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  • Sunset Clouds
    273K 16.1K 37

    After transmigrating to another world, Xu Fengyin found himself in a lot of weird situations. Why does he end up in a lot of scenarios which seemed like the amalgamation of the villain's and main heroine's scenes...?? ???: Darling, come here. It's cold outside. Fengyin: No.... ???: Come back or I'll lock you up. Feng...

  • The Overbearing Aura is Spilling Over
    6.3K 277 4

    Temporary Synopsis (Credit to Scriptor) MC transmigrated after a burglar broke into his house during the night. He happened to be a night owl and was on his computer. He yelled 'fuck you' or something like that at the robber before he got killed. XDDD He transmigrates into the 'first boss' of the novel, a villain char...

  • The Overbearing System Attacks
    121K 7K 11

    022 is one of the most powerful Systems to exist. It visited an endless amount of worlds, accomplishing missions with its hosts. At least it attaint the right to visit worlds on it's own and without hosts, able to do whatever it wants. After such a long time and an endless amount of worlds, it grew a dislike for the p...

  • Rebirth Of Assassin
    8.7K 487 24

    Hello there my name is 'Lhine' turning 24 this year my job is Assassination, What? You think I'm some kind of psycho for having assassination for a job? No! No! You're absolutely wrong, after-all it is a very normal but dangerous job well how should I put it? Ah!! That's right, it's like a soldiers job, why you ask...