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  • Neko Levi x reader
    1.8K 40 1

    This is just one-shot

  • What do you call this? (Neko boy x reader)
    65.3K 2.6K 12

    (Y/n)= your name (L/n)= last name (F/n)= friends name (F/c)= favourite colour (F/s)= favourite snack This is a story about you and a Neko boy! Please enjoy!!! This is a pure story. I will not ruin it no mater what anyone says.

  • Our Little Secret 《Kirito x Reader Lemon 》
    170K 1.4K 8

    It's been 2 months since Y/N and Kirito have came back from SAO, but Y/N notices that Kirito seems alone... And spends too much time with Asuna, who is still in a sleep coma, with the nerve gear on her head. When Jealously gets the best of you, you show Kirito what it's like to have fun.

  • Levi X Reader One-Shots [Attack on Titan] {DISCONTINUED}
    266K 5.3K 27

    I'm gonna try some Levi X Reader one-shots because I love Levi and I'm pretty sure a lot of other people do as well. Also, I apologize if they suck yeah. ANOTHER ALSO! I OWN NOTHING EXCEPT THE CREATIVITY OF THE ONE-SHOTS SO DON'T START SHIT THANKS BAI. Requests Are: CLOSED Okay one more also. Any similar...

    Completed   Mature
  • Natsu x Reader Mating Season
    481K 7.6K 14

    Doesn't the title say it all

  • A tale of two dragons (A Natsu X Reader fanfic)
    47.8K 1.6K 29

    This is a Natsu X reader you were a sky dragon slayer like Wendy but someone killed yours and Wendy's dragon Natsu found you and took you with him and you lived with his dragon Igneel and he taught you fire dragon slayer magic so you mastered sky and fire dragon slayer magic

  • The Dragon Empress (Natsu x Reader)
    216K 5.8K 36

    ON HOLD!!!!! I REPEAT!! THIS STORY IS ON HOLD!! SO I DONT WANT TO BE GETTING COMMENTS TO UPDATE.. I APPRECIATE THAT YOU LIKE THE STORY.. ITS JUST DONT WANT TO UPDATE SOON.. The Dragon Empress is the strongest dragon slayer of all of history. She locks it away for she already experienced the consequences for when she d...

  • Strong Love (Natsu X Reader)
    123K 3.6K 14

    "Here she is! The strongest Mage in all of Magnolia, (y/n) (l/n)!" The crowd goes wild as the female steps out from the dark and into the light of the Grand Magic Games Arena. (y/n) isn't in a guild so the Grand Magic Games are like her home now. She is the ultimate challenge. If any guild were to defeat her, they wou...

  • Close Enough - Neko!Levi x Reader
    9K 273 1

    Preview picture belongs to 三月

  • Natsu x reader one shot lemons
    107K 2K 26

    {ⓇⒺⓆⓊⒺⓈⓉⓈ ⒶⓇⒺ ⒸⓁⓄⓈⒺⒹ} нι welcoмe тo мy вooĸ,ι нope yoυ all enjoy wнaт'ѕ ιnѕιde,alтнoυgн ιт мay ѕтarт oғ a lιттle crιngey weιrd and ѕнorт ι нope тo progreѕѕ мore aѕ we all geт тo ĸnow eacнoтнer ~love,onigiri

  • (Haikyuu) Oikawa Tooru x Reader
    589K 17.6K 30

    Oikawa Tooru, the most popular guy in school, meets with, You, well, what can we say? Oikawa suddenly asks You out on a date and you soon were dating. Everything was well, with a little ups and downs, but the real question is, Why did Oikawa ask Reader out? What was the story of the past? FULL FLUFF, so rest assured...

  • Who Do I Choose? (Reader x South Park) (Complete)
    91.4K 1.7K 23

    You (the reader) have just moved to South Park, and befriend all the boys at South Park elementary. They all fall in love with you, but you can't pick one right away, so you go on a date with all of them at first to see who you love them most. You date Craig, Tweek, Clyde, Token, Jimmy, Pete, Mike, Michael, Kenny, Sta...

  • Mine ( Natsu x Reader )
    67.1K 2K 10

    Crush on a fire dragon slayer? No big deal. When he dates one of your closest best friends? Opps. Heartbreak. When counterparts of Edoals visit? Awesome! - What happens when you start getting feelings for another Natsu? How would he react? What will happen? - Find out in : Mine. (Natsu x Reader) NOTE- I DO NOT OWN FA...

  • The "Hot" Thief • Natsu Dragneel
    234K 8.8K 32

    [N a t s u X R e a d e r] [Y/N] was a well known thief in the town of Magnolia. She stole anything fire related, as well as illegal magic scrolls, and jewels from the towns people. The "oh so" famous Salamander hears about the bandit labeled "The Blue Flame"and is eager to defeat them. Though, when he finds...

  • Attack on Titan OneShots! {Requests Open}
    8.2K 213 12

    Basically, these are a bunch of Attack on Titan oneshots. I will be taking requests, if you have any. I will only be doing x reader's at the moment sorry. Character's I will include are~ Eren, Jean, Armin, Mikasa, Levi, Keith Shadis, Erwin, Sasha, Connie, Ymir, Krista, Hanji, and... I can't even think right now, I'm...

  • A FairyTail Musical 2 (Natsu x Reader)
    136K 4.3K 32

    The sequel of "A FairyTail Musical". (y/n)(l/n) and all her friends at FairyTail High are now Juniors, one more year at the school and their free. A female group of transfer students make a dramatic appearance at their school. These girls are total trouble and are big flirts. To the others surprise there is another tr...

  • Set Our Differences Aside (Natsu x Reader)
    1.2K 65 1

    Ok so I may add a lemon here just comment and let me know...anyway, here are some important things to know (Y/N)-your name (M/N)-your middle name (L/N)-your last name (e/c)-your eye color (s/c)-your skin color (h/c)-your hair color (f/c)-your favorite color (f/c/2)-your 2nd favorite color

  • South Park x Reader
    321K 4.3K 19

    Hi~ Got bored so I decided why not, I'll do this!~ Enjoy~ ❤️

  • MAD HATTER {Reader x Natsu}(Under Heavy editing)
    21.4K 711 7

    Twinkle Twinkle little dragon, how I wonder what has happen? up above the world has died! dark-ness clouds the skys won-der where to hide ? twinkle twinkle little dragon funny how things can happen! I chuckle darkly "Oh my Dear Dragon" Fairies Famous Mad Dragon has returned home she's back and Madder than ever. Death...

  • Modern Day One Shots (Levi X Reader)
    58.7K 1.7K 30

    This is a collection of one shots between Levi and the reader, taking place in modern day. They are all based off of songs I listen to while writing. I hope you enjoy! This is my first story on wattpad so please don't be too harsh, but constructive criticism is appreciated. I want to be a better writer! Key: e/c= eye...

  • Star Vs the Forces of Evil! (Marco x reader)
    16.8K 561 5

    So you come from another dimension and it's your 14th birthday. But your not excited, at all. You're sent to earth to get Star's wand because her family took it from YOUR family. You are a rebel and a punk girl and you do NOT want to do it, but if you don't then you'll have to go back to the "Princess Academy". Th...

  • Various x Reader one-shots
    11.1K 180 12

    Hallo reader I'm new at one shots but I'm taking requests please do comment and enjoy the stories and please suggests

  • You're Like Catnip {Neko!Levi x Reader}
    18.3K 593 1

    You found little kitten Levi in alley way and you take him home. You find about all his secrets and how he was there in the first place. Not only that but you're in love with him and he might love you back!?

  • Boy of fire - Prince of sweets (Flame Prince x reader x Prince Gumball)
    57.5K 1.4K 29

    no No NO I absolutely Positively refuse to let him go! That was all you could think before you did something to change your life ____________________________________ Ehehe sooooooo I realized there are not a lot of Flame prince x reader and they weren't as nice as I want them to be so I was like no No NO this is n...

  • Attack on titan x reader one shots!!!!
    1.1M 22K 104

    DISCLAIMER: i do not own attack on titan ( shingeki no kyojin ) nor do i own you Lol Just so you know i shall take request if you lovely weirdo's have an idea I was inspired to write one so i hope you like it, I shall write lemon or plain romance If your wondering i will Also write Stories for Any Guy readers so men...

  • Natsu x Reader: Something Beautiful
    42.7K 1.5K 8

    Natsu x Reader You are what is known as a half dragon. A being that has the ability to change between dragon and human. What happens when you leave your home with the dragons to experience the world of the humans?

  • The Catch-Up (Natsu x Reader)
    1.3M 41.6K 71

    (Y/N) (L/N) has always had a crush on Natsu Dragneel, the Fire Dragon Slayer. Even though she's only 10 years old and Natsu is 18. But when he and the other strongest wizards in Fairy Tail disappear for 7 years, stuck on Tenrou Island, what will happen to those feelings? During those 7 years, (Y/N) becomes the stronge...

    Completed   Mature
  • Your Smile - Natsu x Reader Lemon
    185K 2.9K 10

    ''Your Smile'' You entered guild,tired,looking for food.You sat in front of a bar,whistling and ordering food. A pinkette sat next to you. You carefully watched his eyes,he watched yours. Pinkette smiled widely,giving you his hand. Lemon warning. Y/N - Your name E/C- Your eye color Y/A - Your age Y/H- Your haircolor H...

  • Pokehuman One-shots
    139K 2K 17

    Just a bunch of random one shots that involves Gijinka, aka Pokéhumans, and the reader.

  • Reader X Natsu
    11.5K 448 12

    Natsu X reader story