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  • Best(est) of wattpad
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    These books will make you laugh, make you cry, inspire you, do anything you want to be done for you... but that's just my opinion. Anyway this is a collection of my favorite boots on wattpad. Oops I meant books but I do love boots because they are dope and alas I deviate. These are simply my favourite books here on w...

  • Best TeenFics On Wattpad
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    Read the best cliché or non cliché teen fictions on wattpad. From the author of Wattpad Love to the author of Queen&Knight. Discover the best teenfictions on wattpad.

  • Read Books & Love Wattpad
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    These are some really good books that I love on wattpad personally. We all get a time even if your new to Wattpad or have been here for years, where we need a FRICKING great book to read! If your looking for something to make you to fall over and die with heartbreak, shock, cute moments, awesome comebacks, and endless...

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    [C L O S E D] People say and I quote "Don't judge a book by it's cover." Well but we tend to and can't help it with how we look at things. So I'll be making covers! Enjoy Highest ranking in random: #101 All covers and pictures will be mine and payment should be done. Snapchat- glittergold_17 Instagram- rabiyapotter...

  • My Wattpad Personal Favorites
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    Looking for a good completed book to read? Look no further. This is a list of some of Wattpad's best books that I have read and love. So pick a book and enjoy.

  • Bucket List Books
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    Books that are written so perfectly they have that special element that keeps you addicted, and when something good is addictive then it must be on your Bucket List.

  • WATTPAD 'must reads'
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    Want some good book to read? Check this book....not to read of course, to find some of the best books on wattpad to spend your precious free time. Some of the most awesome books i've read so far. They don't belong to any specific genre they're all mixed up. I'm gonna put my personal views on the books which migh...

  • teen fiction/romance book recommendations
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    [in my opinion] some of Wattpad's best teen fiction and/or romance novels **DISCLAIMER: When reading this book, you might find that you disagree with some books being recommended. Please don't comment anything rude like "this book shouldn't be here" or anything like that. But, if you would like to recommend some books...

  • The Best Of Wattpad
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    A list of The Best Of Wattpad~ These are some of my favourite books on Wattpad so far Hope this helps you find new books to read and love :) *btw feel free to recommend books to be added in

  • Bad Boy Stories
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    He had eyes the color of sin. Lips that tasted like hellfire. And tonight I was a little hungry for the devil. -Almaz A. Bad boys. Known by their charming goodlooks and devilish smile. Winning the hearts of women one panty drop at a time. I love reading the bad boy genre books. I have been on wattpad awhile. So I'v...

  • Books I'm Reading At Midnight
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    These are the books I'm literally reading at midnight. Just kidding! Not about the reading part, the part where I'm reading at midni- Oh forget it, you know what I mean.

  • Wattpad Books That Make You Want To Live. | + Some Rants!
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    Previously known as "Wattpad Books That May Cause Sleepless Nights." "Their story is for the books." Just a few mind-blowing books that make me stay up all night and want to get out and live like some characters in the books, and experience love, chase, hate, living. ALSO, I DO HAVE A COUPLE OF RANTS HERE AND THERE...

  • Best Stories on Wattpad (:
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    My favourite books on wattpad :) enjoy ! xx

  • Breaking Myself (Published) (Myself #1)
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    *****The story will be unpublished on 6th FEB. Read at your own risk.***** CONTAINS TRIGGERING MATTER! READ CAREFULLY! The story is PG-13! He stepped towards me. "I'll find out what happened to you. Even if it makes me, I've to break you all over again to get out the truth." His warning brought a s...

  • Virgin High
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    Welcome to the school for manwhores and fuck boys. Here, our main focus is to stop the abnormal sexual appetite of young men and their dickhead behavior. We offer our students quality treatment to help them regain their senses and think with their brains instead of their dicks. Hopefully we can convert these corrupte...

  • My Top Twenty Favorites (2015)
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    Here are my top twenty favorites of 2015. The new year is almost here and my Twenty Favorites book from last year was getting lonely. Some stories in here are roll-overs from the last year's twenty, but I still love them. If your book is in here, you're pretty awesome. Keep up the great writing! :D

  • Princess on the Run [Completed]
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    (Spin-off of Princess on the Loose.) Prince Levi hired many servants to do his household in his manor. Little did he know that one of them was a runaway princess.

  • Wattpad's Best - Heartstrings
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    ❝ Love is a beautiful fear ❞ - Kiera Cass || a list of the best heartwarming and heartbreaking wattpad novels that will certainly pull your heartstrings. note: the stories are mostly from 2014 to 2016 Wattpad, and some of the authors have deleted these stories from their account. previously was titled 'Wattpad's...

  • Books you can't stop reading
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    Hello everyone! i'll just say a few words on what this is (even if it's quite obvious from the title) :) anyways i'm a Reader! i really love reading, it's probably one of my favorite things to do, so it often happens that i have no idea of what to read, but in the same time i want a good read. So reading other books l...

  • Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover
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    Designing book covers that's not only thing I wanted to do through this book its just a way to have connection wid u guys. Hope u all lyk it. Do give a chance.

  • Book Covers (not accepting requests until further notice)
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    Hey there, I'm making simple and stylish book covers for the authors I read on wattpad. Feel free to take a look at my designs. -LilDreamer382 © All Rights Reserved 2015

  • Best Reads
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    Having a hard time finding a book? well think again :p

  • BLISSFUL books on wattpad
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    A book is a dream that you hold in your hand. -Neil Gaiman Blissful books... one more list of wonderful books on wattpad we have enjoyed addictive books together...lets start this journey too Happy Reading Shru :) Link to Addictive books : Link to Cap...

  • The Best of Wattpad
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    To all bibliophiles who have been finding new, interesting and fun books to read both in English and Filipino languages then this book is the best for you! This book offers the best books in wattpad in my opinion and other opinions as well. If you like, no love the books i've suggested then don't forget to vote,comme...

  • Best Stories full of love
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    Here are some of my most favourite stories that I think all of you should read. Most of them are love stories (What can i say, I'm sucker for romance). Give them a shot, you won't regret it! Not good at writing reviews so they only contain descriptions. I am open to suggestions! All of them contain external link. Feel...

  • Best Fiction Books On Wattpad #Wattys2015
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    The best books in my opinion, Don't hate on any of the books Please comment any suggestions

  • Best Wattpad Books [UNDER REVISION]
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    Need new books to read? Well you've come to the place where I recommend the best books I've read on Wattpad so far. Enjoy!

  • The Love Playlist
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    Two people find love and music through each other.

  • Mind if I borrow your body
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    We all want to have a superpower that we can show off to someone, right? I mean there's Superman who could fly, laser anything on its way and beat anyone's ass anytime. Who wouldn't want to be him? There's also Bianca Reynolds who can... Wait, I'm guessing you never heard from her? Well she's just your average seve...

  • Good books on Wattpad
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    Hey, So, I really like to read books and I just wanted to do a list with some of the wattpad stories that I read and liked a lot! They are really different and on a various subjects, but this is why I like them! I update everytime I finish a good book and I am open for suggestions! Hope you enjoy and find the list hel...