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  • Author's Guide to Writing Anime Fanfiction
    23.2K 570 12

    A (hopefully) helpful guide to anime writers who aspire to write awesome and successful fanfiction. Here you'll be learning: ✒ How to get a story idea ✒ How to make a good character ✒ Learning character development ✒ How to avoid cliches in both character and story ✒ And more!

  • ♤BOOK 1♤ Assassination Classroom *One-shots*
    324K 7.1K 31

    BOOK 2 AT @HiraethTempo ◆I love Assassination Classroom so I decided to write a one-shots book for it!◆ ■I don't do lemons, yaoi or yuri. Otherwise, I accept any request!■ ●I hope you enjoy my one-shots book!● Anyway, I just want to say, when I put a mature warning on, it's usually because it is quite dark, not becaus...

  • Fabulousness & Assassinations! || Karma Akabane x Reader x Asano Gakushuu ||
    383K 16.8K 33

    Assassinations? Classrooms? Cute classmates? Octopus teacher? SIGN ME THE HELL UP! In the wonderful yet insane world of (y/n), she's a straight 'A' genius who acts like an idiot. From skipping school to get pocky, to stalking cute guys to their classes- she's done it all! After another *cough Incident at her school, s...

  • Animal Cutie (Hunter X Hunter Fanfiction) [Killua X Reader X Gon X Kurapika]
    1.1M 30.3K 46

    (Y/N) (L/N) has a power that she had since birth. The power to imitate any animals. It would be fine to (Y/N) who loves animals and it activates whenever she wants to, however, when using this power, animal features appear on her depending on what animal she imitates. Like cat's ears, dog's tail, and bird's wings. Thi...

  • Anime Quotes
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    List of various quotes from anime.