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  • Hard-Boiled Rider in Remnant (Kamen Rider Joker x RWBY)
    24.6K 451 16

    Noir was a huge fan of Shotaro also known as Kamen Rider W, but after coming home from school a explosion occurs killing him, but he is given a chance to live again in the world call Remnant, God has given him some gifts to fight. Now he is back as The Hard Boiled Rider in Remnant. This is my very first story here so...

  • The Red Ranger Of Union
    1K 21 4

    izuku midoriya was born without a quirk,sacred gear,or semblence but still wanted to be a hero but sadly was bullied for it. one day he was taken by a beam and was brought to the mighty morphing power ranger,he was brought to them because they saw potential in him and decided to make him the new red ranger.

  • Izuku Dragneel the S Class wizard
    733 15 3

    Izuku is the son of the 2 most power S class wizard Natsu and Lucy Dragneel and has their magic to their told Izuku hide his magic in school becuase the dark guild/ Villians were trying to qet his magic and Izuku does get bully by AssMight daughter Izumi Yagi and Inko was scared that Lucy would hate her because Inko a...

  • Iron Man Izuku
    658K 12.5K 73

    after drinking something from a "fortune teller" Izuku is transported into the Marvel universe as Tony Stark's conscious. after the events of the MCU Izuku returns to his home universe and shakes things up. a few gender swapped characters. College AU

  • Harry Potter: The ghouls awakening
    258K 5.7K 92

    Harry's time with the Dursleys before his first year is horrid to say the least. This takes place when Harry is seven years old and had used accidental magic. The Dursleys were outraged so they forced Harry to the basement and chained him to a chair and tortured him hoping to either get rid of his magic or kill him. H...

  • Kamen Rider Zi-O: Across All Multi-Verses!
    20.3K 156 54

    Taking the mantle of Kamen Rider Zi-O, Hikaro Cabral must gather together heroes from different worlds and dimensions in an effort to stop the Fallen from reviving in 100,000 days. But is it enough? When the Alliance comes across a strange artifact, they find out that if they are to truly defeat their enemies once and...

  • The Final Herrscher's Son (Bullied OC Kaslana x Jeanne D'Arc x Union)
    17.7K 289 32

    (Bullied Son of Kiana Kaslana & Raiden Mei x Jeanne d'Arc x Union) I would like to thank Lisalmai for allowing me to be inspired by his story "(Re written version) Me? I'm the son of the void Anime Crossover x Bullied Male Reader)" for writing my story "The Final Herrscher's Son (Bullied OC Kaslana x Union)" This is a...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Hero Prince (MHA x Fate)
    215K 3.5K 28

    Perhaps fate's cruel and dark design will forever curse the existence of Izuku Yagi. As one of the only different people in a world full of superpowers, the hostility of others always had been directed against him because of something he could not control. The only ones who stood by him, who believed in him, were his...

  • Izuku: The Slime {Under reconstruction}
    30.4K 859 18

    Welcome back, everyone, to Izuku: The Slime I would like to thank Gorobuilder for helping me recover this story from the dead. So, this is your typical Deku story, but Izuku dies from getting involved in the Sludge Villain Incident. This book will follow the main storyline of TTIGRAAS, but with a few timeskips here an...

  • My Maid Momo!
    173K 7.1K 40

    During his third year at U.A., Izuku Midoriya's mom decides to spend the year overseas with Izuku's dad, leaving the teen-hero home alone. Although he thought he would be able to handle it, his school life and hero work prove to be too much of a responsibility, which causes him to fall behind on his house chores. To m...

  • Anti-Magic Devil (High School DXD X Male Reader Insert)
    33.9K 1.3K 6

    Y/N Kamijou is a 2nd-year Kuoh Academy student and best friend to Issei Hyoudou, leader of the infamous "The Perverted Trio." Unlike Issei, Y/N is just an average student, with not-so-average grades, not-so-average friends, and an average family. Y/N hates to stand out and is the exact opposite of his best friend. Y/N...

  • Kaiju Girls: A Titan's Journey To Greatness
    17.4K 287 12

    Titans have ruled this planet for an millennium until humanity indirectly took the position as the dominant species of the planet. But what would happen if the Titans wanted their position back when humanity threatens the balance of nature? There are many potential outcomes to such a fate. One where humanity becomes e...

  • Reality Is Harsh (On Hold)
    102K 991 17

    After Ash wins the Alolan league, he goes back to pallet town for a visit but what happens there destroys him. His so called 'friends' betray him. Only Lillie and Serena support him. Rest is in the book.

  • The Unkown Singer of Union
    15.7K 292 4

    Y/n L/n is known for being in the shadows mostly not caring if the spotlight is on him or not, but after a school activity how will he handle being noticed, what will others think of him, what will he do?

  • A rider in a crossover world(Slow Updates)
    122K 1.9K 37

    Y/n also know as Decade and ZI-O has found himself in a world with people that have powers but what happens when two sides try to recruit the rider will he save the world or destroy it? (I don't own any thing it belongs to the original owners)

  • Izuku Yagi: The Green Ranger
    291K 4.8K 53

    Izuku Yagi had a great life. His Dad was the number one hero All Might, his Mom was the number 5 hero Green Magnet, and his twin sister Izumi Yagi was his best friend. But then when they went to the quirk doctor everything changed. Izumi got a super powerful quirk, while Izuku was diagnosed quirkless. After that his...

  • Izuku. Barachiel Champion
    98.6K 1.7K 18

    Raised believing that he is Quirkless, Izuku Yagi spends 6 years being either forgotten by his family and his half sister Izumi Yagi, or being bullied by his childhood friend and his sister's crush Katsuki Bakugo. Will his life rise as high as the heavens or fall straight down to hell. Inspired by The Fallen by @Kag...

  • The Line between Light and Darkness. (Abandoned)
    779 15 7

    For beings like them, the line between the light, and the Darkness, was so very thin, that they could no longer see it. What is 'good' and what is 'evil' are not something they can see anymore. All they can do, is walk this line, and hope that they walk down the right side of it.

  • Reborn King of Mages
    4.4K 85 1

    After getting beaten by civilians, he disappeared from Elemental Nations and appeared in Temple of Time where he met his past life Solomon. Solomon taught him everything he knew and later became part of him. When he grew up there faster since there is difference in time, he was summoned in Fifth Holy Grail War by Olga...

  • My Hero Academia:Deku Fox
    82.7K 1.3K 21

    'So I got a quirk. Yeah, I do. It's too bad my quirk has it's own sentience whose pride and ego far surpasses its size and length of its tail. Well I do have one thing in my favour. All Might is training me. That has to count for something right?' Izuku has Kurama. Naruto/My Hero Academia Crossover. Izuku Harem? *A bi...

  • Fate/Grand Shenanigans: Orleans Antics
    99.9K 2.4K 11

    Y/n L/n is back and better than ever. In the aftermath of the Fifth holy grail war, he was injured by an explosion and taken to a hospital where he was placed into a medically induced coma. Now He's awakened in a strange place. Chaldea. How will he react to his surroundings? And how will he handle his new adventures...

    Completed   Mature
  • W̗hi̭t͔̎e̅ ̺̚D͈ͣraͪg̫͗oͩn̥̐ ̯̆of̼ tͭh̖ͩe͚ ̰ͥMo̞̐r̚n͚ing̞͑ ̪ͨS̳tͥa̤r͑
    4K 66 3

    As a child, (Y/n) was persecuted by his father who was afraid of him and viewed him as a monster due to his ownership of a Longinus in addition to his heritage as Lucifer's descendant. He eventually ran away from his parents and was found by a human who took and raised him in their care where he trained himself with t...

  • The Adapter Adventure
    2.7K 84 4

    After Bell and Hestia was separate. A girl with black long hair and crimson-red eyes was watching what was happen. When she saw how Bell fight to save her goddess from a silverback, she also saw someone reflection from Bell and the sword that was at her back suddenly glowing a bit. So the girl then goes and give Bell...

  • Cheater Ruby x Male Symbiotic Reader [Remake]
    6.8K 80 4

    A remake of Cheater Ruby x Male Symbiotic Reader

  • Highschool DxD: Unlimited Alternative Works
    1.6K 31 1

    There are infinite possibilities out there and one single change can determine another's fate, that being the case of Yuto Einzbern Emiya the only son of Shirou Emiya and Illyaviel Von Einzbern. In this possibility the Hero Of Justice never married the King of Knights instead he married the little sister he sought to...

  • Highschool DxD: Unlimited Blade Works ( rewriting 26-44)
    449K 5K 29

    Just a idea I got inspired from the Fate Series in general and I don't really have a good summery to put but just to explain the plot a bit. The child of Shirou Emiya and his Servant Saber aka Artoria Pendragon is sent into the world of DxD. The world shall see what a true holy Sword is as the child of infinite blades...

  • A certain lonely Huntsman (shirou emiya x RWBY)
    53.6K 613 10

    ( UBW timeline ) whilst fighting Gilgamesh, Shirou finds him self in a dire situation as Gil is being taken by the grail along side you within his chains. without the help of archer Shirou and Gil got taken inside the corrupted grail leaving Tohsaka and Saber in Ryudou Temple. soon Shirou finds him self lying in a for...

    306K 4.8K 30

    A young man, summoned to another world with four other peoples. However, there were only four Heroes that were summoned repeatedly through history to defend against the waves of calamity....then what is he..a hero who will protect the innocent or just an innocent bystander who got dragged in accidentally or maybe some...

  • The Heir to the Throne
    110K 2.1K 21

    The story is from I got permission from MadHat886, who is the author of the story, to post "The Heir to the Throne" here on Wattpad. Here is the original link: Summary: Naruto not only finds out that his father was the 4th Hokage but his mother is f...

  • Naruto:The Dark Ruler
    67.7K 1K 12

    Rewrite of Naruto the Forgotten King.Naruto, neglected for his sisters, runs off to the school of Trinity Seven and comes back to show them what it truly means to Rule.