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  • Wayfarer's Lamppost Book Club • Vol. 3
    4.5K 527 58

    Volume 3 • Beginning with Round 166 - 3 January 2021 Wayfarer's Lamppost Book Club is created in partnership with the Next Big Recognition Contest (NBR). Wayfarer's Lamppost Book Club is designed to complement the Next Big Recognition Contest by providing weekly feedback, resulting in the member's entire book being...

  • Wayfarer's Lamppost Book Club - Vol. 2
    7.9K 900 98

    Volume 2 - Beginning with Round 79 - February 22 - 28, 2019 Wayfarer's Lamppost Book Club is created in partnership with the Next Big Recognition Contest (NBR). Wayfarer's Lamppost Book Club is designed to complement the Next Big Recognition Contest by providing weekly feedback, resulting in the member's entire book...

  • The Riches Reviews
    305 45 8

    I am very happy to announce that we bring before u all the first ever book of ours....the Riches Book Reviews book!!!!!

  • 💀 𝓣𝓻𝓲𝓬𝓴𝓼𝓽𝓮𝓻'𝓼 𝓑𝓸𝓸𝓴 𝓡𝓮𝓿𝓲𝓮𝔀𝓼 💀
    316 32 5

    💀нєℓℓσ тнєяє ∂єαя яєα∂єя αη∂ ωяιтєя! 💀 💀ιƒ уσυ αяє ℓσσкιηg ƒσя α ƒιηєℓу συтѕρσкєη яєνιєω ση уσυя вσσк ℓιкє gяαммαя, αєѕтнєтι¢ѕ, вσσк ¢σνєя, ρℓσт, ¢нαяα¢тєяѕ αη∂ єт¢, тнєяєαƒтєя уσυ нανє ѕтυмвℓє∂ тσ тнє яιgнт ρℓα¢є! 💀

  • Silence Review Shop
    1K 11 1

    Status: Temporarily closed! This review shop aims to give you an in-depth review of your book including the pro's and con's. Why not hop in and fill a form?

  • Rainbow Reviews.
    4.1K 232 29

    If you are looking for honest reviews,opinion and constructive criticism for your books,then hop in readers,this is your place to be. Submit your books and wait for your turns to be reviewed. Nobody is perfect and so are we.We will try to point out the mistakes(if you have any) but feel free to correct us because we...

  • Book review
    9.2K 517 22

    To grow is to receive water. And that water for writers is feedback, No matter how short. Grow with us and send in your books 📚

  • Emma Golden Reviews
    2.9K 252 23

    (Review book to be opened again after three weeks) Feel free to request though. Totally honest reviews, tips for improvement, basic plot development, critiques. Do you know what else is amazing? It's completely free!!🙊 Do you know what else is also amazing?? If your book is good, I promote on my instagram story and...

  • Six Books Reviews
    847 57 14

    STILL OPEN!!! I have participated in so many awards as a judge. Also, my books have been submitted to many awards. So I think, I understand what's expected grammatically, plot-wise and the general outlook of how to arrange each chapter, plot-twists, drama to pick the interests of your readers and keep them glued to th...

  • LK's Reviews
    4K 139 65

    ***Reviews Closed Indefinetly*** Looking for a good book to read or want to know just how good yours is? You've come to the right place. Using my own patented rating system, based on the unforgiving and brutal grading standards in German law school, I will analyze your story and write a review. If you are looking for...

  • Nettie's Little Emporium Review Shop - CLOSED
    784 36 11

    Searching for honest, detailed feedback? Look no further! Here at Nettie's Little Emporium Review Shop, we cater to your every need. Minimal payments needed. Are you just starting out on Wattpad and your book only has ten views? Have you been here for years and have thousands of reads? No matter what numbers you've...

  • Sapphire's Review Store 💙
    60.4K 2.9K 200

    Hey there, gems! Are you looking for someone to review your work and provide helpful feedback so you can hone your writing skills? Well look no further! This is the place for you. We provide reviews and feedback to anyone who submits. All you need to do is fill out a simple form! [We are currently accepting review r...

  • Short Horror Stories
    527K 17.8K 53

    Prepare to indulge in your nightmares. Updated weekly. |Copyright.

  • Stranded - A Pirate's Tale - part 1
    61.4K 4.4K 61

    There is nothing worse for a pirate than dying on dry land. Except, maybe, swinging two feet above it. When their captain is imprisoned, facing the gallows, the men and women of the Lady Lesya's crew will try everything to break him out--even if it means fighting guards in ridiculous uniforms, bargaining with overwei...

  • Aqua Waters | ✔
    85.4K 5K 64

    "I don't even know, maybe I'm being friendly? Maybe I like the view from your yard? Maybe the grass is greener on the other side and I'm tasting a different color palette?" Nobody expected this other color palette to be one filled with the blues of her mermaid fin. Cover By: @Bitchmafia & Empressed_Otaku Thank you guy...

  • High Class | ✓
    716 35 32

    "How are we going to get out of this town?" Sleep filled Maple's voice. Her head lay in Staton's lap; slowly his fingers laced every red strand cascading down his thigh. A shallow sigh and a couple breaths later she sat up sitting on his lap leaning her head on his shoulder. Wrapping his arms around her. Cuddling into...

  • Onyxmuse Critiques!
    323 21 3

    Highest Achieved #182 in critique and #118 in review Just as the title says, I'm here to critique your stories just for the heck of it. If you're interested in an honest opinion, come right in with your defenses at bay for possible crushing (in a nice way mind you!) and see what I have to offer.

  • Like Lambs Led
    19.5K 2.4K 28

    [ Former Wattpad Picks: Editor's Choice] [2019 ONC Ambassador Pick] [Open Novella Contest Longlist] [Completed] Moriah Hanlon is a new, biracial girl in Pachuck, Oklahoma trying to come to terms with her twin sister's death while also adjusting to her mom's psychotic episodes. When a foreign exchange student goes mis...

  • The Unfamiliar Blurb Workshop (Closed Until Further Notice)
    252 19 4

    Do you want to make your blurb Unfamiliar to your own eyes? Do you sometimes look at your blurb and hate how it doesn't bring out the best in your book? Make the dreadful task of writing a blurb easy with my help because what's a story without compressing it into a paragraph or two while still keeping part of the stor...

  • Silent Night Awards 2019 (JUDGING FORMS ONLY)
    6.6K 338 16

    Silent Night Awards are for those who are undiscovered, or in other words, silent on the shelves of 'most popular'. This is a chance for the undiscovered gems on Wattpad to get known. Inside you will find a form for those of you who would like to participate and one for those of you who would like to help us find the...

  • Wayward: Fetching Tales from a Year on the Road
    329K 3.8K 26

    Wayward: Fetching Tales from a Year on the Road is a hilarious and heartfelt ride around the world, wherein the author eats dog, obsesses about chewing gum, gets stranded on an island, does dirty things, reveres rock n roll and muses about everything from death to Star Trek to the President Obama to jail time. Now ava...

  • The Deal with Dragons
    446K 15.6K 52

    Kevin isn't normal. Leah knows this ever since he started following her everywhere. But his weirdness goes beyond the usual. Because, as Leah soon discovers, Kevin isn't even human. Now, thanks to him, she's got to deal with dragons

  • First Impression
    1K 132 12

    Tessie's life has been pretty good, living alone with her mom and older sister ; no matter how much she disagrees , it's actually way better than what awaits her. When three people suddenly decides to become part of her life , Tessie is thrown into a world she never wanted. 1)Her lovely Dad 2)Her Prince : Daniel 3)He...