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  • Falling For The Stripper
    10K 344 16

    Jasmine is a stripper at a club and she is the breadwinner of her relationship with her longtime boyfriend Miles. Miles does seem to want to get any work or take College seriously. What happens when she and Julian cross paths on a fateful day and he can't take his eyes off her.. +17 Years and above (Mature)

  • My Brother's Best Friend
    65.8K 1.8K 30

    Amelia is 20 when she moves in with her brother in woodlands. What she didn't expect was to meet his best friend Mason a serial player. She wants nothing to do with him and she avoids him at all costs. What will happen as the two starts living together and knowing each other more? Will Amelia keep her boundaries since...

  • The Prostitute and The Painter
    33.6K 1K 31

    Olivia is a prostitute, she is judged harshly by society and is seen as a vile person not worth anything. Her life is going down the drain until she meets Lucas, a Painter who comes and turns her life around, they are from two different worlds, what happens when he introduces her to his world? She is not used to his...