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  • Book Cover Contest Entries
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    Here is where I post all entries for any cover contests I've entered.

  • The Warrior Princess
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    < Cover by @GraphicLights > In a time of struggle, when the kingdom is at its darkest, they look to three people. Three people, who do not even know the others exist. They each must escape the struggles that contain them, in order to find each other. This, is a story of heroes. A story of pain, and a story of h...

  • The Fastest Runner has Been Tagged
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    So, I got tagged. I saw people being tagged but I've just been tagged this morning so YAY me! Anywho, on wards you go :D

  • Hilarious Texts Between Besties
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    Ezmar: OOO I should most of these conversations on Wattpad, it would be a hit sensation! Gubkints: Post* instead of most? I'm confused LOL Ezmar: Yeah sorry lol Gubkints: and our* for of? Ezmar: I get it, woman! Gubkints: I'm laughing at my own stupidity :D ....get what? Ezmar: My texting errors! Gubkints: Nah your er...

  • The Treacherous Journey West
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    "Jacob," Mother cried desperately. I looked to see that he was already turning into a speck of dust. "I'll go after him," Papa said. "No," I said, "I will." "Get off the horse Janet," he said in a stern voice. "No Papa, stay here and take care of your wife and daughter. I will find him and bring him back, this I swe...

  • Life During the Holocaust
    10.8K 287 12

    Nadette is a thirteen-year-old Jewish girl. She has a big heart and the will to help others. Hearts will be broken. Friends will be made. People will be taken away. Can a thirteen-year-old girl get through it all? Read to find out. After all, this is her diary. Cover made by @SincerelyMyName

  • Zahabia's World of Thoughts *Islamic Story*
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    < Cover by @GraphicLights > Zahabia is a creative 13 year old Muslim living in the United States. Hardships will come and lessons will be learned. Join her as she grows up and becomes part of the world. *Salams! Author Ezmar here. I just wanted to let you know that this is simply a book about the life of a musl...

  • Unnecessary Revenge *Islamic Story*
    1.6K 168 17

    Emma is, well, complicated. Her parents hate her and the entire school seems to make her a target. Despite the odds, she is a strong independent girl. She's always wanted a brother, someone who could protect her and teach her. Of course, an older brother in impossible since Anna, the only person who doesn't hate he...

  • Book of Poems
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    A collection of poems about numerous topics. Murder, fear, and happiness are just some of the things these poems contain. I hope you enjoy!

  • The Book of Lost Stories
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    This book is a collection of short stories formed from the mind of a teenage girl (a.k.a me). It consists of mild abuse and kidnapping, but the stories can also be humorous. It goes through the trial of sibling love. Yet, chills your spine with unforgivable evil. Cover by @Lone_child

  • Daily Quotes & Reminders
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    Hi Everyone! I've decided that I am now going to write a random quote or a reminder once or twice a day. It depends on what I find. I will also have who wrote it. Sometimes it will be my own saying, sometimes it will be something I found online. Anyways, I hope you like it. One other thing. The title with (*) means t...