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  • The Taming Of The Sapphire (BWWM)
    1.2M 60.2K 57

    Ruby Jean Baskerville is a twenty-two year old hot head that takes no bullshit from anyone. Especially those with a white face. She's mean, she's rude, and no one can tame that sassy mouth of hers. Or can they? Grant Augustus feels he's up to the task when his younger brother begs him to ask her out on a double date s...

    Completed   Mature
  • Afterglow (BWWM)
    698K 32.4K 29

    "I've come to discuss your side of the deal we made earlier." He sat on the bench, his towel wrapped tightly around his waist. "Okay, what you got for me?" Here goes. If I didn't get it out now, I never will. "I want you to teach me how to be sexy." Allison (Ally) is tired of being overlooked by the opposite sex. E...

  • Prove It
    1.4M 32.5K 37

    Sierra knew Tristan was the one from the first day she laid eyes on him. He had light brown hair, the most unbelievable green eyes; he was tall and muscular, and white. But none of that mattered. She had it bad. But it was only a high school crush. Right? He watched her for years but nothing prepared Tristan for th...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Untitled Girl
    1M 23.6K 34

    Follow the story of Luciana Esther Carter who is just another girl conditioned by the "she is better than me" mentality that plagues so many young females in the 21st century. If you'd like to support me you can always buy the book on Amazon or write a review (to help push it to a wider audience):

  • A Good Girl's Guide To Dating
    5.6M 2.6K 3

    He's fun, alluring and has great taste in music. He's perfect. There's only one problem...he sleeps with other women for a living. The daughter of a wealthy, black pastor meets a charming stranger. Their chance encounter hurtles them down a path that blurs the lines between convention and transgression, bliss and bet...

  • The Infinity Trilogy
    1.4M 65.3K 70

    Lola Dawson had always been the good girl, had always been loved by everyone, and had never gotten into any kind of trouble. She had been happy and normal for her entire life. That all changed on her eighteenth birthday. Everything that made up her life was pulled away from her in an instant while sitting at schoo...

  • Down Chick
    5.1M 128K 47

    At the age of sixteen Lakeisha Moss was abandoned by her mother and left to fend for herself on the streets. Within days she's taken in by Ambrianna. During her stay with Ambrianna, Lakeisha is taught the difference between real women and fake women, the difference between a ho and a house wife. She's taught more tha...

  • What the Heart wants (BWWM) | Wattys2016
    882K 6.1K 8

    Elizabeth Brooks Sam's restaurant, LA "With love comes happiness and heartache. If it's done right, it'll be worth the entire trauma and the pain. If it's done wrong, it will stay with you forever. "Remember, you can love a fool or let a fool love you, but never let love fool you. You are stronger than you think...

    Completed   Mature
  • Crush, No, Crushed
    4.3M 29.7K 52

    Love confessions change everything. But not with Ruth and her best friend, Les. When Ruth finally plucks up the courage to tell him that she is in love, he rejects her then pretends it never happened! As Ruth tries to get over him and find a life for herself she discovers that Les might have lied - about more things t...

  • The Billionaire's Secret (BWWM) | finished. |
    2.8M 80.1K 33

    Cassandra Ellis: A young African American woman working in the fast paced life surrounding Chicago. Just graduating from university, she receives her dream job but sooner or later she gets fired from that same exact job. Thinking the world is going to end, Cassandra suddenly finds a newspaper offering a job that sui...

    Completed   Mature
  • Stay With Me
    255K 11.3K 54

    Everything we overcame would be for nothing. The pain we endure would be for nothing and you know it... Just stay with me, cause you're all I need. Through it all you're the only one keeping me from letting go. If I lose you, I'll lose myself...

  • Too Obvious
    239K 6.9K 16

    Growing up and visiting her grandmother in North Carolina during her summer vacations, Lauren didn't realize the difference between her and Jackson Hess, the son of the family her grandmother worked for as a nanny and housekeeper. But as they grow older and come into their own can they continue to deny the obvious? (...

  • Sinful Infatuation
    1.1M 24.1K 22

    **Contains mature content** There's a reason why the wicked have more fun... She's a lawyer to be. He's a high-profile mob boss. For all intents and purposes, they really shouldn't have even crossed paths. But when Jourdain and Matteo meet, a wicked passion ignites between the two. But can she turn a blind eye to h...