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  • Creepypasta x Child Reader!!
    1.2M 22.6K 122

    I always wanted to do something like this ♡♡ I hope you enjoy! :D

    Completed   Mature
  • Pokemon Truths 2 ✅
    618 47 24

    The second book in the trilogy!! Ash and his friends are back again and this time members come back. Serenity and Kairi are the only people who can save them. Riku and Sora collide in a devestating battle that leaves one of them still standing. Naminè and Tori find a way to help Serenity and Kairi, but can't because o...

  • Avenger/Marvel Parent Preferences
    186K 5K 14

    These are just a bunch of preferences where the reader is the child of a Marvel Character! (For girls, but if you're a boy, just change a few things around! (:) *Not my Cover*

    17.7K 303 7

  • X-Men X Baby!Reader
    943K 27.4K 55

    A gift to all my lovely followers who read my "Avengers X Baby!Reader" book. This one is dedicated to them.

  • Pokemon Truths ✅
    4.9K 254 66

    My version of Pokemon but with a twist. The Real version and with romance, and less and less battles but they still have their Pokemon. *Editing*

  • Masky x Child reader
    95.4K 1.9K 15

    You are the daughter of Masky aka (I'm giving him a made up name ok?) Brandon Matthews. He married a woman named (Mom's name). One day your mother had enough of the secrets and ran away from Brandon and toke you away with her. She now married a new man that goes by name of Peter Reyes. He is a person who has lots of...