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  • Fate Fell Short
    25.9K 1.1K 32

    Rich, beautiful, loved and praised. Rich, ugly, hated and mocked. It took one mistake to turn Alex's life upside down; breaking up with the most popular boy in a prestigious highschool. Fate was cruel and hope seemed lost to her. When Jayden arrives to live with her for one year, a new hope sparks to life as she fin...

  • SO COLD (18+) currently editing
    1.3M 68.7K 160

    *** NEW AND IMPROVED *** With her father missing, Shay will do anything to get him back, even if that means teaming up with a cruel gang leader and his band of psychotic men. CHARACTER VIEWS DO NOT REPRESENT MY OWN. ***WARNING*** OFFENSIVE CONTENT AHEAD.

  • Wattpad's Best Romance Books (Book Two)
    6.6M 30K 453

    Looking for amazing books to read? Well look no further. You have come to the right place. If you think your book or anyone else's book deserves to be on the list, PM me the book and I will be sure to check it out. But for now be sure to Read, Comment, and Vote. ~ Katy Cover By: @springgfield

  • 12 am { ON HOLD }
    60.1K 2.1K 17

    He's the kind of sad who drinks, parties and smokes it all away. She's the kind of sad who reads, hides and uses sarcasm as protection. And when they meet out of chance, on a train ride home from the city, it's only just the beginning of the relationship no one ever thought could work - or rekindle. But hey, destiny...

  • The Bad Boy Comes To Town
    448 24 6

    The Bad Boy comes to town. Luke Brent is your typical Bad Boy and Rebel. He's very fit and very scary. He sleeps around and is a heart breaker as his type of girl is the easy and ready type. Emma Summers is your average girl. She's quiet, sweet but knows how to have fun. When Luke arrives at her school she detested h...

  • The Alpha Chose Me [EDITING]
    11K 159 27

    Avery has a hard life before she ran away. Her and her brother Trey escaped that horrid place and started a new life. Everything changed around when Avery met Jasper. She has to protect him. But how when he was constantley talking to her, and around her? •Cover made by @_MaxwellMoir• •Trailer by @Random_Clown•

  • Interviews With Epic Wattpad Authors
    7.4K 197 151

    On-going author interview book....if you're looking for a new book(any genre) this is where you can find tons of them. If you're interested in being added to this, PM me and I'll send you the interview questions. Enjoy!

  • The Watty Interviews
    2K 45 25

    Interviewing all unnoticed authors and some of your favourite ones as well! If you're interested in being interviewed, PM me! *If you want an interview, please answer all the questions, or I won't post it* <3

  • Alpha's Mate: The Pack Servant [EDITING]
    410K 8K 15

    Being the 'pack servant' was something Eleanor Tate got used to after she was rejected by her mate. She had always thought about running away but didn't have the heart to leave her mum behind so for five years she had to watch as the man who rejected her was with another woman. It wasn't until there was an rogue attac...

  • Secrets of a Woman (Student/Teacher)
    192K 6K 36

  • The Monster Inside Me
    949 38 12

    Nineteen year old, Kathryn Winters is a werewolf. Her entire pack was murdered. One day at the store she comes across a man who makes her react in ways she never thought was possible. Who is this mystery man? What will happen when she must finally make a choice, true love or revenge? Will she be able to keep both her...

  • Wanting Officer Barkley
    62.7K 1.9K 30

    Meet Officer Dylan Barkley, PA's finest cop, and also the best looking. What people don't know about him is the fact that he is a cowboy which makes him faster and all the other cops. He is known as the 'badass' cop, and every girl drools over him, but one night he arrests Riley Smith for prostitution and he makes a c...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Virgin Studies
    101K 1.3K 33

    Julie, Julie! You will not believe what happened to me!” Serafina yelled down the hallway as her silky blonde hair swayed from side to side. “What?” I asked, pushing my glasses further up my nose. “Hunter just asked me out!” She squealed. “Really?” I asked, trying to hide my disappointment. “Yes, really! We are go...

  • Watty Awards 2012 Interviews - Round Two
    9.1K 214 42

    Interviews with the showcase finalists of 2012.

  • His Touch
    36.5K 526 16

    Rayne Meyers, when people hear her name their first thought is the girl whose boyfriend died. Lucian Dubrinsky, peoples first thought is sexy tall brooding bad boy. So how do these two connect your gonna have to read to find out. Mature Content you were warned.

  • Nerds & Gangsters
    509K 8.5K 21

    Ivy Kenwood was a good girl. She never got into any sort of trouble, always paid attention in class and never had any sort of interactions with anyone 'bad' or remotely so. Kolt Ryder was the exact opposite; he always got into trouble, could care less about class or even showing up to school at times and was known as...

    Completed   Mature