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  • Stranger Things X Reader
    15.1K 436 5

    You've just moved to Hawkins and you know no one. Could this be the opportunity to make friends with Mike, El, Lucas, Max, Dustin and Will? (Based after the events of Stranger Things Season 2)

  • Stranger Things Imagines and Preferences
    157K 2.6K 19

    Just some imagines and preferences of all the kids of Stranger Things!. Feel free to send in requests!

  • Minecraft Diaries One Shots
    47.3K 677 20

    Why because I can. Everyone is allowed Even Zane and Zenix :3 Male and fem x readers because we all awesome!

  • Venturian tale boyfriend scenerios
    13.2K 337 21

    Wanna read a scenerio of your crush? You may wanna read this story! :3

  • silent dawn
    82 2 2

    (silent hill and until dawn) Sam has been having bad dreams about Hanna and beth but what happens when a man tells her there still alive and she just has to do one thing . save a girl