her Smile (Noremma Fanfiction TPN)
    14.6K 547 10

    ⚠️MANGA SPOILERS⚠️ ⚠️No demons AU⚠️ Norman was tired. Tired of being beaten every day by his alcoholic father, tired of working all day to get just enough to buy food and pay bills, tired of having to envy other people for being able to enjoy life while he was stuck in that hell he called family. He probably would hav...

  • Someday we will get married (Noremma One-Shot)
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    "Norman, someday we will get married, right?" "Yes Emma" "You promise?" "I promise" Where Emma finds a book about marriage and wants to marry Norman, but they are too young for that. This is my first story, I'm sorry if it sucks (The cover art is not mine)