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  • Their Happily Ever After (Disney villains x reader)
    217K 6.1K 54

    Ever wondered what happened to villains after the stories ended? What if they survived? How would they continue to survive? Would anyone help them? Find out in this book that I don't know what I'm doing in. Currently includes: Shan yu Gaston Hades Dr. Facilier Human!Scar Cruell de Vil Jafar Claude Frollo Captain Hook ...

  • Disney Villains One shots and two shots!
    312K 4K 92

    The title says Disney Villains One shots or two shots! I do not accept requests anymore. Sorry everyone! See you inside the Villain world!

  • 🌃{Gotham Imagines}🌃
    919K 23.9K 200

    Welcome to the gloomy city of Gotham folks... 🦇😼👮🎩🌂👑🐧♦️❓🌃

  • Srmthfg Drabbles
    3.6K 110 16

    Heeere's some drabbles I've written on my tumblrs. Some have mpreg, some don't. Some have Reader x canons...some have awful crack ships. Either way I hope you enjoy my awful writings.

  • The Demons Bride (Black Butler)
    198K 4.7K 57

    Sebastian michaelis mate story When her parents were killed in an accident (murdered), Marianne was forced to run from her pursuers. She hid in London dressed as a boy to protect her virtue, when one night she stumbles upon Ciel in captivity. Now she works for him under Sebastian, and if that wasn't enough, apparentl...

    Completed   Mature
  • Bubble Gum Heart [Hisoka x Reader] // Idk Man
    178K 4.2K 18

    oh yes I've been wanting to do this for a while, really ever since I saw Hisoka lmao. anyway.. Y/N L/N. A 19 year old girl, inspired by her uncle to be a hunter just like him, but who shortly died after she turned 17. They both went on many adventures and he trained her, such as teaching her how to play chess and ca...

  • A Clever Fascination (The Riddler)
    45.4K 2K 32

    Katherine 'Kit' Valentine is a wickedly intelligent rising detective with the GCPD, the favourite of Commissioner Jim Gordon. Now, she just had to hope that it didn't eat her alive. To put it lightly; Gotham City was odd. In a constant bizarre era of crime and hatred, the city had birthed the likes of The Riddler. Ed...

  • Diabolik Lovers Boyfriend Scenarios
    185K 4.2K 15

    Scenarios with the Sakamakis and the Mukamis and maybe I'll put the Tsukinamis. I'm not sure yet! Hope you like it!

  • TMNT Boyfriend Scenarios ((CLOSED!))
    953K 20.6K 45

    ((I wrote this when I was thirteen. I am twenty years old now so go ahead and read my shameful beginner's writing)) I've seen tons of other people writing this cool stuff! Here you go ladies and gents! Boyfriend Scenarios with the Turtles coming up! Fluff, Sad, Realistic, Angsty, Beautiful, and Hot scenes! ((WARNING...

  • Daibolik Lovers Boyfriend Scenarios
    264K 3.5K 34

    Like what it says in the title but I won't put Kino in this because he's a new character but I will put in the Tsukinami brothers. Also requests are open feel free to comment or message me :D

  • TMNT Boyfriend Scenarios FEMALE READER
    829K 15.4K 65

    Not exactly your typical scenario book. I write a little differently than what you'd find elsewhere. I do not own TMNT but all the scenarios belong to me! No copying! Also for anyone that is curious, I DO NOT ROLEPLAY. Do not ask me in the comments or in a private message. My answer will always be no. Hope you enjoy t...

  • Best Friends(Laughing Jack X Reader)
    328K 8.8K 22

    Life is fun. And fun is Laughing Jack. The monochrome killer clown is known for killing children for his own amusement, until one day he meets a rather extraordinary girl who leaves a scar on both of their souls.

    Completed   Mature
  • ~Together~ (Carl Grimes x Reader) *UNDER EDIT*
    1.4M 36.4K 143

    What would you do if everything you had was taken away from you, your family, your happiness, and most importantly your hope for humanity...but when someone close to you who will always be there through thick and thin loves you as much as he does; maybe, just maybe things aren't as hard as they seem...

  • I'm...not a monster? (vampire knight x reader) *UNDER EDIT*
    478K 16.6K 40

    Losing family, losing hope, and losing life would drain much out of anyone. When you fight hard enough it will always pay off, but even more when you have someone there to help you, someone you can trust, someone you can love. This someone might just be closer than you think

  • The apocalypse (Cry x Reader)
    108K 4.7K 60

    I have no idea how this happened. One minute spent watching youtube videos and lazing about the next fighting for my life against terrible creatures. There was no more room left in hell so the dead now roam the Earth...but is there any room on Earth left for the living? This is a Cryaotic/ChaoticMonkey x Reader fanfic...

  • Save my soul [Boku no Hero Academia]
    79K 2.5K 16

    Entered by anonymous recommendation, (Y/n) was submitted into UA Hero School, with a power that causes her pain each time it's used, she catches Todoroki's eye while they both struggle to find themselves. (this work is also published on Archive of Our Own and Quotev under the names 'BokuAkaIsLife' and 'bkupAimz')

  • Let me float with you (Male!Ariel x Reader)
    1K 36 1

    I had been drawn to the water for as long as I could remember, and for as long as I could remember, I had been terrified of it. The shift from a glistening aquamarine, welcoming and warm, to a sudden navy - forboding and cold. The sensation of your heart as it sinks to your stomach when the floor is no longer under yo...

  • Tmnt x reader
    1.9M 48.1K 103

    Ok, I need to warn you of how crazy this book is. The boys are total sweethearts, as you know, so expect FLUFF! And I didn't plan this, but there are a lot of mini-series. Finished #8! I'm very proud. My dear lollipops, be ready for fluff, suspense, cliffhangers (I seem to be good at those), and the 15-year-old teen...

  • The Phatomhives Daughter
    1.1K 63 5

    I became really stumped on my last story so I suppose I'll try this since its been an idea for a while... What happens when a girl from a wealthy family gets betrothed to someone not of her class? Well, we find out here when Vincent Phatomhive betrothes his one and only daughter to the famous Undertaker. Follow their...

  • Demons Girl Part Two: Her Lost World
    13.5K 817 20

    In the year of 1889, a girl by the name of Gabriella Phantomhive disappeared without a trace. Now 126 years later a girl by the same name, same looks, same soul, but no memory is roaming around the States with her 'guardian.' Coincidence? Gabriella is 18 years old and fresh out of high school with a part time job out...

  • Demon's Girl (Black Butler Fan Fiction)
    99.2K 3.1K 23

    Eighteen year old Gabriella Phantomhive believed for three years that the fire that almost took her life took her entire families, until her Aun finally shows her brother is alive. Sent to the States for schooling, Gabriella races back home and finds her darling brother in the care of a butler dressed in black. As she...

    Completed   Mature
  • So The Games Begin [Ciel x Reader x Sebastian]
    805K 25.2K 22

    Ciel x Reader x Sebastian Black Butler --------------------------------- When Elizabeth brings her best friend (You) along to her stay at the Phantomhive Manor you find yourself stuck in quite a mess. You've caught both the eye of Ciel Phantomhive and his butler Sebastian Michaelis. There are a few problems involved...

  • Devil Red [Angel VS Demon Love Triangle]
    1.4K 28 3

    "This is the start of my new life. New School. New friends. New world.They say change is good. But why do I get the feeling that my world is going to change forever. And not in the good way" -Madison Trinit. Madison and her cousin Kate are humans. Humans with magic in their blood. They are chosen to attend Macabre Hig...

  • Bill Cipher's Son Version 2 [Discontinued]
    87.9K 2.4K 20

    Another Version of the first book. Where the story is much longer and descriptive, but has the same meaning. Bill Cipher has a Son he has not seen in years due to Standford Pines. Thankfully he was able to put something on his son to find him on his 12th birthday. Meanwhile the twins are having their 12th birthday par...

  • Love, Again? (A Diabolik Lovers Fanfic 4)
    30.6K 815 27

    Saki returns to the Sakamaki mansion after she hears that Shu and Anna are getting married. Until, surprisingly the Mukami brothers get in the way. She has to hold back and wait, now while she deals with the voice in her head that wants to go with Shu, again. Her haterd towards Anna never changed but it grew. As Saki'...

  • Love vs. Hate (A Diabolik Lovers Fanfic 3) *Editing*
    35.8K 1.2K 26

    A new bride is coming, and things could get nasty. But not yet, becoming best friends with the new girl is something Saki will regret. But will the new bride regret it, too? Yui can't even handle this. Will the bride die once she steps in the Sakamaki's household? Will Saki save her life before she dies? Or will Sa...

  • Rebirth (A Diabolik Lover Fanfic 2)
    78.8K 2.6K 24

    When Saki thought there was going to be a happy ending with her long lost mother, Cordeila. Her dreams gets torn apart after being murdered by her. Until Saki suddenly awakens and is found with Karl Heinz, the man who took her to her fake mother without realizing what's going, Karl Heinz tells Saki that she has amnesi...

  • The Other Girl (Diabolik Lovers Fanfic)
    415K 10.4K 25

    Seventeen year old Saki is, somehow, the other sacrifice bride aside from Yui. Now, she must live with Yui who has been in the unknown household for a long time with secrets that are discovered and tell what Saki is. Can Saki stay in that house without dying? -Completed-

  • The Reverse Family [Discontinued]
    46.5K 1.7K 15

    Both parents have to taken care of the children separately, but now Dominic (Dipper Pines) and Tyrone (Dipper Gleeful) are happily back together as a family with their kids! Blake and Akira are their kids who have never once met since their parents were always busy with their life in their dimension. Now they have a c...