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  • The Hollow Moon (Downworlder Series, #2)
    378K 29.8K 32

    Book Two of the Downworlder Series ~~~~~~~~~~~ High in the mountains, far from the cities that housed Doyens and the beasts they lorded over, lived a small girl named Emily Nezzera until her world changed in an instant. Torn from her mountains, her family, her pack, she was thrown to the pur...

    117K 5.5K 6

    He was created to rule, trained to kill, and never forgets the ones who cross him. Lennox Armstrong is on the forefront of the war between his past and his present. With enemies he thought were long forgotten kicking up dirt, his abandoned mate, Schuyler Bradshaw, begins to play with fire in Bishop. The Alpha promised...

  • Instinct of the Wild
    517K 18K 22

    Wolves are instinctual beings, thriving on hierarchy and a pack mentality. Scars are common among werewolves; showing the world the brutality of werewolf life. Mother nature has never been kind, and for savage beasts who have the unfortunate gift of appearing human, she is even less than sympathetic to their plight. N...