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  • Ablaze {Marvel} ||2||
    102K 5K 34

    {Book 2} Kiara Rivers is now a permanent resident on Earth. Having made the decision to stay instead of return to Asgard, she's back in her apartment with her best friend, Todd Brealey. She still has ties with S.H.I.E.L.D., as well as some of the Avengers. In the wake of the Battle of New York, things are settling dow...

  • Alpha Without a Pack...
    274K 18.7K 106

    She was born to lead a pack, but she's just starting her journey to freedom and family... Sidney Blake never expected to ever be free. For years she's been bounced around in foster care, caged because of a secret no one was supposed to know about and forced to fight for the enemy. Now she's been living for a year on h...

  • Royal Glass Hearts: Immortal Secrets {A Reverse Harem Romance}
    33.4K 1.7K 19

    Five immortal males. One heir to the Glass Throne. One huge secret. It should have been as simple as Kira laying low and not drawing attention to herself at the Academy. But laying low when your mother is the infamous Cinderella, and you are one of the last sirens, is harder than it sounds. Especially when you acc...

  • Doomed
    67K 3.7K 16

    Onyx Blakely is crazy. She claims to see ghosts. She claims that she has demons visit her in the middle of the night. She even claims that she can see flashes of people dying. Nyx Blakely has been deemed crazy, and because of it, her father has left her family. In an attempt to start over and fix their disjointed fami...

  • The Relic: Deadly Liaisons at Sea
    56 4 15

    Charlotte Rothschild finds herself entangled in a conspiracy between the State and Pirates over a stone known as The Relic. Facing dangers beyond her control, she is left with no choice but to abandon her name and accept help from three peculiar brothers.

  • Harley
    5.8K 150 6

    To everybody Harley is a jokester but deep down he is alone. His best friend is in love and all Moon knows is Joy. He is happy for his friend but he's missing something. And he's felt like this since he died and came back to life thanks to Trisha. Victoria has lost her family and made something of herself with no...

  • Dancing with the devil (New species fanfiction)
    12.1K 522 36

    Verna is in a hospital, but not just any hospital a mental hospital. She see's things, things that are made up in her head. No one believed her, thinking she was crazy they left her to die in that hospital. Her world was filled with constant pain, until she met dreamer. Chapters are in Spanish and English enjoy!! :)

    Completed   Mature
  • She Came Like a Storm (New Species fanfiction)
    5.5K 254 23

    Iris was cruel, heartless even, her mind only on her business. She had no mercy for others, anyone who defined her was destroyed immediately. Sarah, her business partner, was her only friend. They worked from the ground up and became the biggest mafia in America. Life was as it should be for Iris, until she saves new...

  • Bond like Drops of Water
    2.1K 91 2

    From the bestselling author of the Academy series: Her destiny was wrapped up in a magic so dark, no one could see but her. RAW VERSION: Editing Minimal

  • Centuries
    849 106 6

    Arabella Monroe is 350 years old. Throughout the centuries she has made herself a game, she calls this game Vitae. Arabella is stuck being 18 years old forever and gets bored easily, so she decides to play Vitae, which is a game where she plays the part of a character from a movie or book. She has acted as any persona...

  • The Lost Asgardian
    309K 20.6K 34

    Ava James is considered a mental case. There are three simple words used to define her ever since she was a little girl who claimed cats could speak. Crazy. Psychotic. Deluded. In professional terminology, she was a paranoid schizophrenic capable of hallucinations of a strange man based out of Norse Mythology. He hau...

  • Skinwalker
    4.5K 390 4

    "Little girls, this seems to say, Never stop upon your way. Never trust a stranger-friend; No one knows how it will end. As you're pretty, so be wise; Wolves may lurk in every guise. Handsome they may be, and kind, Gay, or charming never mind! Now, as then, 'tis simple truth- Sweetest tongue has sharpest toot...

  • Of Runt
    353K 12.5K 32

    Reagan is a Runt. Reagan is also a fast tracker for her pack. So when they are under attack something changes her. # 1 in gamma --There is another version of the story up on my profile.-- Of Runt series: Of Runt Of Luna (Short stories) Of Alpha (Stand alone but entwines with of Runt) Of Fey

  • Belonging to a Castle
    80.6K 3.7K 54

    Trixie has lived in the same, boring place in the middle of nowhere for 17 years. When a group of new students move into town with the same secret as Trixie, Trixie's life will turn into a roller-coaster of love, friendship, secrecy and drama. Not only does she have to deal with that, she also has to deal with her mat...

  • Fighting Fate 🏗[Under Construction]🏗
    987K 44.8K 26

    **Second book of Fighting Blind** "Choose, Kei. Ryker or your kingdom?" I stared at the man before me stoically, calling him every vile name under the sun. "You want me to choose?" I spoke slowly, deliberately as I watched Leon smile leisurely. "Of course. Save your kingdom, or save your mate. There's only one right...

  • The Alpha's Mermaid
    332K 11.2K 14

    Elle is a 17 year old girl. She looks average, 5"7 with blonde hair that flows to her waist. But looks can be deceiving. She has 4 older brothers, Carson, Devin, Josh, and Mason. They strive to keep the secret that they are all Mers. When they end up moving from Sunny Florida to Oregon with their parents, will their s...

  • Never Forget
    437K 19.3K 22

    Alice was left broken hearted just over 2 years ago and time hasn't done much for her grief. Time can't heal everything and in this case, it healed nothing. For Alice, the ill-timed horrific events came in threes. It started with Nate leaving and ended with her pack falling to ruins. And now three months later after...

  • The Sick Mate
    121K 3.6K 22

    17 year old girl Lauren Daniels one day couldn't breathe and her heart was giving her pain she then blacked out. She woke up in the hospital which she thought was the next day but in fact it was a month. But that wasn't the strange thing, when she woke there was a strange boy sitting next to her hospital bed. She wond...

  • Luna In A Wheelchair
    154K 5.5K 11

    Twenty years ago she lost the ability to walk. She runs the Black Moon Pack alone and in isolation and refuses to let anyone outside of the pack see her. She doesn't want to find her mate in fear of what he, or she, may think of her disability. She almost never allows people from outside of the pack in. He is one of...

  • One Deaf Mate and Two Shifters
    142K 4.8K 29

    Welcome to the post apocalyptic world where humans are extinct! All manner of mystical beings rule the earth now. Gods walk the earth, Giants leap over mountains for sport and fairies create more dimensions than anyone could want! Problem is, the world is in decline. Birth rates have dropped rapidly, food production i...

  • My Sickly Mate
    146K 4.5K 10

    Ava was diagnosed with lung cancer for the second time in her life and at age nineteen, she feels like she can't escape the pain. The pain from her family. The pain she goes through. The pain of her desires she has never experienced always on her mind. The pain of possibly living a short life. The pain of dying reoccu...

  • His Deaf Mate
    598K 5.2K 7

    Emily Blackwell is deaf. She's lived with it all of her life, and she wouldn't change a thing. But when Emily goes to a new school in her new pack, how will she react to seeing that her new Alpha is her mate? Better yet, how will he react to learning his mate his deaf?

  • Little Alpha
    15.5K 687 8

    *Sequel to Little Wolf* It's been eight months since Ebony became an Alpha and she still hasn't gotten ahold of it, snapping at pack members. While Nolan says it's okay and no one is mad at her, she can't help but feel like she's doing everything wrong. To make matters worse, while the rogues are teaming up to becom...

  • Unchained
    2.5M 126K 41

    Book 1 in the Deviant Creatures Series In the slums of New York City an underground prison sat. The City that Never Sleeps wasn't all it seemed, ruled by the society of the supernatural, the gang wars were pack wars, the drug dealers were carriers for money hungry beasts. But in the midst of all the chaos sat t...

  • The Alpha's Abused Mate
    232K 7.7K 16

    Summer, abused and broken, is from the Blue Stone pack. Her parents hate her and she is the slave. The entire pack hates her and she even gets raped. She hates herself, she hardly eats, and she is suicidal, but her wolf won't let her die. (AN: Self harm, rape, and suicide is not a joke or should not be taken lightly...

  • The Fertility Mark (Book 1)
    2.4M 90.6K 52

    NOT EDITED VERSION. Delilah got a huge responsibility on her shoulders at the age of 17 when her parents died. The responsibility: her seven year old sister, Alice. They don't know exactly how their parents died. All they knew was that their car exploded, but their bodies were never found, even after the fire was put...

  • Deadly Wings [IN EDITING]
    155K 7.1K 13

    "Don't move." His husky voice spoke below a whisper, my shoulders pressed against his muscular chest. I relaxed, feeling the small flutter of his wings as I reached out to stroke the long tempting feathers. His wings extended, slowly wrapping themselves around my body. "What are you doing?" I'd drop my arms to my sid...

  • Iron Oracle (IronMoon #2, PUBLISHED/SAMPLE)
    3.1M 44.9K 10

    He was the Moon's Dark Comet, and served Her anger. For the accumulated sins of our kind, he had been unleashed. I was an Oracle, the Balance-Keeper, to see that the Comet did not sway from its intended trajectory. We had always been these things, and we were those things before we were anything else. Complete trust...

  • Fates collide (New species love story)(Jericho love story)
    17.3K 968 38

    Echo was a girl with no past, well its not that she didn't have a past it was more like she didn't care to think about it. She wasn't a run away, she just wanted to live her simple life. she lived in a small apartment with her snake and her daughter, who loved and wanted to talk to the New species more then anything...

    Completed   Mature
  • Dragon's Mate
    1.2M 36K 13

    *MATURE* Don't let anyone ever fool you that mating is easy business and all soft kisses and cuddles. Because it's not. Especially if you're mating a breed of shifters whom are suppose to be extinct after the last Great War thousands of years ago. Say hello to my mates-yes-plural as in two ferocious, sinfully sexy, de...