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  • GO GO graphic shop || open/aperto
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    book cover requests ✔ premades ✔️ batch 1: OPEN (6 slots left) resources aren't mine, credits to all the owners.

  • The Secret to Summer
    179K 3.9K 5

    It's Chloe May's last summer as a college student and she's ready to live it up with her friends... at the sleep away summer camp where they've all applied to work. Knowing this will probably be the last year they will be able to get together like this, it's a bittersweet time. The idea of her future is intimidating a...

  • Relatable Moments: School Edition
    978K 84.3K 119

    This book contains anything that you can relate to during the school year. Since school is starting or has started, I thought I should make something like this! I hope you enjoy~

  • The Adventures of RD & Twi
    35.5K 1.4K 70

    Twilight is beginning her junior year at her new school. It's not like her old one though, this is a boarding school. So when she meets her new roommate, she's not what Twilight expected. Spending a little time with her though made them become instant best friends. Together they go through drama, relationships and sch...

  • MANE 7 Chatroom
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  • The Best Of Comebacks
    48.6M 1.7M 258

    ❝A book for comebacks.❞ WARNING// If easily offended please do not read this book as you might be upset by some of the content.

  • Girly Tutorials
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    this is all about tutorials, do it yourself (DIYS) and recipes for everyone hope you guys find this helpful

  • Funny text messages
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    Funny messages to make your day

  • A Nightmare At 7:08
    8.9K 209 15

    7 year old Hayley goes to bed at 7:08 everyday. But one night her worst nightmare comes true.

  • Equestria Lesbians
    69K 1.6K 22

    Rainbow Dash has huge feelings to Applejack than just feeling like a sister. But when Rainbow Dash hears Applejack has a boyfriend she becomes more sadder and EMO to everyone. Love is a powerful bond, but could their friendship end?

  • Best of comebacks
    5.1K 302 49

    Just got bored so wrote a book on comebacks

  • SpongeBob Songs
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  • Falling 101
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    Whenever you fall, ur embarrassed. But u shouldn't! Here r some ways 2 make up that embarrassment!

  • 100 Things Normal People Do NOT Understand
    307K 36K 115

    Don't you hate that one awkward moment when you bluff out on something you love, and normal people don't understand. Here's how to avoid all of that junk. ~Cover is yet to come~ Copyright, A l e y a h. ALL rights are reserved. THANK YOU SOOO MUCH @_HogwartsTribute_ I LOVE THE COVER CRIES

  • A Girl's Guide Book
    1M 23.1K 47

    A Girls Guide ☻ x

    2.6K 287 70

    These are just random things but with me

  • 100 Things NOT to be Done at School! #Wattys2016
    2.8M 215K 112

    Don't you have that one time when you did something really stupid at school, and your parents were going to cook you over a fire? This book is all about what NOT to do/say to school! Copyright 2015 A l e y a h (Steal my stuff, I will cut off your eyelids so you can't blink!) All rights reserved. AWESOME COVER by...

  • Girls Only
    230K 11.1K 96

    This is a guide book for girls (tween-teen).This book will include, tips,information and some typical tween/teen stories. BACK OFF BOYS! enjoy

  • WWE Women's Facts
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    Facts Of All Your Favorite Women Wrestlers

  • Bratayley Facts
    20.6K 141 4

    A bunch of facts about one of the strongest families I know. I will try to update whenever one of the kid's birthday passes.

  • MLP: My Little Human
    103K 2.5K 69

    Join telepathic Twilight Sparkle, speedy, weather-controlling, Rainbow Dash, clairvoyant Pinkie Pie, and their friends as they go through life as teens in a way you've never seen them (they're human, but still have their powers - an edited version of them... and yeah, I gave Dash magic - just imagine how much more dev...

    Completed   Mature
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  • Funny text
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    This is my first book

  • Girls Only
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    Definition: Girls Only - noun. Girls only means.. Girls only. It also means NO BOYS ALLOWED. 13+ please :) twitter: catietempleman instagram: catetempleman

  • The Bro Code
    21.2M 444K 24

    WATTPAD ORIGINAL EDITION The Bro Code says to leave no bro behind... But what happens when you have to choose between love and friendship? ***** Nick Maguire would never betray his best friends, Carter and Austin, by breaking The Bro Code, and he k...

  • Girls Only!
    1.4M 121K 200

    New cover by @_Sugartae😍😍 Funny posts that only us girls can relate to, this is not the place for you if you're a guy! You've been warned😂

  • Art Book 3
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    And the madness continues!