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  • Futa Tokyo ghoul girls x fem reader.
    53.9K 1K 6

    A shy innocent short homeless human woman goes to a coffee shop then meets some girls who are then instantly smitten by her. I don't own tokyo ghoul or the pictures.

  • The Phoenix (Tokyo Ghoul x Fem!Reader) {Book 1}
    243K 9.2K 26

    One day, a kind ghoul saw a human child walking around in the 13th Ward looking for a place to stay. The ghoul, of course, wouldn't want to let her die. So he, being the kind ghoul he is, took her in. Unfortunately, the CCG (who appears to be hunting the ghoul) found their whereabouts and prisoned them in the Cochlea...

  • Rwby: stolen future( reimagined) [rewrite]
    3.3K 78 5

    A girl who's future was stolen from her now forever in the shadow of someone who doesn't know her. Read how the girl takes her revenge and how it affects the characters in the world. ( I don't own Rwby, the images or the songs I use for this story) (This story will have dark themes and character death only warning.)

  • RWBY: Insanity
    3.1K 42 4

    ( this is insane Ruby's back story.) What broke the girl that used to love everyone ? Well I could tell you but you might not like the answer. ( I don't own RWBY, The art or songs all credit goes to their rightful owners ) ( THIS IS INSANE RUBY's background)

  • Ghoulish Hunteress (RWBY + Tokyo Ghoul Crossover)
    13.3K 301 23

    Ruby Rose is an innocent and naive girl who just wants to help. This makes her easily manipulated. At least until the manipulation almost takes her life. Watch as she reacts to her new condition with horrific side effects. (Follows the plot of both RWBY and Tokyo Ghoul. Takes place after season 2 of RWBY and before se...

  • yandere Chan X fem reader
    21.3K 295 14

    art not mine I may do a tiny lemon idk of I should

  • Scary Stories (Discontinued)
    12.3K 493 10

    A few scary stories to be told in the dark of night. Tales of monster and ghost and creatures of evil. Step inside but beware, once you do there is no escape.

  • The Witch's House Ellen's Diary
    2.5K 95 9

    From the game The Witch's House, this is the diary of the witch Ellen.

  • Viola's Revenge
    19.3K 362 14

    You are familiar with the game The Witch's House where in the true ending Viola is shot by her father while in the witch's body and slowly fades away with the black cat. Game over boohoo the end...or is it? Viola is reincarnated by the black cat into Ellen's body without the sickness and missing limbs. Lecrotus which...

  • How could you love me?
    34.2K 802 19

    She was panting, out of breath from running for so long. She knew she couldn't stop, not when she had come this far. She needed to go farther, she needed to escape him. Her legs felt like fire, she could feel herself shaking from exhaustion and lack of food, but she couldn't stop. She wanted to keep going, needed to k...

  • A Unholy Love
    10.1K 281 18

    Ruby is the princess of hell her father is king. from a early age she knew she was different. one day her father had a meeting with the king of heaven, jauque. that is where she met Weiss schnee. as they talked their forbidden relationship grew and grew. but a angel and demon are forbidden to love...will they be able...

  • One Night in September [WhiteRose] Ruby x Weiss
    68.1K 2.1K 25

    One September night Weiss Scnee met a boy who had forever changed her life. Of course it turns out the boy wasn't a boy, but in fact a girl. After being branded a freak for having interests in women, Weiss decided to leave behind her family and start anew in the kingdom of Vale. NOTES: This story centers heavily aro...

  • The One Thing I Need (Neo x Ruby)
    11.4K 102 6

    After Ruby Rose gets brutally rejected by her crush, Weiss, she leaves in anger and gets lost in the abandoned forests by Vale, and gets surrounded by Grimm and is nearly dead when a wandering girl walks by just in time. She wipes out all the Grimm and looks down at the girl she just saved with a smirk on her face, an...

  • "The Wolf" Demon slayer yuri harem x Futa reader
    209K 5.1K 39

    Follow (y/n) as she becomes a demon slayer to get revenge on the one who robbed her of everything, as well as charming the ladies. All images belong to their owners the only thing that's mine are my oc's Ranked Number 11 in yuri

  • Weiss X Female Reader
    48.1K 860 14

    Your the full sister to yang, Taiyang being your dad and Raven your mum a year younger than yang, Half sister to Ruby so what will happen when your sister Ruby explodes in front of you and a beautiful girl?

  • The Darkness Within (mirajanexfemreader)
    46.9K 908 31

    A Mirajane x Fem reader The truth about youre true inner self that even you are scared of. what will happen if all of fairy tail found out about your little secret? And how would mirajane react? The story of your dark little secret and your dark past... _________________________________________ "Y-y/n? " she said look...

  • Dom Futa OC x Sub Rwby Harem
    21.7K 303 4

    A fanfiction that was requested.

  • Fairy Tail FutaHarem x Female Reader
    18.3K 275 4

    I own nothing, just making a fanfiction all rights go to the owners. And this was requested.

  • In The End |°RUBY•ROSE°
    258 8 4

    Blake ran, Yang had abandonment issues, Weiss experienced isolation, but it is all behind their backs now, because of their team leader, Ruby, they trust in her beliefs, because they know she somehow has hope inside her, no matter how bad the situation may be, but what if the spark of light-- Ruby Rose, has been hidin...

  • youjo senki fanfic [ COMPLETED ]
    5.1K 175 12

    Ok so this is my first fanfic so don't bitch at me too much, also I ship Tanya and visha so if your gonna hate do it elsewhere. I'll do my best to make this fun to read so enjoy. BTW This takes place after season 1 but before the movie so no "Oh this happens " this is written before the movie came out so no salt k Joi...

    Completed   Mature
    42.2K 1.2K 21

    NOTE: UNDER REVISION How will Y/N and Asuna will get through all the problems the author will give them? (Just kidding!) How will Y/N and Asuna will get through all the problems ahead? Will they get their happy story? I don't know, maybe not. (I'm joking!) Anyways, what a stupid summary I have up there. JUST READ IT A...

  • Rwby harem x faunus female reader (Hiatus)
    217K 4.1K 87

    (This book is inspired by uncaged fangs all credit goes to tantalust17) As (y/n) gets kidnapped from her home to start her career as huntress she comes across "complications" along the way how will she deal with so many girls at once especially since their after her come with (y/n) on her adventures of a life time

    155K 2.2K 35

    THIS A YURI OR GIRLXGIRL ONE SHOT STORIES SO PLEASE IF YOU'RE NOT COMFORTABLE, I KINDLY REQUEST YOU TO LEAVE. TY! ⚠️WARNING: - Grammatical errors - GirlxGirl one shots 📝NOTES: - Characters are not mine it belongs to the rightful owner and creator. - Cover photo not mine. A/N: THANK YOU SO SO MUCH FOR THE SUPPORT, RE...

  • Shatter Me (Book 2)
    8.3K 200 6

    = Sequel to IScream = My "Scary Neo" personality takes on a life of its own, and I mean that litterally. The murderous impulses that I finally learned to control have created a new being that has taken over my body. Working for Cinder once again, I'm forced to turn against my teammates and friends. Will I be strong e...

  • Fairy Tail Yuri Lemons
    661K 3.4K 27

    (Mature Content)(Slow Updates) Yuri Lemons, as the title suggests. All my favorite female Fairy Tail characters will be in the lemons. as much Yuri ships as I can think of. LucyxJuvia, LucyxErza, ErzaxJuvia, ErzaxLevy, JuviaxLevy, JuviaxMira, and a lot more. Please don't report this, I will put up Mature Content warn...

  • Juvia x Fem! Reader x Lucy
    2.7K 59 1

    Lucy and Juvia turn gay for you! Read and find out. Also sorry if it sucks. Enjoy!

  • Overlord -Rulers Of Darkness-
    250K 5.3K 39

    You and your brother Satoru visits the great tomb of Nazarick for the last time before the game shuts down. Seeing your comrade Hero-Hero in the meeting room made you two happy despite of all the members were completely gone and left the guild for their life in real world. Although your brother didn't accept it at fi...

  • Overlord -Arc's Judgement-
    26.3K 728 24

    After the unexpected victory of annihilation, the two supreme beings are now in their new set of adventure as they settled their course to the holy kingdom along with Demiurge's bewildered plan that will astound them once more. As they targeted the Roble Holy Kingdom, a mysterious hero emerges and ruined Demiurge's pl...

  • Unreminiscent Fate [RWBY x Fem!Reader]
    123K 3K 27

    When the Goddess of Light and Darkness made a mistake just to save a woman who stood up against her brothers. She's been casted out into the realm of the gods and sent her to Remnant where her astral body is trapped inside of a human-vessel as a punishment. In order to repay for her sin, her brothers sets her in a mi...

  • Yandegire's Game [Ayano x Fem!Reader]
    151K 5.1K 40

    There's a new student in Akademi High, meet Y/n Kanzaki. She's a shy, kind but friendly girl who's very gentle to everyone. Because of those features, she became popularly attractive to the other students and gained a lot of admirers in school including Ayano-chan and her other rivals. Because of this event, Ayano-ch...