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  • Seeking Redemption
    1.4K 58 9

    ***A Tales of Symphonia Fanfiction.*** After Dawn of the New World. Lloyd is a branded man. He is blamed for things that he did not do. Even after his name has been cleared, it still manages to strike fear and terror across Sylvarant. When the pain becomes too much, where will he turn? What lengths will he go to? Ra...

  • Love's Many Forms
    1.5K 42 4

    These are Midna X Link oneshots. Twilight Princess/Hyrule Warriors Era(s). These are the current oneshots: We Meet Again: Midna regrets breaking her only connection to Link. But when an evil sorceress attacks her kingdom, a familiar princess offers her the opportunity to see him again. But this Hero isn't her Wolfie...

  • Shadow of the Hero
    1.3K 75 9

    Sequel to Courage is the Gift I Offer. Colin is left alone in Hyrule Castle. Link, the Hero, has chosen The Twilight Realm and its Princess over Hyrule and Princess Zelda. Colin's trainer in the sword, Fenwa, is given direct orders from Zelda to go to the Gerudo desert and find the people there. Colin's father, Rusl...

  • Courage is the Gift I Offer
    16.7K 577 21

    ***A Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Fanfiction (With some Ocarina of Time)*** When Midna broke the mirror, she did not think of the problems it would cause. She became stuck in time and space, because the portal broke before she completed her travel to the Twilight Realm. When she wakes up in Hyrule Field, she h...

  • From Darkness Born
    36.6K 1.6K 28

    ***A Teen Titans fanfic*** "The woman who had carried me for nine months was among the dead. My father didn't care. He's the one that killed her." Life has always been difficult for Raven. Her powers themselves are a curse. When she met the Titans, she suddenly felt as if she had the ability to be good. Then, one of...

  • Rising Phoenix
    4.5K 215 11

    ***An Avatar the Last Airbender Fanfiction*** The world changed when the Fire Nation attacked. It was before my time, but I know the story well. I learned it in school as a hard-fought victory. The Fire Lord of the time "realized the fault of the world, and wanted to change it". At home, our past was seen as a dark...