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  • Casual Friday
    170K 2.7K 8

    Casual Friday is the story of hit man John Lago’s very first assignment as a recruit with Human Resources, Inc., a placement agency that sends assassins, disguised as interns, to take out high-level targets under cover of corporate invisibility. John will go on to become the most successful “intern” in HR’s history. Y...

  • Lost DMB Files
    379K 911 17

    “The most startling discovery to never be made.” Some conspiracies remain theories. Others become obsessions. Exhumed 100 years after their penning, the Lost DMB Files will reinterpret the way you see the world, or the way it sees you. Product Description: Dime novelist and pulp fiction writer, David Mark Brown, mys...

  • The Dead Woods
    36.4K 1.3K 4

    THE PAID ACTORS AT THE NECROVILLE SURVIVAL EXPERIENCE ARE VERY GOOD AT PRETENDING TO BE ZOMBIES. TOO GOOD... When Will and his friends decide to spend one last night together after graduating university, none of them realise the danger that lurks in plain sight. At first they're having fun, caught up in the thrill of...

  • 100 Days in Deadland (part 1 of the Deadland Saga)
    3.3M 87.2K 34

    In one day, the world succumbed to a pestilence that decimated the living. In its place rose a new species: vicious, gruesome, wandering zombies with an insatiable hunger for the living. Still in her twenties, Cash has watched her friends die, only to walk again. An office worker with few survival skills, she joins up...

  • Short Scary Stories
    22.7K 522 14

    Some of these stories are urban legends and true paranormal experiences. *WARNING TERRIFYING* Hope you enjoy !! (Updating for more stories)

  • Japanese Urban Legends
    1.9M 69.7K 48

    Love the creepy side of Japan? On the surface, all that people hear about Japan is their rich culture, and how weird some of their customs and inventions are. But aside from that, there is a darker side of Japan, including their unsettling urban legends. From different colored toilet paper to a poem that might curse y...

  • Don't Answer It (Not Edited Yet)
    36.5K 1.8K 19

    When Allysa gets adopted by her new parents,she thought that she could live a normal life again. But life has a lot of surpises. When an unknown caller started calling her, she answers it. However she wished she hadn't.

  • Bedtime Stories!
    44.6K 1.8K 23

    Highest ranking #36 in horror For Horror and Mystery Lovers! do you love scary shit? get in and explore the fear!! SOME OF THESE ARE REAL! These are some stories I read online (and are my favorite) most of them are Japanese Urban Legends...! putting them all together (writing after doing lot...

  • Write for suicide
    145 13 10

    A pen is sent to Remi by a mysterious killer who is dying. she dosent know that she will die untill its too late...