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  • realism | E.D
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    love is such a fictional thing..

  • crave | e.d
    5.6K 188 13

    They both know that the crave for each other is indescribable

  • Typing | e.d
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    Everything starts from something. At first she thought she was just texting another fangirl. Turns out she wasn't even a girl. One thing led to another and she started sexting a hot stranger. Little did they know how complicated things will get. "when I saw you today, I swear you took my breath away..meeting you in pe...

  • °MANIAC° G.D
    1M 22.8K 27

    He was just a hurt boy who needed love and affection. That's all he ever wanted, that's when I realized that's all I ever wanted. I just wanted to help him, but damn, I wasn't even supposed to know he exists. ___ ©simplydaani

    Completed   Mature
  • •Daddy Issues• Ethan Dolan
    9.3M 162K 63

    "What's my name?" "Daddy."