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  • The Innocent Omega
    914 68 1

    Here is the story of the final breaths of the innocent omega, who was only guilty of smiling until she bled. Contains cussing

  • Alpha Queen [1] ✓
    6.1M 216K 28

    "Who was your first kiss?" Ares asked very seriously and my face started reddening. "I. . . I haven't been kissed. Yet." I stuttered and looked away, not having the courage to meet his eyes and admit this. "Why not?" Why was he asking me this? "You obviously know why. I'm average, I'm just a normal girl." I was interr...

  • After All
    117K 2.6K 7

    Jackson and Allysa. A perfect combination. They were a perfect couple from a perfect families. But as the saying goes "There is no such thing as a perfect relationship." Feeling betrayed, Jackson left her without saying goodbye with full of hatred. He told himself not to trust her, ever again. _______________ Allysa's...

  • All This Time
    138K 3.4K 6

    Sequel to After All (Book #2) She's a model... He's a business man... She loved Noah so much but he chose to break her heart. He loved Sofia so much but chose his career over her. This is the story of A SECOND CHANCE between two wounded soul. Note: This is only an excerpt. You can view the full stoey on Dreame app.

  • I Do It For Avory
    342K 9.5K 20

    Eighteen year old Sophia adores her one year old son Avory. She makes sure that he has everything before she begins to worry about herself. But the one thing that Avory doesn't have that Sophia can do nothing about is a father. Avory's father ditched the scene when Sophia told him she was pregnant at the young age of...

  • Getting To Know The Bad Boy
    3.9M 90.3K 27

    Hayden Marvel. Trey Parker. Total opposites. Hayden is sweet and innocent, and everyone who knows her just loves her. Trey is the star basketball player and hottest guy in the school, with a rep for being the bad boy since he's constantly stirring up trouble. But then, a masked dance at their school, the unlikely d...

  • 25 Days
    60.4K 1.6K 26

    It hurts when the person that made you feel special yesterday, make you feel so unwanted today. I've learned that break up is like a broken mirror, It's better to leave it broken than hurt yourself trying to fix it and I also learned not to trust too much, love too much, care too much, because too much will hurt me...

  • His Possession {Major editing}
    4.1M 113K 55

    "I don't want to go with you" I whispered... Big mistake. I screamed as he slammed me down to the ground hard and held my neck, he straddled my hips hovering over me and growled in my ear making me whimper. "You are mine do you understand? Mine. And I will have you to myself which means you are going to join me and...

    Completed   Mature
  • Alone Until I Met You (Completed)
    1.4M 54.5K 32

    She has survived. For twenty years she has been running through the woods with the sole purpose of finding a pack that will take her in. Only problem is that no pack in their right minds would take in a scrawling unmated weakling like her. However, what she lacks in strength she makes up with determination. She is set...

  • Trapped with an Arrogant Bad Ass [ WA WINNER '13] ✔
    9.2M 265K 27

    Currently being rewritten for publishing. DISCLAIMER: This book is OTT ridiculous. I was 16 while writing it and knew nothing about writing. I've left it for nostalgic purposes and because I know that the fandom would take ME down if I took this story DOWN. I'm 24 now and my writing skills have improved TREMENDOUSLY s...

  • Heart Break
    242K 10.4K 10

    Well after the year she was supposed to go to the palace to find her mate, Kathleen finally arrives. Only, she's a chaperone for her younger sisters. By a twist of fate, with Kathleen run into her mate who she knows has finally move on?

  • Promise
    803K 24.2K 25

    In a freezing cold winter day, Promise never thought that she would end up having her car tire pop right outside her old pack's border line. She would never imagined that she would once again see the people who have caused so much pain and sadness in her. She would never imagined that her parents and siblings would fa...

  • The Alphas Unknown Daughter | ✓ (Rewritten)
    32.3M 828K 30

    COMPLETED Two teenagers, a party and the unmistakeable mate pull, but what happens when it follows with a steamy night and a rejection the next day? Then only a month later, you discover a surprise which would change your life forever? In Lara's case, she decides to keep her baby a secret only to accidentally bump i...

  • A Bad Boy Stole My Bra- SAMPLE
    104M 2.6M 44

    A BAD BOY STOLE MY BRA is published and no longer available on Wattpad. It is available in multiple languages, including English, French, German, Italian and Indonesian as paperback and e-book internationally. It is also available as an adaptation on the app Episode - 'It Started With a Bra.' This copy has the first 3...

  • Ex-Wife of a Billionaire: BOOK 2
    5.2M 186K 35

    In order to read this book, read "One Night Stand with a Billionaire" first. This story is continuation of it. ---------- Being separated from her life and forced to be someone else, Kaley starts her life far from Blake, in London. She hasn't forgotten about her name and the one that forced her to abandon it while hop...

  • Breaking The Bad Boy (Completed)
    56.8M 1.9M 74

    Ashley Martin has been through more grief than a person experiences in their entire life and carries baggage that no kid should ever entail. Tyler Miller is the school's scandalous bad boy who acts on impulse, blinded rage and will single-handedly destroy anybody who stands in his way. Then all of a sudden, they're th...

  • Kidnapped By An Alpha Jerk
    24.8M 508K 79

    April Evans: Your average teenage girl, living a regular, boring life. Lame and socially awkward with a witty and sarcastic sense of humor that she prefers to keep to herself. Aiden Knight: 18, likes to get drunk and high, a new girl every night, has a heart of stone, and is a player and total jerk. What happens...

  • The Good Girl & The Badass (Editing)
    2.5M 80.6K 40

    Charlotte Smith is: -Sarcastic (very) -Strange (most of the time) -A good girl (most definitely) Andrew Kingsley on the other h...