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  • Because You Were There
    26.2K 916 2

    Izuku is trying his best to keep the new, cool, handsome, student Katsuki off of his mind, though he isn't having much luck. Katsuki continues to approach, and sweet talk to the poor freckled boy despite his efforts to push him away. Katsuki claims he'll stop at nothing, to get Izuku's attention. Though Izuku knows th...

  • Cop Car
    46.1K 1.8K 5

    A Katsudeku fanfiction Katsuki has some very confusing feelings for deku and it takes a little trouble with the law to realize what those feelings mean. Kinda an AU where there's no quirks and all might is just Izukus favorite comic book hero

  • "love letters" { Tweek x Craig fanfic }
    1K 36 2

    I got the inspiration to make a Creek fanfic so i decided to publish it, hope you enjoy! <3

  • Never Too Late
    992 33 3

    South park Craig x tweek Their both 16 in this story and maybe a lemon later on idk yet cx Kinda depressing but it gets happy lol Craig moved away and tweek was left alone to deal with his very overpowering thoughts.

  • Sometimes It Bleeds
    120K 3.6K 9

    Katsuki/izuku/todoroki Todoroki cheats on izuku and leaves him broken and surprisingly his first heartbreak is the one to help him.

  • One More Time. *Levi x Eren* (Boyxboy)
    444K 10.6K 14

    Eren is your typical teenage boy. Levi is......well he's Levi. Mix the two together and you get a little bit of mystery, confusion and love. Levi mustn't let his love life get the better of him. He has a troop to run. But sometimes you just have to let go. With Eren getting him off edge, will Levi be able to focus? W...

  • Cautious Actions [Izuku x Katsuki]
    86K 2.7K 17

    Katsuki begins to have nightmares of Izuku's death this leads him to look out for Deku but he doesn't know why. NOTE I was listening to UnSteady by X Ambassadors and this idea came to mind! so yeah I'm going to try to update this frequently as well as do my best writing it, this will also contain Gay stuff ^^ so...

  • I Promise
    54.7K 1.9K 11

    After Izuku finds out he won't get a quirk, he makes a promise with Kacchan, not to get involved with all this hero stuff since he could endanger his life, a couple years later he incounters All Might and his life starts to change KATSUKDEKU BISH

  • Love is a pain (katsuki X Izuku) (boyXboy)
    145K 3.9K 51

    Katsuki always wants to punch Izuku for being almost stronger than him. Izuku knows him and Katsuki are both strong. But what if they start to feel different towards each other?