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  • Our Love Life (Yami x Charlotte)
    316 14 8

    So basically this is a story about Yami and Charlotte from my POV thank you

  • The Ravens Bow
    180 55 16

    Trees surrounded me. Snow was cooling my burning hands. The world was on fire and it was all my fault. My face is black with ash from running into the flames to pull out my brother. Everyone was saved I think. "Heron. Where is Pierre?" I saw Kajal standing above me. "I'm sure he is here somewhere," I said. She didn...

  • A New Life in Lawrenceville
    183 36 29

    Albert Dodge moves to Lawrenceville to attempt to start a new chapter in his life. That new life ends up being far more than what he bargained for, especially when he realizes change requires a lot more than just a change of location.

  • The Royal's Cute Little Wife (On-going)
    73 5 30

    Synopsis In childhood, they were neighbors. Xie Zhen always bullied Li Yu. Who told him to be as beautiful as a girl? After parting for many years, they met again in the capital. With a tall stature and heroic bearing, he seemed like a completely different person. Not only that, but his identity had also risen to t...