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  • My Boyfriends Older Sister
    26.3K 1.1K 11

    Emma Swan is dating Killian Mills. One day she comes over and a gorgeous brunette opens the door. And this is where Emma meets Regina Mills. Regina Mills is a 25 year old intersexual woman who moved out of the small town of Storybrooke, deciding to become a business woman. She moved back in with her mother and 17 yea...

  • To Be Fair
    10.8K 291 17

    FOR WARNING! ⚠️ contains some smutt. Depends on my mood wether or not it will be frequent. A series of Regina/Lana one shots. Also these will be either Flana or SwanQueen or Morrilla. But I will do upon request other oneshots from the show but below is a list of ships I will NOT write for you. -CaptainSwan -Rumbelle(b...

  • Our stories
    599 31 3

    There are many stories that can take us to different worlds. But what happens when a certain blonde falls into a whole new story?

  • The Mindreader's Girlfriend
    19.2K 968 10

    A sequel to 'The Mindreader, Emma Swan' This will be Regina's POV ;)

  • The Bandit Mills
    8.9K 524 30

    Everyone has heard of the Bandit Mills. No one knew their real name or have even seen them up close. Those that have where dead. But most of all everyone thought Mills was a man. But they couldn't be more wrong. Emma Swan. Best archer and most feared woman in the states. No one knew their little secret. But when Mr...

    Completed   Mature
  • My best friends sister ( a SWANQUEEN fanfic)
    2.4K 141 6

    @XxJazzyRubyXx made this cover

  • My personal drug ( A SWANQUEEN fanfic)
    1.3K 69 3

    It's a one shot

  • One-Shots (SwanQueen one-shots)
    2.1K 112 4

    Just a bunch of one shots :)

  • A phone call away
    443 23 1

  • Almost home
    566 44 1

    Emma Swan met Regina Mills at the Almost Home Orphanage for children under the age of twelve when she was six years old and Regina was seven, and they didn't like one another very much at first.

  • Who knew (A SWANQUEEN fanfic)
    3.3K 261 10

    Regina owns a very successful bakery in storybrooke What happens when a beautiful blonde walks in ? Will they fall in love ?

  • Her Unplanned Life
    842 89 8

    Okay so I'm gonna do something completely different than what ouat is and I hope hope ! That you guys love it, so here it goes . @XxJazzyRubyXx did the cover for this book

  • HausOfSwanQueen
    319 14 1

    This for my good friend @HausOfSwanQueen

  • It All Started At A Wedding
    2.9K 231 7

    Emma swan and Regina are invited to a wedding what happens when they meet Cover done by @playboystiles

  • Royal Knots
    64 5 3

    The Witch Hunt has just began, Emma returned to Storybrook with her memories except Henry. No one knows how they ended again in Storybrook. No one knows what are Zelena's plans, Emma and Regina aren't strong enough to stop her, everyone thoughts that no one is much more stronger than Zelena, person. She i...

  • Swan And Her Queen
    13.2K 445 16

    Regina a talented and high ranking street racer was at a race like any other night. Drunk men. Wanted to punch one every time they tried to grab her butt. She checked out the ladies but kept it to her self. Till a new bee caught her eye. A blonde pulled up next to her blood red and pitch black 1989 charger in a 2016...

    Completed   Mature
  • Gave Me Life
    39.1K 1.5K 12

    An AU where Emma is the surrogate for Regina. However Emma and Regina begin to have feelings for each other. Will they act upon these feelings? It's kinda like Baby Mama. Don't own ouat characters.

  • Knowing what you're thinking
    261 19 1

    Being able to hear the thoughts of her supposed "worst enemy" would be considered a curse. But it did have its perks.

  • Assassins
    20.9K 860 17

  • Regal Recipes (Sequel to Forgetting Our Ending)
    4.6K 178 15

    Robin Locksley is a hardworking baker. He owns one of the best small town bakeries in New York. Regina Mills is a dance teacher. She works in one of the best schools in the state. When Reginas school holds a large fundraiser and needs an even bigger batch of treats, what will the outcome be? Sequel to "Forgetting Our...

  • OUAT Quotes
    82K 4.2K 235

    Amazing and humorous quotes from the best thing ever- Once Upon a Time I add 3 quotes a day and 4 on other days Pictures from the Instagram account @ouatseries and @IM_IN_HENRYS_BOOK