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  • Demon Princess - Kyou Kara Maoh Adventure
    93.4K 2.6K 34

    Masao Anzu is a successful lawyer who supports honesty and justice with training in combat to hold her own in a fight but is also a typical girl with affection, care and concern to offer to those around her. She's just an ordinary girl living an ordinary but active life in modern Tokyo, Japan. But perhaps she is not a...

  • Princess Knight [Dropped]
    96.3K 4.2K 72

    [There's a revamped version of this story up on my account. If you like the story, feel free to read that.] Having lost her parents to an unfortunate accident, which led her to live with a bastard of an uncle, Maria takes her own life out of despair. However, God pitied her and chose to reincarnate her. Parts of her m...

  • Soushi Miketsukami X Reader
    132K 3.1K 33

    This cover was made by @olliemaecarroll Your parents decide that since you are unlike other normal children because of your yokai side, they will send to you to Ayakashi Condo. An apartment building that serves one purpose. For half-yokais to be safe from the judgement of normal human beings. Along the way, you...

  • Blood | (Kojou x Reader)
    64K 1.6K 24

    (#1 Kojou x Reader!) Hi hi Weirdos! This is an amazing anime I've seen such a long time ago. And what sucks, is that there is no single damn XReader about dis hoe! First person to make an XReader of Kojou! Your welcome! Enjoy

  • ᴇᴍᴏᴛɪᴏɴʟᴇss ᴛʏᴘᴇ [BoyxBoy] [COMPLETED]
    234K 5.4K 25

    Shion is Haruhi's cousin. Shion and Haruhi meets the host club. Shion will also meet his childhood best friend who which he truly loved. Every host club member and 'Yuki' will fall in love with Shion. Shion doesn't realize that. Let's see how Shion handles all of this. FIRST BOOK: Completed 2020 update: please keep i...

  • I'll Carry On Your Will (Vampire Knight Fan-Fic)
    63.9K 1.8K 17

    Katsumi is Kaname's twin. She was also his lover. Though this was all before Rido, Juri, Yuuki, and all that shiz. She had to leave Kaname at the end of the Vampire and Vampire Hunter war for her safety. For hundreds and thousands of year she was in hiding. Now she is forced to Cross Academy. How will her life turn ou...

  • Host Club's Ghoul (OHSHC Fanfic BoyxBoy)
    42.6K 1.4K 6

    Ouran Academy (also known as Ouran Elite Private Academy) is a prestigious private school located in Bonkyō, Tokyo, Japan. It is also a school which Shiro Taiga goes to but really doesn't fit in. Follow Shiro through his Academy adventures and meet the interesting people that he meets.

  • A House Is Not A Home. OHSHC Fanfic
    114K 5.8K 52

    Life is like a cave. Every sound echo's. Every movement shakes. Every image remains. Hibiki, a new transfer, has to toughen up and join the host club, or have the cave collapse in on itself. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 'Running. That's all I can do. To help the little ones. I care for them and only them. Must keep runn...

    Completed   Mature
  • { Ouran's Assassin }
    59.1K 2.2K 28

    Rin Fajioka is abnormal. . His parents gone. . With his parents gone hes forced to life with his aunt. . His aunt is important. So she had him trained . She saw emotions as a form of weakness. So she didnt allow them . Daggers later became his favorite weapon. Why? Because he lost 1 of his eyes to it. . He felt hopel...

  • King Sombra's Return
    616 24 8

    Matt is a kid with almost nothing left. Barely any family left. One friend. Only his smarts are left. Matts gave up on everything. That is until Matt finds himself in a strange land and learns of things he never thought he knew. Now, he finds himself fighting to survive, to protect the mysterious land, and to find the...

  • I'm here for you! Frostiron
    4.4K 160 2

    This is a romance fanfiction about tony and Loki (frostiron) I hope you enjoy it. Feel free to vote and leave comments! Thanks guys

  • Kiku (An Akame Ga Kill Fanfic)
    25.2K 997 21

    Kiku Akiyama is a 16-year-old, innocent girl with a happy life as a maid, working for a rich noble and his son. She's proposed to and her life brightens up even more...for a couple minutes. Her fiancé is killed and the culprit is Night Raid. She is recruited into the Jaegers where she vows revenge for her dead fiancé...

  • A Dance For The Eternal Skies {A Hunter X Hunter OC Fanfiction}
    16.4K 576 6

    What do you hear when the wind blows? Do you hear the crashing waves of the far-off ocean? The cries of the birds in the sky? The voices of people of ages past, lending aid to those who listen? Or the whispers of the breezes that protect you? Kiyoko Akiyama has had a connection with the elements ever since she could r...

  • Mr. Arrogant is a Sex Addict?!?!
    345K 4.1K 35

  • Incubus
    141K 5.2K 20

    Adrian had hunted Amélie for longer than he cared to admit. And that, coming from him, was saying something. Usually, he found no difficulty seeking out the girls he had been assigned and luring them in with his handsome figure and tantalizing smile. He was an Incubus, after all - a demon whose specialty was...

  • The New Creepypasta
    1.2K 42 10

    Emily was a girl who lost her parents. They died when there house was burned down somehow. At that time Emily was in the forest drawing and thats when she heard the news about her parents. She was now alone living in the forest. A forest were she was being watched by a faceless being. Will this being help her start he...

  • These Chains [DISCONTINUED]
    58.9K 2.4K 18

    After eight years, twins Dipper and Mabel Pines have finally returned to Gravity Falls to spend another summer with their Grunkle Stan. But something isn't quite right. Dipper has been having horrible nightmare and terrifying visions that he can't quite explain. He doesn't know what's wrong, but it might have somethin...

  • Loved toy
    198K 5.1K 15

    This is my first try ok???>~

  • mates (amimon X reader)
    87.3K 2.4K 7

    she was a normal girl except for the fact she could see demons she Grew to accept and care for the colourful creatures around her but what happens when she gets in to true cross academy and they realise she has received her temtaint (slow updates)

    336K 3.4K 16

    Read at your own risk! ----- Slenderman Ben Drowned Jeff The Killer Masky Hoodie Smile Dog Laughing Jack Eyeless Jack Homicidal Liu Lost Silver Ticci Toby Herobrine Etc... ----- Thanks for 131K Reads, really REALLY appreciate you all! Love you guys!

  • Bittersweet -Young Dracula Fanfiction
    15.5K 112 29

    Erin returned to Garside Grange, will she be accepted? Or rejected? But accidents soon follows, she is reduced to a life and death situation. She is faced to more than one hard choice. Vladimir Dracula has problems of his own. have a family over their own. And problems begin to start. Especially when Erin get pregnan...

  • Lestat De Lioncourt x Reader imagines
    15.8K 190 5

    Who wants Lestat x reader one-shots?!!? I don't know who! I just wrote some. I also edited the title....

  • The French vampire: a interview with the vampire fanfic
    48.1K 932 25

    Hello I am Marie De Loincourt. I am Lestat De Lioncourt's older sister. My story is a bit sad and very rare me being a vampire. I am Louis De Pointe Du Lac's lover. My story has be private and never exposed to the public like this. I wanted to release this on my own terms. This is my story of heart break, love, vict...

  • Star vs The Forces of Gravity Falls (SVTFOE AND GF CROSSOVER)
    34.6K 1.4K 55

    NOTICE! THIS STORY ISN'T COMPLETE NOR COMPLETELY EDITED! SOME PARTS MAY SUCK, BUT WHEN I AM DONE I WILL CLEAN EVERYTHING UP! Tom (demon ex boyfriend Tom) is furious. He had another chance to fix things with him and Star and failed all because of Marco Diaz. Thirsty for revenge he immediately makes a deal with Bill. S...

  • The Daughter of Bill Cipher (Cross-overs)
    1.4K 52 6

    Finally! I always wanted to create this, since it is my oc! You guys can determine who she falls in love with! And yes, She is really awesome! She travels through different portals, each landing in different places, like teen titans, wander over yonder, Ninja-Go, Heroes of Olympus, Star vs. the forces of evil, and man...

  • Taco one-shots
    3.5K 107 19

    Just read it already you ass(es) Art does not belong to me

  • Moon lies
    30.4K 1.1K 3

    Just my first tomco fanfic cuz there isn't enough. So Marco and star are chatting about how the ball went, they go to sleep and Marco gets an interesting wake up call...

  • Love spells, Safety kids, and fire demons
    79.3K 2.8K 11

    Tom uses a love spell that was meant for Star, but it backfired big time and ended up affecting Marco, instead, and Star is the only one who can fix it and reverse the spell!

  • Love, Hate, a Demon, and Fate (discontinued)
    10.4K 359 13

    When the Blood Moon decides that Marco and Tom are soul mates, they must work together to make it happen. They believe it to be a challenge, but maybe it's easier than they previously thought..... 2021 EDIT: I am 18+ now. Sorry to whatever 13 y/o reads this and likes it, but this is actually awful and one of the worst...