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  • De Grijze Jager: Wat we nog niet wisten...
    195 10 1

    Heb je de Grijze Jager-serie van John Flanagan gelezen? Geweldige boeken! Maar er zijn nog steeds dingen die we niet van deze mysterieuze Jagers en hun vrienden afweten... In deze serie met verhalen lees je wat we nog niet wisten over de inwoners van Araluen.

  • A Reversed Love Story
    692 23 5

    Everyone's heard of the prince charming, the knight in shining armor that finds the poor girl and takes her to be his princess. But what if the roles were reversed? This story is all mine, all original. Please, if you take a name or idea, give credit. Thank you.

  • Sueth
    2.6K 48 5

    A modern day sooth sayer, a ghoul, and an idiot coated in body spray. They're all that stands between a demonic entity trying to summon a world devouring demigoddess, and their small town in the middle of nowhere. The incrementally updated novel from Benjamin A. Penaum, the totally real name of the writer behind The S...

  • Ranger's Apprentice Quick Stories
    64.8K 1.9K 110

    Hey guys! I'm super new to Wattpad, so please bare with me as I try to figure out how to work this thing! Here's my first story. Random headcannons from the RA world! I can take requests! Disclaimer: I'll be using characters from John Flanagan's book series, The Ranger's Apprentice. If I make up any characters, I will...

  • The Rogue Tribe - Ranger's Apprentice
    27.6K 1.2K 23

    It's just another regular Gathering, good food, good people, old friends reunited. Something Will and Halt look forward too every year. Then something happens that changes everything. Now Will is forced to run for Araluen, towing a wounded Corps behind him, with an old and extremely dangerous enemy nipping at his he...

  • Rangers Apprentice: The Royal Ranger
    1.9K 51 3

    (Takes place a few years after the Bridal Dance in Bk11, just pretend that the stories after those haven't happened yet except Maddie has been born) Ranger Will Treat of Redmont couldn't be happier. He had a job he loved to do, a boss that could be reasoned with, friends by his side, a family to call his and a woman h...

  • Ranger Randomness
    6.4K 318 22

    Poke into the secret lives of the Rangers we know... And what they do when they're alone.