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  • Random But Cool Naruto Quotes
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    Just a bunch of random Naruto quotes so enjoy

  • Steins;Gate [Quotes]
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    Quotes from steins;Gate

  • Join The Suicide Noodles
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    Join us. This story is how the club started.

  • Pixels
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    "Your mine. You'll never get away." BEN whispered next to my ear as I shook in fear. ------------------------------------------------------------- "If you ever try to leave again, I'll chain you to my bed. Got that Hot Stuff?" BEN growled, grabbing my wrist and yanking me as close to him as possible. ...

  • Why Us?
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    Hiya! My name is Kimberly Grube. I am 15 and I'm a loser. Music is my life! My favorite band is 5SOS. But what I don't know is mine and my best friend, Elise, lives are about to change forever. It all started one day after walking home from school.

  • 5SOS Imagines
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    Hello Lovelies, so I realized that I think of at least 15 scenarios in my head in one day. So why now share them with you guys. ^-^ LOVE YOU GUYS!