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  • Tipsy
    208K 9.2K 24

    Hallie cannot stand her new roommate-the arrogant brother of her bestie's fiancé. That is... until she learns they share some seriously kinky fantasies. Turns out bartending isn't Mikah's only skill. *** Mulligan Series: Book #2 This book CAN be read as a standalone. *** 🔞 Rated R • 18+ Only 🔥 Mature Sexual Content...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Summer of Wild (The Summer Series, Book 1)
    55.5K 6.3K 38

    *COMPLETED* When Ingrid Winthrop's boyfriend, Cash, ditches her the summer before college, she embarks on the summer of a lifetime with his best friend, Wilder. --- Wilder Cox has always been the third wheel in Cash and Ingrid's star-written romance. But when Cash's dad offers to pay for a backpacking trip the summer...

    Completed   Mature
  • Love Taylor (Firsts Series, Book 6)
    56.6K 1K 5

    ***SAMPLE*** Taylor Thompson is ready to pop the question to his long-time girlfriend, Sarah. But when he finds her in a compromising position with his roommate, all his best-laid plans go out the window. Resolved to help him get over his heartache, his mom suggests he reconnect with an old childhood pen pal by writi...

    Completed   Mature
  • I Accidentally Summoned a Demon
    4.8M 30.8K 9

    "I know you're a virgin but have you never been touched?" He asked, sliding his other hand down onto her leg. "What makes you say that?" Kat breathed, bracing her hands on the counter. "You react like someone who's never felt another's touch," Nex whispered, slipping his thumb under the band of her shorts. "So, have...

    Completed   Mature
  • Greater Than All [removed for now] Torth #6
    11K 190 4

    6th book in the Torth series. The previous five books will be posted on RoyalRoad @AbbyBabble and also on Patreon. For continuity, start with Majority. ✴ ✴ ✴ ✴ ✴ Thomas and Ariock are unstoppable. They conquer cities and planets, bringing freedom to the galaxy. But their victories come at an increasing cost. Su...

  • The Upside of Falling Back To You
    159K 4.8K 59

    It's been seven years since Asteria Martin and Ronan Easton ended their four year, on-and-off relationship, seven years since Ronan wrote and performed the song that shot him to superstardom, and seven years since Asteria and Ronan actually properly spoke for the last time. And now, seven years later, it was time for...

  • Overdrive | ✓
    272K 12.5K 47

    After a one night stand in Monaco between a fallen from grace championship surfer and an up and coming Formula One star, the two are sure they'll never see each other again...but what happens in Monaco doesn't always stay in Monaco. [extended summary inside] [cover design by Taylor Hale | @solacing] copyright 2020-20...

    Completed   Mature
  • Stripping For The Alpha King
    5.1M 184K 74

    Keiko is an average college student by day. But, by night she is Chastity, one of the favorite dancers in her strip club. Her life is as ordinary as it can be when your a part time stripper. Late nights dancing, early mornings preparing for tests, and ramen. Lots of ramen. Then, Ajax comes along. He's demanding and en...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Nanny
    187K 27.3K 54

    A mistaken identity, a desperate bargain between two single parents, and a chance to find love again. ***** When Paige Johnston takes a promotion overseas and her nanny quits on her last minute, she's in a bind. After posting...

    Completed   Mature
  • Earth Is Mine
    531K 42.5K 42

    (Sequel to Plutonian) Aria's actions have created a rift in the Plutonian empire. The universe is divided and the fight for power has never been more apparent. Although successful, Aria doesn't know that everything that has happened so far has all been a part of a much larger plan and she is nothing but a pawn in a g...

  • Plutonian
    2.2M 152K 81

    [THIS STORY IS FREE WITH EXCLUSIVE BONUS CONTENT] A fake relationship, a diabolical plan and a threat to the human race. The only thing that ties them together is an eighteen year old girl's choice, that could change the course of everything. *** Every year five hundred children are abducted from planet Earth and ta...

  • Ava's Choice (Firsts Series, Book 4) - PUBLISHED
    112K 2.1K 8

    ***SAMPLE*** When tragedy strikes, Ava Thompson finds herself grieving in her dad's basement. That is, until he reminds her fate's given her a second chance at life. Determined not to waste whatever time she has left, Ava packs her bags for sunny San Diego to finish off her final semester of college. There she befrien...

  • Death's End
    11.3K 513 41

    📘 BLURB Is it create a world where people will live forever? A world where you and I no longer fear death? Zenvix Nighvicto, prince to the fallen nation of conquerors, knows the answer. Beset by the loss of his homeland, he sets out on a quest with his unruly retainer Yurisviel Yaleheart and the...

    Completed   Mature
  • Carnival Souls
    156K 17.7K 71

    COMPLETED: 2019 Watty Award Winner in Fantasy Every night she plays...and every night they come... Lira is a violinist by nature and a performer by imprisonment. Stolen as a child by a malevolent wraith and trapped in the Spirit World, Lira now spends her days playing the very music that seduced her in the first place...

  • THE END OF WAR (Watty Award Winner)
    99.2K 8.7K 88

    A secret program in the United States seeks to replace human militaries with artificial intelligence-driven machines, but the machines aren't so willing to play along. *** Picture a world where humans no longer fight wars. No more families missing loved ones. No more veterans with lifelong mental and physical scars. N...

  • Verath the Red (Dragonwall Series #3)
    1.8M 140K 55

    Claire fights to prepare herself to fulfill an Unbreakable Promise made in the heat of the moment. A spontaneous adventure north, a catastrophic attack upon Dragonwall, and a surprising realization, all culminate into the perfect storm, bringing Claire and Talon together under unexpected circumstances. When Claire an...

  • Reyr the Gold (Dragonwall Series # 2)
    2.6M 212K 60

    After fulfilling an Unbreakable Promise, Claire finally accepts her new life in Dragonwall. She has discovered a new purpose--one she created for herself to save Dragonwall. It is her destiny to defeat Kane, that much is certain. What isn't certain, is how she will achieve this end. Powerful magic courses through her...

  • Talon the Black (Dragonwall Series # 1)
    5.5M 363K 66

    When a wounded dragon falls from the sky, Claire Evans runs into a cornfield to rescue it. This isn't just any dragon, he's a shifter, one of six royal protectors, and helping him has consequences. Claire finds herself traipsing--or rather, flying--across the kingdom of Dragonwall. She must face Dragonwall's king. Kin...

  • The Midnight Watch
    112K 7.8K 40

    Sav saw her brother die. When his murderers escape unpunished, she wants justice, and the only way to get it is to join the Moon Guard, an elite order trained to keep the peace. She endures a crash-course in fighting alongside twenty-three other hopefuls. Only five of them will make the cut. Meanwhile, the thirteen fa...

  • Empire of Ashes
    689K 41.8K 100

    Lyra learns the cost of war in a single, life-altering afternoon. Her homeland has been invaded by an ambitious new king, and she has lost everything -- her farm, her family and her will to live. Enslaved and shackled, she is marched off to serve Temris Ragnyrsbane, a ruthless warlord in the pay of the enemy. But Temr...

  • Love Bitez
    14.2K 644 5

    WARM BODIES meets THE BREAKFAST CLUB meets ZOMBIELAND in this YA apocalypse story full of fluff, comedy and humans biting back. ✿ "When I imagined my high school crush would be dying to eat me, this wasn't exactly what I had in mind." ✿✿ Ava Sterling never expected she'd be the one solution to the zombie apocalypse...

  • Yes, Sirs (Book 1 of Desire's Den)
    53.3M 1.2M 153

    "You were ours from the second we saw you," he stated as if I didn't have a choice in it, and the truth was, I didn't need to because he was right. I was theirs, but what they didn't know was that they were mine too. ...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Benefits of Sexting
    14.9M 510K 53

    Danny's life gets turned upside down when she receives a mysterious sext from the school's notorious bad boy. ***** Danny Ashmore never imagined starting her senior year off with a broken heart and a pregnant sixteen-year-old sister. As her sister's...

  • Cut To The Bone
    711K 35.8K 50

    Azima Rousseau, a demon hunter destined to save her world from the denizens of the Underworld, has to venture through the Seven Levels of Hell in order to face its Prince and close the rift between their worlds once and for all. ***** Ever since her ei...

  • The Captain's Beloved
    58.2K 6.1K 37

    A Regency era courtesan gives up her empire for love and discovers how truly binding her connections are to the noblemen she used to serve. ***** In the sequel to Courtesan of War, Rose sails across the Atlantic to find the navy captain wh...

  • Reasons to Live | ✔
    2.9M 77.3K 56

    After an incident three months ago and her parent's divorce, Reina Caverly finds a way to cope: cutting herself. Her mother's a workaholic, her sister is an out of control teenage girl, and her dad disappeared from the face of the planet. She can't even tell her two best friends, Joshua and Megan, about her problems...

    Completed   Mature
  • A Grace of Crowns | ☑ Queenkiller, Kingmaker #1
    942K 68.2K 80

    ❖ QUEENKILLER, KINGMAKER Book 1 ❖ Feudal Southeast-Asia filled with magic, daemons, and a royal conspiracy. This is Isla's quest for the truth, and her slow spiral into becoming her very own worst nightmare. When the gods ascended thousands of years ago, they left behind the divine gift of theurgy. Its powers still ec...

  • Night of Secrets (Night of Secrets #1)
    4.1K 971 18

    Another year, another three letters to write and never send. Since freshman year, Adeline Stargate has made it a tradition to write letters to each of her three friends telling them what she hated the most about them that school year. After her junior year, she decides this is a tradition that needs to end and is set...

  • Courtesan of War
    169K 11.2K 33

    A 19th century London courtesan agrees to a phony courtship with a navy captain and finds herself negotiating uncharted territory outside the boudoir. ***** The year is eighteen-thirteen. The place is London. Mistress Rosalind Hayes is a courtesan...

  • Winners Don't Have Bad Days (Watty 2020 Winner, Romance)
    117K 7.7K 43

    ||Also on YONDER ! || When a total stranger knows what eats you, maybe they are your one true love. Even if you don't know it yet. || On Friday the 13th, two twenty-something, Daya and Mike, end up in a mutually beneficial arrangement: she is his caregiver after he breaks his foot; he provides room&board to help her o...