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  • Hermione Narcissa Malfoy(Unfinished)
    269K 6.4K 34

    After the war, Hermione craves for her family. She searches for her parents in Australia, but no success. When she is drinking in a pub, the truth walks in and confronts her heartless. It seems like nothing will go good for Hermione..

  • Hermione's mate
    261K 5.5K 16

    Hermione Granger: Brightest Witch of Her Age, Brain of the Golden Trio.. and Veela! Her story starts at her Manor where she is making herself ready for her last year of Hogwarts. Well.. it will definitely be a memorable year.. ^^ Hermione-Veela, Draco-Mate

  • Our Legacy
    90.4K 3.1K 76

    The third part of the Trilogy, the first part being, Our Corridor. The second part is titled Our Life, and now this. It is going to be about Hermione and Draco's kids at Hogwarts along with their friends. Wait until you see what happens. Stay Tuned. EDITED and COMPLETE

  • Our Life - Dramione
    97.6K 2.5K 40

    The second book in an ongoing trilogy. Starting with Our Corridor, this book, Our Life, and the last book Our Legacy. The continuation of Hermione and Draco after the wedding and what their life would be like. EDITED AND COMPLETE

  • Our Corridor-Dramione
    337K 7.2K 41

    After Hermione gets an unexpected letter from Ron her world falls apart that's until someone asks from help and a new love interest starts to form. But what happens when friends find out will they be there for her or will she be left with a broken heart and no friends. First of a trilogy. Stay tuned for the next two s...

  • Granger Family Reunion
    243K 3.9K 15

    A Dramione Fan Fiction Hermione hasn't been to a Granger family reunion since she was 11 years old. Now, at 21, she has no choice but to go. However, her whole family is in for a surprise when they find out what their "buck toothed beaver" cousin, Hermione has been doing ever since she got out of that mysterious board...

  • Pureblooded Princess
    235K 5.8K 29

    Hermione Granger,the Gryffindor princess the know it all, the bookworm, the pureblood? Wait what yes you herd it Hermione isn't who she thinks she is its not her fault her parents lied to her is it its not her fault she has special powers and it's not her fault Ron has gone pyscho Throw in a certain ferret, two faced...

    Completed   Mature
  • Dramione has another life
    64.1K 1.9K 23

    BOOK 1 OF MY TWO BOOK SERIES!!! Draco and Hermione loved each other from the start of time but didn't know it until they are headboy and headgirl and have to share a common room.

  • Perfect Two...
    331K 9.9K 67

    Hermione Granger the woman who has no luck when it comes to love, found her true love in Hogwarts. How would it be when she meets him again nine years later.. Perfect Two is a Dramione Love Story!

    Completed   Mature