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  • Prisoner 2 (COMPLETED)
    69.9K 2.3K 8

    Warning: before reading this, you might wanna grab a tish because you might take a ride on the rollercoaster of insane emotions! Enjoy? Also I wrote this when I was 14/15 and I didn't edit it because I'm lazy. Sorry.

  • Prisoner
    179K 5.2K 17

    Completed   Mature
  • Trust Issues | e.d
    4.7M 109K 99

    "Why can't you trust me?" Daddy Issues | 1st book Trust Issues | 2nd book

  • Mr and Mrs Dolan
    37.7K 437 15

    19 year old Isabella gets forced to marry one of the richest guy in the country Grayson Dolan but he is a complete jerk and he treats her horrible, but what happens when he falls in love with her

  • Disabled |E.D|
    17.9K 691 4

    I'm human too. **************** Audrey Miller was disabled, mentally and physically. She had to be pushed around in a wheelchair all day, she was always dependent on someone else. She wasn't very popular, she didn't want to be, she hated having attention on her. She had one friend, Rachel. Audrey trusted Rachel to be...

  • Cliché// Ethan Dolan
    106K 2.1K 15

    The new bad boy, the principal's daughter... An unlikely pair, yet so perfect. How more cliché can it get?

  • Color : E. Dolan✔️
    268K 10.5K 39

    Ethan has been color blind all his life, only seeing in grey. Then that one fateful day, he met a girl who taught him how to see in color. completed : april 14, 2017 Highest rank: #3 in poetry

    Completed   Mature
  • Cyber Bullied // Ethan Dolan
    791K 18K 35

    Emma Parks. Things couldn't have been better for her, life was great. But could an unexpected relationship ruin it all? *WARNING* in this book, the character goes through self harm, suicidal thoughts, and bullying. So if you are triggered easily, or if you simply do not like this type of content, then I suggest you d...

  • After He Left || DOLAN TWINS
    8.1K 230 13

    Idk read the book and try not to cry

  • NEW NEIGHBOR | g.d
    899K 17.4K 41

    What happens when Adrian moves directly across from the Dolan's house?

  • babysitter g.d
    587K 11.2K 51

    he was in need of a babysitter for his baby boy. highest ranking : #6 on #graysondolan 24.04.2021 #14 on #dolantwins 10.09.2021

  • a girl's guide book
    238K 7.4K 55

    life hacks, tips, workouts, food recipes, makeup & fashion

  • Popular boy // Ethan Dolan
    175K 2.8K 38

    Ashley moves to a new neighbourhood because of her dad's new job and she has to do a favor to her mother. That favor is gonna change her life, a lot. She's going to High School and nobody knows her there so its gonna be a new start to her. But the reaction of the other people are gonna surprise her. Is she gonna regre...

  • Moving In With My Bullies - Dolan Twins
    97.9K 2K 21

    Grace Phillips didn't have the easiest life. From her dad dying 2 years ago in a car crash, to being bullied at school and her family struggling to pay bills. She's not like every other teenage girl, there's something different about her, the Dolan twins didn't like it, that's why they bullied her. Then something trag...

    Completed   Mature
  • Little did I know... (G.d+E.d) [completed]
    9K 269 23

    Olivia Parker who just turned 17, lives her dream with her best friend. Little did she know it only gets better when she meets the the guys that complete her! These moments that she has slowly start to fade. "For things to get better they have to get worse."

  • Memories (Part two of true love E.D.)
    16.7K 551 23

    Marie Left her boyfriend Ethan back three years ago when her friends and Ethan graduated with her. Saying "Goodbye" was hard, But will she see them again or ignore them as she moves back to California to go to "UCLA" for four years. Will she stay?

  • True Love (Ethan Dolan)
    98K 1.9K 26

    Marie goes to the first day of senior year when she meets this guy. She met her true love and doesn't know what happens next... (This is the first book I've ever wrote sooo, cringe)

  • The Model
    41K 731 10

    Belle Livingston, model. Most of her photo shoots are in New Jersey. So she moves. The magazines her photos are published in aren't in New Jersey. Her mom wants her to have a somewhat decent education before her magazines hit her new town. What happens when she meets a special fan?

  • Life Upside Down (Grayson Dolan Fanfiction)
    48.6K 944 17

    Lacey White, a 15 year old girl from the rainy state of Washington moves to Long Valley, New Jersey after her Dad gets an amazing opportunity to open up another business. Along the way she meets Grayson Dolan at her new school and finds out she lives three houses down from him. What happens as their friendship blossom...

  • Best Friends Again? (Ethan Dolan Story)
    118K 2.7K 26

    Maddy Salvatore and Ethan Dolan have been best friends since they were babies. It all changes as they started secondary school. Maddy soon realises that she developed feelings for Ethan but she doesn't want to admit it. Will they become best friends again? Will she get together with the boy of her dreams?

    Completed   Mature
  • Pretty When You Cry (An Ethan Dolan fanfiction)
    153K 2.3K 63

    You, Ethan and Grayson have been neighbours for a couple of years now. Although Ethan annoys the shit out of you, he is able to make your cloudy days disappear. It's almost the end of senior year and the start of a long hot summer, with nights of parties and spontaneous adventures. Will things begin to change as they...

  • The Roommate // Ethan Dolan Fanfic // ON HOLD
    57.7K 986 8

    Brianna Grace Williams is just a plain ordinary teenage girl until she gets an offer from Ucla (University of California in LA). She is given the choice of finishing high school in California and attending Ucla. She desides to leave home and move to Los Angeles, California. What will she do when she disvovers that her...

  • The One I Never Knew | an Ethan Dolan fanfic
    11.8K 258 3

    Laura Moore was a regular girl who was born and raised in California. One day her parents decided to move to Spain for 3 years because her mom's business was starting something new there. Now, at 15, her family wants to move back to the US and they move to New Jersey. Ethan and Grayson lived in New Jersey for most of...

  • Falling for the Bad Boy? ▽ Ethan Dolan
    10.7K 181 1

    Kylie just moved to New Jersey from Arizona. What happens when she meet the bad guy? Will she change him or will she be on just like him?

  • Remember Me
    4.1K 89 7

    You're a normal girl living a normal life That was until you met your idols.... Then everything changed.

  • Dream Girl- Ethan Dolan
    22.1K 367 7

    Ethan Dolan is a 16 year old boy from New Jersey who has recently moved to LA with his twin brother Grayson One night Ethan couldn't sleep so he finds himself going out for a milkshake in the early hours of the morning ... Little does he know the what is right around the corner (First story)

  • Roommates//Ethan dolan
    125K 1.7K 29

    "Oh my god were so sorry you must be our roommate" the boy smiled holding out his hand ready to take the luggage. "This must be a mistake" I said stressed out "What do you mean" the boy who stood out to me the most said. "Well I thought you were girls" "Wait what" they said looking at each other "I mean, I thought...

  • Living with the Dolans
    111K 2.2K 28

    Pretty much two girls room with Grayson and Ethan , they have their ups and downs , but at the end of all their bickering they always know they'll have each other's back !

  • RoomMates : EGD & GBD
    64K 1.1K 17

    Kate. Normal girl. College where both boys and girls share rooms. Makes friends and her life changes. Good way or bad way? Guess you'll have to read to find out 😉😉

  • Dolans + You
    28.5K 385 11

    Carmelita Dallas is a 16 year old girl with an internet famous brother. She moves to a new school and her brother introduces her to Ethan, and Grayson Dolan. She starts to develop feelings for both of the twins, but there are reasons for why she can't fall for them