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  • Breathe me Home | NaNoWriMo 2016
    250 36 16

    Stacy Harris is probably the only 6th grade girl in the world who hates living in Hawaii. But ever since the Navy transferred her dad, mom, older sister, and younger brother to the tropical paradise, she's been miserable. Until her teacher assigns the class a project. They must interview an adult native Hawaiian, lear...

  • The Purgatorium
    120K 5.1K 22

    Dr. Hortense Gray practices experimental psychology on an uninhabited island off the coast of California where people go wanting to die and leave fighting to live. Seventeen-year-old Daphne Janus is her newest patient. Watch a 40-sec trailer here:

  • Schism
    542K 25.2K 113

    (Check out the previews at the end!) "Highly recommended!" - Jay Bonansinga, New York Times bestselling co-author of THE WALKING DEAD: THE ROAD TO WOODBURY "Very interesting...very cool." - Scott Sigler, NYT Bestselling author of NOCTURNAL, PANDEMIC and many more great books. "Intriguing and exciting as hell! If you...

  • Cat's Out - Book 2
    6.6K 804 18

    Darla continues her new life as a shifter, learning to control the beast within her. But can she find her sister and keep those close to her safe from a demonic street gang that calls itself The Ressurection? And can she keep those she loves safe from her? Book One will be available on Wattpad for a few more weeks be...

  • King of Beasts
    6M 231K 27

    If you can see them, then you're already dead. If you can hear them, then you're not far from it. If you can smell them, like the forest they live in, then avoid danger at all conceivable costs. Because they're the monsters in the shadows of Harvey Hill's forests, and their king needs his queen.

  • Archaic - Archaic #1 (Sample of Published Book)
    1.7M 87.8K 50

    Ava is a typical seventeen-year-old dealing with everyday teenage problems. A job opportunity for her father takes her parents overseas. Not wanting to move, she accepts her grandmother's offer to let her live with her, until her parents return. On her first day at school in the new town, she meets Jared Walker-tall...

  • Cat's Out...a Darla The Alpha Cat Novel
    12.9K 1.1K 18

    Darla Velasquez is sweet, a little shy, friendly. Most of the time. But if you rub her the wrong way... that's when the claws come out. When she leaves the tiny northern Michigan town of Cherry Hill to spend the summer with her mother in Detroit, Darla sets out to find the only family member she still cares about. As...

  • The Key to Erebus. (Les Corbeaux: The French Vampire Legend) Completed.
    2.1M 100K 37

    The truth can kill you. Taken as a small child, from a life where vampires, sirens and mythical creatures are real and treacherous, Jehenne Corbeaux is totally unprepared when she returns to France to stay with her eccentric Grandmother. Thrown headlong into a world she knows nothing about she seeks to learn the truth...