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  • He is different. (Exo Kai){COMPLETED}
    274K 8.2K 33

    A girl who is afraid of men after an incident which occurred some years ago.A guy who seems different than the others.Will this encounter change her? ©All right Reserved @AnsbkGc Please do not plagiarize or copy the storyline.

  • The Lovers:Markson
    35.6K 1.5K 10

    Mark & Jackson Markson (Had to rewrite as it had deleted by mistake)

  • I Never Knew You Existed ( Exo Kai Fanfiction) COMPLETED
    359K 10.5K 23

    I regret everything.. I regret not doing anything..

  • Falling In Love With a Stalker || kim jongin
    707K 21.9K 43

    Song Jaerim. A girl who has nothing but her education and her dreams. She's very beautiful girl but she doesn't know how pretty she is. Unlike any other girls, she doesn't like all the girly stuffs and all the cosmetic on her face. She's contented with all the things she has in life. She maybe alone- no friends, her f...

  • Kai & Taemin (a kaimin love story)
    3.1K 67 4

    Kai and Taemin realize the feelings they have for each other when they are at Kais house working on choreography.

  • Kai and Kyungie Story
    180 1 7

    Kai and Kyungie are now married to each other now. Kyungie and Kai are going to have their honeymoon coming up soon. Kim Kyungie is now pregnant, the married couple can't wait until the baby is born they will make a perfect family.

  • U Got Me: A MarkSon story
    45.2K 1.9K 11

    "As Mark entered he saw his roommate sitting with a group of four other boys all extremely good looking. But the one who caught his eye was the one being fed by a tall blonde haired boy. Their eyes met for a minute before Mark realized he was staring and quickly got in the line but his gaze kept falling onto the short...

    361K 9K 24

    i love potatoes

  • My Arrange Marriage with EXO-K's Sehun
    482K 11.7K 37

    What happens when the head of bully marries the victim?

  • Oh sehun ❤️
    405K 11K 31

    PROLOGUE: Him. Me. Us. After Hana's father passed away, she was never the same again. Pretending that everything was okay when it wasnt. She would go home, cry and slit her wrist everyday without anyones knowledge. Oh sehun. Cold hearted boy. He was a mysterious boy, no body knowing why he was cold hearted. When...

  • Violent Kiss (TaeKai)
    15K 605 19

    Creatures like them shouldn't feel something other than anger and hate. Coz they were made from the darkness. Made by the darkness and made for the darkness. So something like love shouldn't be felt by them. Shouldn't be shared nor even talk about. Something made from the light. Made by the light and made to give ligh...

  • Married to EXO Sehun
    534K 9.4K 44

    [COMPLETED]Is about a girl who she meet Sehun and they both married each other. Read it to find out on how they both meet up got married have kids etc... With lots of hardship, here comes, happy ending.

  • If We Ever Meet Again. ( Exo Chanyeol Fanfiction )
    388K 11.9K 21

    The only mistake I did in life was saying " I Do." Was it really a mistake?

  • Mark's Bad Attitude (Markson Fanfic)
    417K 18K 15

  • My Brother(Exo Luhan Fanfiction)
    500K 12.5K 53

    Zimin And Luhan Are Siblings But You Are Not Blood Related Because When Luhan Was 6,His Parents Decided To A Adopt A Daughter,When Zimin Was 8 And Luhan Is 14 Your Parents Got Into A Accident,You Both Lived Together...And Something Grew In To Love...REAL LOVE...

  • In A Relationship With Chanyeol of Exo
    1.9M 73.6K 32

    Who wouldn't want to be in a relationship with this derp? Be with me through this journey and be a witness in our love story. © All Rights Reserved @thanks4dbrokenheart

  • Fangirl - Exo Kai Fanfiction COMPLETED
    706K 18.1K 38

    Aria was sent to Seoul, South Korea together with her bestfriend, Ella as exchange students. They're big fans of Exo which surprisingly had an opportunity to meet them. This is a story of how fangirls meet their idols and eventually fall in love with one of them.

  • It Started With a Kick (Luhan One Shot + Sequel)
    186K 5.6K 36

    A unique love story that started with a kick. LUHAN of EXO

  • The Boys (EXO)
    711K 18.5K 41


  • {The Deal} {Exo Kai}
    329K 5.6K 41

    A deal. Thats it. When that hot guy Jongin asked for a love deal with you. What will happen? Will your life finally take a massive turn from the present?

  • Star67 « Ziall
    257K 14.2K 25

    "He's the type of boy who has the power to take your heart and shatter it into a million pieces and take every organ out of your body and empty your veins onto the bathroom floor but damn if you ever get the chance to be held I swear you will never feel more full."

  • My husband (EXO Chanyeol fanfic)
    3.4M 65.3K 65

    Choi Hana has an arranged marriage with EXO's Chanyeol. They will act out like real lovers while Hana's mom is in Korea. While acting out, one of them will realize how important is each other.

  • Sugar Coated Luhan
    315K 7.5K 55

    You are Jjeolbae, a nonchalant girl but a cool person inside. You met Luhan who is a kind one at first, but then, when you became close to him, He really is boastful and proud. Will you become enemies with him? Or is it the other way? Find out ;) Please do not plagiarize. If any works are similar to this,please inform...

  • [EXO FANFIC] High School Life with My Husband,Oh Sehun
    201K 3.7K 19

    Do you know that feeling where you fall for someone you don't want to love. Well, that's the situation that I'm in. I used to think that love was a 4-letter word that messes with people's emotions. It was just a word boys use to get into girls pants. I didn't believe in love, until I met him.....This is your typical c...

  • Unforgettable (a B.A.P fan fiction)
    10.3K 309 12

    Lerie Reyes' life has been messed up, and even more so when she sees a boy in the streets of Seoul December 2011. And now she can't forget that him. She doesn't even know his name but she knows one thing for sure... she feels something for him, that she's never felt for anyone else. When they meet a second time, she k...

  • FATE [Park Chanyeol fanfic]
    98.6K 2.7K 16

    Her life already remained as a hell, and it became worst. Cruelty, brutal and sorta ruthless was all she looked. Only a guy came into her life in reason to be her friend, and she don't really know how to react. She's already common with her life with no one along her side except her father. At last, her life became to...

  • In A Relationship With Suho of Exo
    2.1M 71.9K 31

    You called me a slut. Now why are you taking me back? © All Rights Reserved @thanks4dbrokenheart

  • In love with the jerk?! // Sehun
    820K 24.6K 32

    There is your best friend, there is the jerk and ... there is the dare. The dare. What if it overturns? But, before that could happen, you will have to be ... In love with the jerk?!

  • A Flower In the Ocean
    125 4 1

    Luhan was happy with EXO, it wasn’t the fairytale he had thought it would be during his trainee days but he was happy nonetheless. “Why, Luhan? Why would you do that?” Kyungsoo question was saturated with tears and mild hysteria, and it was echoed in Luhan’s own heart. He could only look at Kyungsoo as he dissolved in...