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  • Destined With Stranger (Completed)
    787K 12.7K 76

    Isang gabing pinagsaluhan ng dalawang taong hindi kilala ang isa't isa. What if mabuo ang isang gabing yun? Will they meet each other again in the future? Or they just forget what happened that night?

    3.7M 102K 52

    Pakibasa po muna ang book 1 before reading this :)

    14.1M 353K 83

    "Come on wifey. Ngumiti ka na diyan." Zach said to cheer me up pero walang effect e. "Sige na. I love you. I love you. I love you." "I love you too. And sorry.." I said. "It's nothing wifey. Come on let's dance." "Here?" "Why not? Don't you find it romantic?" He asked. "I do. Pero wala tayong tugtog." "Come on I'll si...

    14.4M 82.5K 91

    PUBLISHED UNDER LIB Printing Corp. Buy the book to read the full story @ P 129.25 pesos each book (there are four books). Check out their page for more info kung saang mga bookstores available and for more details. ALL FOUR BOOKS ARE OUT! YEYY! GRAB YOUR COPIES NAAAA! :) :) :) ...

  • Married To My Boss (published by Lifebooks)
    5.8M 54.5K 46

    EDITING.COMPLETE: Nakita ni Jamie Briana Cruz na may naghahalikan sa loob ng sasakyan sa labas ng kompanya kung saan siya nagtratrabaho. Pinagsalitaan niya ito at pinaalis. Paano na lang kung ang lalaki yun ay si Brent Ashton Mendrez ang soon to be BOSS at ASAWA niya. Tatakas ba siya o pakakasalan niya ito? The chara...

  • Perfect Mistake, (Published under Pop Fiction)
    12.1M 4.8K 2

    Published under Summit Media Pop Fiction Dylan and Sophia's first encounter might not be on the right foot as it involved beers, cigarettes and regrets. Sophia, mending a broken heart, made the worst mistake she had ever done her entire life, getting drunk and sleeping with a stranger. Months after, as Sophia tries to...

    Completed   Mature
  • I'm NBSB No More
    1M 12.5K 62

    COMPLETED. I'M 20 BUT STILL NBSB SEQUEL. "Hindi naman sa wala akong tiwala sa asawa ko. Wala lang akong tiwala sa mga nakapaligid sa kanya. At kahit na ang mag-asawa, naghihiwalay din. Paano kaya ang lovestory namin?" - Georgina

  • I'm 20 but still NBSB (Published)
    4.7M 41.5K 37

    PUBLISHED IN 2014 UNDER PRECIOUS PAGES CORP. ADAPTED TO TV5 WATTPAD PRESENTST IN 2015 Minsan, kahit gaano kaganda, kabait at katalino ang isang tao, hindi pa rin niya magawang maging masaya. May kulang pa rin sa buhay niyang "close to perfection" na. Georgina Agnes Steve, 20 years old, isa sa mga "almost perfect girl...

  • AILWAG Book2: His Promise [Published under Pop Fiction books]
    49.2M 1M 90

    It seems like everything is falling into place para kina Kurt at Gail. They have a baby on the way, suportado sila ng barkada at pamilya nila, and they're very much in love, with Kurt promising Gail that he will never leave her side. Pero hindi gano'n kadali ang buhay at minsan, may mga mangyayarin bagay na hindi inaa...

  • AILWAG Book 3: Change Of Fate [Completed]
    49.6M 931K 96

    Theirs is a story that started all wrong. In fact, it's started with an accidental kiss with a gangster. After so many tragedies, tila hindi kampi kina Gail at Kurt ang tadhana kaya napilitan silang layuan ang isa't-isa. But years later, a chance encounter changes everything. Do accidents and chance encounters really...

  • BOOK1: Accidentally In love With A Gangster [Published under Pop Fiction]
    107M 2.2M 101

    Now published under Pop Fiction, an imprint of Summit Books. P195, Taglish Part 1 Theirs is a story that started all wrong. Naglayas si Gail sa bahay nila sa Manila, looking forward to spending the best summer of her life in the quiet town of Sitio Maligaya. Ang hindi niya alam, gang leader Kurt agreed to a mission na...

  • How To Attract A Playboy
    411K 8K 35

    ---------------------------------------- (I revenged on a Playboy BOOK 2) I have fallen inlove in this guy--- not an ordinary guy yet a PLAYBOY. We became as a COUPLE but we ended as an EX. Who knows how much I really want to have him back so I came up in this kind of Operation. And that is... HOW TO ATTRACT A PLAYBOY

  • I Revenged On A Playboy
    711K 11.9K 65

    [COMPLETED] They say KARMA is sweeter than REVENGE but in my version, I am the SWEETEST and I am his KARMA. ----------------------------------- For Softcopy --->

    Completed   Mature
    4.8K 121 1

    Kung hindi mo alam ang makahulugang ibig sabihin ng dalawang letrang "ZL"... wag ka ng mag-aksaya pa na basahin ang nilalaman dahil malilito at maguguluhan ka lang. So sa mga ZLover dyan, request granted! ♥ Sana magustuhan nyo =)

  • Seducing Mr. Pervert (Published Under PSICOM)
    8.1M 86K 74

    Published under PSICOM. Grab a copy! A desperate woman makes a deal with a heartless yet oozingly hot and attractive man and sets out on a mission to seduce and break his heart. Kent Hannah Forbes was just an ordinary college student whose IQ was below average. Her life revolves around her family and friends-that is...

  • Seducing Mr. Pervert 2: Still Into Him
    374K 9.5K 27

    If you thought you totally got over with him, think twice, because maybe you're still into him. © August 2014 Seducing Mr. Pervert Season 2 G5 Series

    53.7K 453 2

    Seducing Mr. Pervert's Epilogue and Bed Romance's chapter 47. Para sa mga taong mabubuwisit na sa salitang PRIVATE.

    2.5M 28.1K 54

    He was broke, and so was she. He was looking for answers, she was longing for love. They were both lost in life that time. They found themselves in each other's arms, literally. A one night stand changed their lives. Will it be for the better? Or will it only make things worse? Find out as you read the story.

    Completed   Mature
  • League Of The Broken Hearts
    534K 6.3K 88

    Kung sakaling bumaliktad ang mundo at mangibabaw ang mga babaeng gangsters, gugustuhin mo pa bang mabuhay sa mundong 'yan? Kung sakaling mabuhay ka.. Err.. malamang ang bagsak mo mental hospital na. XD Ito ang kwentong magpapa-sakit ng tyan n'yo kakatawa at mag-e-exercise ng mga pantog n'yo kakaihi sa kilig. Broken...

    6.4M 73.5K 52


  • Married to a Gangster[Dreame]
    953K 13.9K 53

    Nagsimula ang lahat sa isang gabing pagkakamali, one sinful night that led her to the dark mysterious passage to a gangster's past. How will she deal with guns if she can't run away from the bullets? How will she be able to create one good future if her husband is chained to the dark past? Ano ang laban ni Lorraine ku...

    Completed   Mature
  • When I Meet Mr. Playboy and Mr. Tahimik (ongoing)
    167K 3.6K 79

    Life is all about moments.. And how they change our lives forever.. It's these moment's that become our history.. Like our own personal greatest hits of memories; That we play and replay in our minds over and over again.. But what if one day you can no longer remember any of them?