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  • Forced Parenthood by: Clint Barton And Steve Rogers
    89.9K 2.3K 16

    (Completed) The Avengers are taken by some crazy scientist. They tamer with Steve's serum and Clint can barely remember what happened. He was knocked out of course. When then return, they find out Steve's pregnant with Clint's child. Why did this world hate him? So I really love Clint and after a bit of writing this s...

  • Kairos - Lust (MxM)| Book 1 | ✅
    1.4M 83.4K 52

    Ah, screw it! I'm not your dog, not your whore, and certainly not your lover. I'm Prof. Steve Finley. I teach English Lit to snot-nosed students. I'm a failed writer - those who cannot do, teach. Don't give me that look, Jack. You're a shady gangster and you don't know anything about writing or about me... ...

    Completed   Mature
  • Nerd Alert | ✓ [SAMPLE]
    6M 146K 12

    [THIS IS A SAMPLE] Read the full story on Radish fiction. The link is in my Wattpad Bio. ---- Alexander isn't your typical nerd. He'll say what he wants, do what he wants, and verbally bash you while doing it. That's what Travis, a soccer player assigned to be tutored by Alexander, hates most about him. Confusing feel...

  • kik // septiplier
    952K 41.1K 25

    Once upon a time, Mark anonymously messaged Jack on kik. Jack was confused, worried, and downright terrified at first, but once he realized it was just a "secret admirer," he was calm, and eventually began to fall in love, until he found out who this mystery person was. //highest rankings: #64 in fanfiction #1 in sept...

  • Batman x Joker
    58K 992 9

    "We'll be together, no matter what happens."

    Completed   Mature
  • Unforgettable... ( BatJokes FanFiction)
    102K 3.7K 21

    Bruce Wayne keeps remembering his ex, Jack Nappier. The littlest things remind him of everything. Joker's jokes and teases don't help the poor Dark Knight's mental state. (There will be alcohol, suicidal thoughts, ect.)

  • undeceived [novahd]
    7.6K 417 19

    "When you lose your parents as a child, you are indoctrinated into a club, you're taken into life's severest confidence. You are undeceived." -Hilary Thayer Hamann warning; orphan tears and smut in later chapters

  • Recognize Me {{H2OWildcat}} -Discontinued Momentarily-
    21.1K 1K 18

    Tyler decides to take a small vacation and head over to the sunny beaches of North Carolina. Once he reaches his hotel, he realises that he probably can't survive an entire week with a room void of any type of food that doesn't cost him an arm and a leg, so he decides to go out grocery shopping. He picks up the basics...

  • Just Get Jealous ( H2OWildcat )
    32.3K 1.3K 11

    Tyler had liked Jonathan for a while now, but of course Jonathan just had to be with Evan. Though Tyler would prefer to stay silent and somehow wait for Jonathan to find out, no competition was too bad. Now all to see if the plan works as well as in his head .:. Tyler x Jonathan ( H2OWildcat / I_AM_DELIRIOUS ) Jonath...

  • A Not So Shitty Christmas ( H2OWildCat )
    3.9K 181 4

    It's Christmas. A time to be jolly... But Jonathan's ignoring Tyler for some reason. And not only that - It's ONLY Tyler. How annoying. Cover photo link / artist:

  • H2OWildcat - Drabbles
    12.3K 593 8

  • My Bestfriend, The Intern [DISCONTINUED]
    3.6K 243 34

    Jess: age 19 is living with her best friend Emily for a year now. She is a famous youtuber along with Emily. Emily has been editing videos for the creatures for over a year now. Emily skypes Jordan James and Aleks but aleks seems quieter than usual when Jess walks in........

  • 30 days to live (a creature zombie AU)
    255 20 2

    A virus has broken out that seems to have taken over people's mind and turn them into mindless, bingeing, beings. The only way known to get infected by this disease is to get bitten. The disease is known to take over your body completely in 30 days. Kevin Mcflarne gets infected, but he does not want to die. Will he te...

  • I Am Not Superman
    33.3K 1.3K 23

    All his friends had superpowers. And James thought he was the only normal one. However, one day he found himself able to fly. With devastating and heartbreaking back stories, James learns that being a superpower isn't all that great. Follow his journey through ups and downs as James tries to control his new found pow...

  • Guardian Angel (ImmortalAnex)
    1.6K 68 20

    Ordinary Aleks always thought he would be bullied for the rest of his life until a mysterious man materializes in front of his eyes and protects him from anything. But is Aleks starting to fall for this man? He had never felt this way for anyone else but this man.

  • Maroon Sweater (Immortalanex fanfiction)
    27.7K 1.6K 40

    Kevin is a bad boy. Aleks is the new kid who is quiet and polite. "I like your sweater. It's cute." "Thanks." "But I'd prefer it off you, along with all your other clothes." (many thanks to defiant- for the cute cover! <3) (Highest rank: #1 in Immortalanex)

  • -ON HOLD-His Dark Side ~side ImmortalAnex~
    2.9K 113 7

    Meet Kevin McFarlane. He was now 18 and living with his long term boyfriend, Aleksandr Marchant. Kevin had a... Condition. Or so he thought. You see, he and the doctors thought that he had multiple personality disorder. But, did he? Kevin always questioned why the suspects for murder were described as him. He thought...

  • The Boys Who Cried Help (Koova & NovaHD)
    13K 709 25

    Jordan is the son of two, high paid parents that travel constantly, with two older siblings. James is the only son of two, delinquent parents that sell drugs and drink alcohol for a living. Both have suffered through depression, but have dealt with it differently. With their unknown relationship that builds up strong...

  • Random Koova writings <3
    3K 146 9

    This is my random Koova writings! There is everything from fluff to angst, to smut! Enjoy! Cover by:

  • Guilty Pleasures (Koova)
    1.6K 39 2

  • Steam In Your Heart ||Second Book of SIYE|| ||Jeamus||
    3K 210 13

    "I feel like we're not going to be able to save him on time..." I confessed, "...I should just hand myself in so he can live" Ashley pulled me into a warm hug and whispered "We're going to save him, between everybody. We are going to save him" ---- Let's just hope that nothing goes wrong. ••Sequel By: Klaineskylox (J...

  • Smoke In Your Eyes | Jeamus
    9K 481 20

    "Are you dangerous, Seamus?" I whispered as my grip around him tightened a bit. He lifted up my chin with his finger and his beautiful ocean blue eyes locked with mine. "No! Of course not! Why would I be dangerous?" - - - I know he's hiding something from me, I don't know what it is. I don't want to know either. ...

  • Only a Secret - A Jeamus Fanfiction
    1.9K 36 7

    The story of James and Seamus. The two lovers who don't know it yet. They both work for The Creatures. This is the life they chose. This is their daily effort and passion to make videos and post them on a website called Youtube. The enjoy the laughter and love they give to their fans. But, Something happens that could...

  • New Boy? (Jeamus)
    19.1K 750 20

    Seamus is the new boy at Kennedy High School but then he meets a jock James who basically bullies him. Soon enough the jock falls head over heels for Seamus but the new boy has to fix a problem they he didn't fix long ago. Cover by me.

  • A Secret? || UberHaxorAnex
    12.8K 632 25

    His smile, his laugh, his eyes, his body, his-Kevin stop it! He is your teacher what is wrong with you?! But he can't help it, his teacher Mr. Wilson was unbelievably hot and surprisingly single. Kevin wanted his teacher so badly though he's only 17 and Mr. Wilson was 25. The hints he gives out to his math teacher is...

  • New Creature, New Love Interest || DexHD
    2.2K 112 4

    Dex is staying with the guys for a bit while visiting Colorado, and weed isn't the only thing legal there ;)) DexHD (This description does not correspond with the plot line whatsoever. Besides the fact that Dex is staying with the guys for a bit while visiting Colorado. I just wanted an excuse to make a weed joke)

  • why do I hate you but can't get over our love (dexHD) thecreatures
    3.7K 162 13

    dex is a new creature and hasn't seen Aleks in a year or two and there last encounter wasn't great... completed 7319 words this is my book, if I gave you ideas please message me and if you see people using my ideas tell me :3