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  • Betrayal (Editing)
    3.9K 415 18

    Sometimes it's not the person that changed its just the mask that they take off.

  • Remember Me?
    3.2K 179 18

    Change is a necessary course of life. Nari Adison has always believed that Jayce Conner would be at her side with all the promises from their childhood. She has flashbacks all the time as she remembers every precious memory that they have made. But when reality strikes, Nari learns to look towards the future with the...

  • To Breathe Is Not A Necessity
    3.9K 237 13

    Saba has lived her entire life being content with doing what other people want. She had been content with allowing her parents decide her life for her. To Saba, this wasn't her life. Her life was somewhere lost in her head. Her life was somewhere that was perfect. Until she met Donovan. A chiseled and cold boy. At fir...