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  • Rejected At First Sight
    28.4M 674K 37

    "Oomph!" The sound rushed out of my mouth as the door opened before I could reach the handle and my body hit a wall. I took a step back and realized that it wasn't in fact a wall, but instead a very attractive male. I looked up at his head to see a very messy, but sexy, mop of black hair on top of his head. When I loo...

  • Loving the fat girl [Book 1]
    4.4M 163K 35

    Completed. Arya struggles with her past, her present and her weight. When she enrolls in her new school she doesn't know that her life is about to get even more challenging. The challenge? Seth Smith; Your typical heartless, no-good jock. Or is he?

    Completed   Mature
  • He's My Mate
    23.1M 631K 37

    CAUTION CONTAINS MATURE CONTENT. "Say it, Allison," he said, his voice low as he trapped me against the rough wall. A shiver ran down my spine, his voice pulling at me, the power in it making me want to do anything he asked. I shook my head, afraid my voice might betray me. His teeth lightly grazed my neck causing...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Taking
    30.2M 998K 35

    Every half century in a small little town hidden in the woods, a beast comes out from the forest to claim his bride on the night of an eclipse. The people of call this phenomenon "the taking". This beast is said to be very dangerous. It roams door to door searching for the woman whose being calls to his animal instinc...

  • Mates with Alpha Maddox
    9.3M 255K 42

    (C O M P L E T E D) Maddox Franco is the Alpha of the Howlers pack. He is 22 and still hasn't found his mate. He became ruthless because he thinks that he hasn't found his mate because something happened to her since it is extremely rare for werewolf to find their mates after they turn 18 so he thinks that his might b...

    Completed   Mature
  • Proving The Bad Boy Wrong (Complete & Editing)
    9.6M 259K 44

    Ava Ramirez thought her life couldn't get any worse after managing to get deported from Japan but it does when she finds out she is getting sent back to America and to a life she thought she had left behind for good. If there is one thing Ava hates its being underestimated and when she meets notorious bad boy Gabriel...

  • Curves: An Alpha Story
    1.1M 34K 41

    Dylan Rhymes is a slightly overweight, but an Ordinary teenage girl, facing Ordinary teenage dilemmas Until one fateful day when she finally meets her best friends brother, Noah; the next in line to be Alpha of the Kindred Moon Pack. Dylan refuses to believe in the possibility of werewolves even though the evidence i...

  • Sorry, I'm Not Into Bestiality
    4.4M 156K 61

    Now, I've been hungover before. I've experienced the entire earthly spectrum of emotion that comes with the joys of drinking until you can't stand. I've seen, felt, smelt and heard things that upon reflection a sober human being wouldn't necessarily do. There was very little I couldn't chalk up to the consequences of...

  • The Criminal Calls Me Cupcake (Watty Winner 2013)
    1.6M 61K 25

    Watty Finalist: Mystery/Thriller, On the Rise I see him vividly in my head. Him. The guy who calls himself A for whatever reason. The guy dressed in a black cloak with a hood that makes his face look like an endless sea of darkness. The guy whose voice is like velvet; so smooth; yet so deep and dark it sends chills do...

  • Hiding from Mr. Alpha, Ha Good Luck
    6.7M 111K 50

    Don't get me wrong I love my brother and his friends, but it would be nice to make some friends of my own other than Megan. But I, Eva Henderson, want a LIFE! And with big brother always lurking around the corner, I cant. Do you know how annoying it is when you are at the mall and some random really HOT guy approaches...

  • 15 and rouge with two pups
    425K 10.2K 16

    ~ 3 Years earlier~ "RUN!! ELIZA! ELIZA RUN!" My father screamed at me, I watched as the rouges attack are pack. The pack that one day I was supposed to lead. The pack I grew up in. My Beautiful pack. I shifted and ran threw the woods. Blocking the screams, they were all going to die and I know I should help, but I hav...

  • Why Me, Alpha?
    41.7K 1.3K 23

    Lia Makkena had wanted nothing to do with the werewolf world. She was, by far, the only human in her pack, making her an outcast. But despite that, she still had her family who loved her. The day her parents die in suspicious circumstances leaves her with two siblings to care for and no one to rely on but herself. She...

  • Just Like Heaven
    1.2K 47 6

    When Levi refuses his father’s choice of bride for him, Levi is in desperate search for a presentable young wife for him that can convince his father to postpone the marriage. But not liking his options in the kingdom, Levi decides to fly out of the clouds and enter into the world of humans. After Alba encounters a...

  • The Alpha's Toy
    15.9M 302K 55

    Book One "Let me love you as a mate someday", Angelo is not one to be ignored, pushed aside or kept as a secret. Yet he finds himself doing just that by his newly found mate, Diana Harris, daughter of an alpha. Next in line for the title, Diana is forced into responsibilities that she cannot be distracted from thus s...

    Completed   Mature
  • My Contract With A Vampire
    5.6M 144K 53

    Have you ever been so down on your luck, that you thought there was no way out? Have you ever been so desperate that you'd except a job from a complete stranger, and sign a job contract without even reading the fine print? Amelia Hayes is a 20 year old girl who has always been on her own and looked out for herself. On...

  • I'm The Alpha
    17.4M 513K 53

    "I don't want you to mark me" I said quickly. "Why?" he asked me, his tone seemed calm but i knew he was far from it. "I have a commitment towards my pack" I told him, hoping he'll understand but to my astonishment his eyes were dark now and he held his palms in a tight fist. "You are my mate Templar, you belong to my...

  • The Bro Code
    21.2M 444K 24

    WATTPAD ORIGINAL EDITION The Bro Code says to leave no bro behind... But what happens when you have to choose between love and friendship? ***** Nick Maguire would never betray his best friends, Carter and Austin, by breaking The Bro Code, and he k...

  • How It's Said
    4.4M 58.8K 22

    Annabelle first met Eric at his party. She first kissed him during a game at the party. Now? She owes him. Melissa is Anna's little sister, hurt and broken from her boyfriend's betrayal. When Melissa refuses to give "it" up he gets mad. Breaking up with her he spreads rumors around school of her being a slut. Becomin...

  • The Bad Boy Is Possessive
    56.7M 1.1M 38

    Is it possible for a bad boy to be your saving grace? Well for Farrah Bryant it was. After she finds out her boyfriend of six months has been cheating on her, who do you think was there to help her through it all and most importantly get revenge? That's right. The notorious school bad boy Brody Bauer. Just that name a...

  • The Bad Boy and the Good Girl
    478K 6.6K 20

    Diana is your average good girl. Everybody wants her but she has made it clear that she wants to keep her virginity until she meets the one. When ultimate bad boy, Jayden Samuels, comes back to town after getting kicked out of his old school, Diana has second thoughts about her lifestyle. Can people really change for...

  • Saving Him
    951K 23.5K 28

    Freshly eighteen and in the middle of her senior year of high school, Diana must juggle school work, her brothers fights with her dad, and now Cole Meyer. She's known of Cole since grade school, who hasn't? He's made quite the name for himself with his delinquent and player ways. As she continues her friendship with h...